Wenger ‘to play out his project a little longer, earning a mega salary’

Date published: Monday 10th April 2017 11:48

Dejan Lovren’s future at Liverpool is questioned, Arsene Wenger’s prospective new deal “makes no sense” and Manchester United’s no-win situation, all in Your Says of the Day.

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New deal for Wenger ‘makes no sense’

A win tonight will see the club edging closer to announcing that Wenger is signing a new deal. Now, taking aside the fact that that’s the last thing I want, the idea of him signing a new 2 year deal makes no sense to me, on any level.

He has already said that there needs to be investment in the squad in the window. There is talk that Sanchez will stay IF this happens, Ozil as well. Personally I am of the opinion that the squad needs a very considerable overhaul. So on that basis, what good is 2 years? You put together a new squad and naturally you require time to allow them to gel.

Then again, you announce that Wenger is only staying on for 2 years and surely this impacts potential signings as well as those who may look at leaving the club?

For me the only person that benefits from a new 2 year deal is Wenger. He gets to play out his project a little longer, earning a mega salary and we continue in this groundhog day like state.

Surely it would have been far better to announce that he was going, unite the fan base, allow players to decide what they want to do and allow the new boss to decide what he wants to do with the squad. I genuinely do not understand how this club operates anymore


Mourinho will want to ‘spike our title bid’

One of the toughest if not the toughest of our remaining games especially as Mourinho will want to spike our title bid.

This game squeezed in between the two Anderlect games does us a bit of a favour especially as winning the EL currently looks United’s best chance of making the CL hopefully the tie is still in the balance after the first away leg.

A draw for us at OT wouldn’t be a disaster imo even though it would probably mean Spurs closing to within 5 points because after the United game we are left with 4 games at home and 2 games away whilst Spurs will face 4 games away with two at home v United and Arsenal.

Team wise I guess assuming no injuries it will come down to Matic or Fabregas and the question of a false 9 with Willian coming in place of Costa into a front three of Willian, Hazard and Pedro.

My guess is that assuming no injuries Conte will go with the same starting 11 v Bournemouth.

nine nine nine

Willian as a false 9

Willian: Pays respect to Chapecoense victims

I would love to go with Matic to beef up the midfield and try a false 9 with willian.

Costa is adding nothing to this team that willian cant do with more. Hes not even holding the ball up lately.

I think we need to do everything to win this game. This is the cup final. If we win this the leauge will be ours imo.

But, i cant see past a draw in all honesty



We need Costa to ‘bully’ United

Diego Costa: Has not been at his best since January

hwepsi: I think we still need Costa to ‘bully’ their defenders. I watched on TV Sunderland vs Man Utd and I was not impressed at all with their display.

We have to be careful of Zlatan though, he’s a natural goalscorer. Their first goal today came from nothing, but Zlatan turned and placed the ball in the corner of the goal. They had a lot of sloppy passes, Sunderland also almost scored in some occasions. And Sunderland played with 10 men.

I am not saying that we will win it, nothing is sure and every of our next matches is a final. But for me it is not impossible to win against Man Utd at Old Trafford.

The key would be to ensure that Zlatan does not get any dangerous ball. Their key players would be Herrera if played or Mata, who can pass the ball. And probably Valencia as wing back (he did not play today).



Lovren’s time up at Liverpool?

Dejan Lovren: Defender in action against Man Utd


I don’t want to start another topic but wanted to get your guys view on Lovren.

His contact expires in the summer of 2018 so i can see why we are giving him a new contract & he has improved under Klopp but i still don’t think he is good enough for us long term.

I presume this new deal would put him as one of the top earners can we afford that as a squad player? Against Stoke he didn’t track Walters also nearly gifted Antonovich a goal.

He just seems to have costly mistakes in him maybe its a concentration thing. We need our GK & Cb`s to be effective in games where they don’t have much defending to do but when thy are called in to action they have that alertness & concentration.

I am not sure how i feel about Lovren going forward.



Credit where credit is due for Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers: Has extended his stay at Celtic

I’ve watched Celtic a bit this season as i like rodgers and hope he does well. Celtic park is packed , back to 60k a week after attendances dropping.

They play good attacking football which pleases the fans. Its a nothing league but he has breathed new life into the club. The triple would cap a fine 1st season but the big test is progressing in europe.

celtic need rangers to get back to were they were to make it a really inresting league but rodgers has done a good job there.

If liverpool were just about saurez then why didnt we challenege for the league under kenny? We picked upo 18 points from 6 games without him at the start of the 13/14 season.

Couthino,sterling,henderson,gerrard ,saurez all improved under rodgers that season., Gerrard has his best season for 4 years. Credit were credit is due.

Sean the sailor


‘We all know who the absolute turds are…’

Whoever is still looking for breathtaking football that’s pretty on the eye at this stage of the season needs to seriously reevaluate their priorities.

I had said a few weeks ago that I would gladly take a 1-0 win, with a deflected goal scored in the 1st minute over a absolutely breathtaking and pleasing on the eye football display leading to a draw.

We’re well past the stage of entertaining football. Results are all that matters and yesterday’s result is all that matters. Yes were littered with s*** we all know that, but it won’t change this season now will it?

We all know who the absolute turds are, so why keep calling them out and expecting any different from them? We won and for me thats all that matters

O.T Fax Machine


No win situation for United

I think yesterday was one of those matches where the players and manager couldn’t do anything right but could do a lot wrong.

What I mean is that because we were expected to win and certainly so after they went down to 10 men then anything less than that is a failure and no praise should be dished out for doing what the players were expected to do.

The biggest positive for me was the third goal. Zlatan setting up Rashford. More of that please.

Good to see Shaw play well again, although I don’t understand Jose’s reason for taking him off.

He said it was because he had been booked but many a time we’ve had a booked player been given a final warning in a match but manage to still play the full 90.


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