‘I would give Sane and Rashford four-match bans’

Date published: Monday 1st May 2017 8:55

The time really is up for Arsene Wenger, it’s Europa League or bust for Jose Mourinho and blatant cheating to win penalties, all in our Your Says of the Day.

There’s no place for cheating

Really disappointing to see two supremely gifted players in Rashford and Sane cheating so blatantly. I don’t agree that what Kane did for the Spurs pen (or even Moses in the FA Cup semi) was in any way similar.

We all accept that if a defender makes a rash challenge then it’s part of modern football that the fouled player will go down like a sack of spuds, but it’s quite another thing to pretend you were caught when you weren’t even touched.

As Danny Murphy said on MOTD2, until there’s retrospective action for cheats like Sane and Rashford then it will continue to happen. I’d give them both four match bans, or alternatively have any pen scored chalked off and if that changes the result as it would have yesterday in both incidences, then all the better to drive home the message.


You’re right Ash, Kane wasn’t the same because he was actually fouled. The other two were pretty poor and we have to bring in retrospective bans for diving. It was still disappointing to see Kane exaggerating the contact.


Kanes was the most blatant penalty ever. Think people are being harsh on him.


Europa League or bust for Jose Mourinho

Mourinho is spouting a load of rubbish every time he opens his big gob. You’d think we are the only team to have injuries. Liverpool have been without their captain for 6 weeks, their leading scorer is out until the end of the season, Lallana has missed the past 6 weeks, Sturridge is always injured, Ings has been out all season. They were also without Coutinho for two months. Deal with it Jose and stop using it as an excuse. How long do we really need this insufferable buffoon of a manager in charge of our club?


no doubt a very frustrating result and probably our biggest chance of being in the top 4 gone. Agree with Tommy on the squad status though, Fergie would have picked some s**** teams in November, inexplicable team selections that you would never understand.

But what it did was get everyone game time in their legs. So at this time of the season whoever was called upon was ready and the squad was purring like a well oiled machine.

But Mourinho has just stuck with his same team pretty much all the way through the season and Pogba, Zlatan and Bailly are now crocked and without them this team average at best with no winners (apart from Rooney!)

It really is Europa or bust now.


For the last 3 seasons united have suffered lots of injuries, the last 2 seasons the Mourinho fanboyz on here blamed lvg’s training methods. Strangely enough I haven’t heard anything of them blaming Mourhino yet this season is probably the worst for injuries so far

United players have nothing left to give

It’s a desperately disapppointing result as we should be 3rd now. But we look knackered, it’s our 57th game of the season.

I’m knackered watching them to be honest, looking forward to the summer break! It was Swansea’s 38th game, 19 less than us. That’s half a seasons worth of games!


Time to go Arsene, time to go

It’s amazing how pathetic we have become as a club. On the back of our worst season, when we get bullied by all the big boys, our inept board has rewarded Wenger with a two year extension.

In the same manner this has trickled down to the players who are rewarded for underperforming year after year with generous contracts.

If the BoD does not get rid of Wenger now, more damage will be done and we may never recover from this. I’d say Wenger, FO!


Well, that was an expected disappointment. Not one player can be singled out for a well done. Cech was the best of a bad bunch.

The tragic thing is, that this team went there knowing they would lose. You could see it from the moment the whistle was blown.

No confidence, no self belief. Spurs were loving it, they knew we were easy.

We seem to have no one with any brain, to marshal the players, to lead and command. They are disorganized and lost. How can Gabriel be suckered in by Kane, for the penalty. Schoolboy stuff.

Wenger MUST go. The malaise starts and is perpetrated from him. Whatever player quality made available will be negated by his management, or more, the lack thereof. You can see it in his comments and actions. He has lost the plot completely.

If this team is to rise from this pit, it needs a new Manager bottom line. Player clean out and, on yesterday’s showing, they all need to wake up. Sanchez and Ozil included.

This team doesn’t believe in itself. No heart. It needs a manager to lead and a captain to back him on the pitch.

If things don’t change now, bottom end of table next year. IF we’re lucky.


Gooner for life.


I’m still clinging on to the vain hope that the board are going to start getting nervous and reconsider offering Wenger a new contract and that’s the sole consolation we can take from yesterday. If they do change their mind, it’s performances like yesterday that’ll do it.

Al the Gooner

Great penalty or poor goalkeeping?

having a go a cech for not saving a penalty is like having a go at a striker for scoring a penalty.

Yesterdays penalty was of high quality hit the inside of side netting, if cech did dive the right way he wasnt saving it. then what happens if he goes down middle a cech dives? you’d probably still moan about him.

As for him bailing us out, if wasnt in goal yesterday the result could very easily have been 4 or 5-0.


Hulk; that’s not the point I was making mate: watch other games against us then, and penalties against us. He rarely even attempts to move. At least pretend you’re trying to save it!

the bsm walk

Gotta agree with Hulk here BSM. There is a lot to criticise about the performance yesterday and I get what you’re saying about Cech and his record of saving penalties for us, but he was the only Arsenal player to come out of that game with any credit. The scoreline didn’t even remotely reflect the Spuds’ dominance and that was about 25% luck and 75% down to Cech.

Just seems like if we’re going to start a thread about any single player’s performance yesterday, Cech comes at the very bottom of the list.

Al The Gooner

Liverpool need Sakho replacement

Imagine if Sakho hadda been part of our back 4 since Jan. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to think we’d be a few points better off. Safe in top 4. That woulda put him in the shop window too keeping his price high.

Same with Markovic too to a lesser degree. He coulda been playing wide left or right when Coutinho or Mané were missing allowing Firmino and Lallana to play in their best positions centrally.


Jurgen must have a centreback worldie he desperately wants & could only get this summer, hence not spending in January & hoping we have enough to get top 4 with who we have.

Having Sakho in the window with us would have helped our season undoubtedly, but it was what it was.

Sakho & Studge & a few more will likely be gone in the summer, if Van Dijk, Brandt, Costa & Sigurdson come in we will be an entirely stronger unit going forward. The future remains bright.


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