Liverpool ‘target list’ appears; Sturridge in ‘rubbish TOTY’

Date published: Friday 21st April 2017 12:07

One reader offers his ‘rubbish team of the year’ and there are plenty of Arsenal and Man Utd players in there, while Liverpool’s summer target list is revealed, all in out forum.

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Rubbish Team of the Year

Darmain Stones Gabriel Shaw
Xhaka Pogba
Martial Ozil Mahrez
Sturridge Batshuayi

I could name about 20 more, right back was the most difficult. Mostly players at the top teams as the have huge squads filled with poor signings

Jonny Utah


FA Cup tie huge for Arsenal

I don’t normally get that excited about the FA Cup these days but, in what’s been the most disappointing and depressing season I can remember, Sunday’s game takes on a whole new meaning.

If we lose, as is most likely, it increases the chances – however small – that Wenger will be out the door this summer.

At the same time, we do have the players to win this. True, nothing in recent months has suggested that they will but, then again, there wasn’t much in either of the two league games against City this season, so we have a chance.

So the way I see it, if we win, it’ll be a tiny piece of light in a very dark season (this is what it must have been like for the Chickens in the last 20 years). If we lose, at least there’s some small consolation in that it’ll become harder for the board to justify giving Wenger a new contract.

Looking at the game in isolation, it’s Wembley and we’re playing Pep Guardiola’s City. I’m going for 3-2 (to us, obviously!).


Al The Gooner


Wenger sounding upbeat

Arsene Wenger: Happy that Arsenal fans are happy

Morning Al

I heard a bit of an interview with Arsene on the radio this morning and I was struck by how different he sounded. In recent weeks, he has looked and sounded like a beaten man. However today, he sounded a lot different. Upbeat and refreshed. As if one win has suddenly woken him up again.

Who knows? Either way, my view hasn’t changed – I want him to step aside but as each day passes, I feel like its more and more certain he is going to stay.

I said a while ago that it didn’t make sense to me. If he signs a new 2 year deal, what can he achieve in that time, that he hasn’t been able to nail down in over 10 years?

I’m struggling to see us beating City this week. Jesus is back in contention as well as Kompany being fit. They are only really missing Stones and he has hardly pulled up trees for them. It is a game in which we can’t afford to carry people and immediately certain names spring to mind. Ozil being the first.

I couldn’t believe the social media lauding he received after scoring against boro. He was absolute crap until that moment. The level of lenience shown towards him still by some of our fans is staggering. The second big concern for me is Gabriel. Wenger has said that Mustafi is definitely out so you would imagine Gabriel is playing – the question is, will it be part of a 2 or a 3 at the back.

If Kompany does play, we need to try and expose any fitness issue with pace and movement. Danny needs a late check so maybe we need to think about Alexis playing back through the middle? If Giroud plays, its going to play straight into Pep’s hands. Like you I think it might be a high scoring affair….just not sure how many we will be on the receiving end of!



‘I’ll pack Costa’s bags for him’

Diego Costa: His antics have upset some Chelsea fans

I hope he goes. He clearly wants to go. I don’t want him at our club if he doesn’t want to be here. This is the 2nd manager he’s fallen out with as well. I’ll pack his bags.

He as much money as possible and get rid. Let’s bring in a player who wants to be at our club like Lukaku.



Send him to youth squad

She’s thrown her rattles out of the pram once to many for my liking, temper tantrum after temper tantrum…. my nieces act with more professionalism when playing with their dolls than the big girl with her knickers in a twist… pathetic player…

I hope Conte sends him to the youth side to train cause he doesn’t deserve his place in the squad.

Romansdirty pants


Why would Costa want to leave?

Antonio Conte: Hopeful about Costa

I think none of us would want to retain a player who does not want to be here and that is the impression coming across from Costa.

Definitely appears as though China are looking to make another bid in the Summer so the writing does appear to be on the wall

Personally, while I can understand he may want to leave and the money is a big lure, a large incentive for any player is to win trophies so they have something to look back on when they retire so even if Costa does think he is leaving I cannot understand not continuing to give his all when the double is still a realistic possibility…?

To be part of that and to be able to tell that to his mates, family children etc. I would have expected to be high on his agenda…?

Maybe I am just being naive – don’t know. Just hope that he bucks his ideas up tomorrow, assuming of course that he is picked. KTBFFH



Liverpool ‘target list’ revealed

If you’s remember last year there was a list of player we were interested in appear around April/May time. The likes of Goetze, Zielinski, Karius etc appeared on it.

These were players we were very interested in but only managed to sign a few of them for various reasons. Well, a new list has appeared for this summer consisting of Van Dijk, Ox, Koulibaly, Keita, Brandt and Sessengnon. Make of it what you will.

I’d heard a couple weeks ago that Klopp wants to keep Milner as first choice left-back next year and bring in Sessengnon as backup, this list seems to back this up. I’ve also heard Brandt is there for the taking as long as we don’t f*** it up.

I very much doubt if we’ll sign more than 2/3 of these plus CL qualification will be instrumental.



Is there any fight left in Martial?

Blacky….it would be nice to think there’s a bit of fight in Martial somewhere behind those dead eyes. It would be nice to think he’s seen Ibrahimovic’s gammy knee last night and got the killers instinct to use the remaining few weeks of the season to prove Mourinho wrong and show everybody what a great player he is.

It would be nice to think that he’s going to sweat blood and tears and fill his boots to score seven goals between now and Stockholm in a pacy, attack minded United side freed from Zlatan’s shackles. But on the evidence of his thirty minutes last night I’m going to be very disappointed and he’s coasting through for his summer move to Sevilla.

Anderlecht were dead on their feet, ripe for the taking and he played in second gear.

As for Pogba….he’s the greatest mystery of all in this odd job, misfit side of ours. At times he looked close to world class and that pass to open up the pitch for the first goal was supreme. At other times he looked like a small child lost in a crowd and looking for his mummy.

He was all too often in all the wrong places at all the wrong times and making all the wrong choices. I desperately want him to become the supreme leader of Manchester United, a modern day Keane and Robson rolled in to one. In the pub the lads tell me to just wait for next season…he’s still a kid and is going to be the best player ever to play for Manchester United. I don’t see it myself but I’d love to be wrong.

Wonderfuel gas


Zlatan injury a blessing in disguise

I don’t wish injuries on anyone but frankly, that injury to Ibra is the best thing that could happen to us. His last few performances have been nothing short of a joke, he looks nearer 66 than 36.

Beneath all the bravado, I suspect Ibra is a very intelligent guy and I would be surprised if he doesn’t realise by now that his career at this level is well and truly over.

My biggest concern is that Rashford doesn’t burn himself out before the end of season with the sheer amount of running he does. He needs to improve his finishing but the lads a star for me.



‘Sadly Mourinho wants to keep Fellaini’

I think its absolutely vital for Mourinho to think about transfers right now and i wouldnt be surprised if he already have talked to certain players.

This window will determine the success of Mourinho´s tenure at Man United.
He´s got the money and the players are out there.

Now who wants to come and play for Man United under Mourinho?

Time will tell but whats interesting is which players he wants to keep.
Sadly,i think he wants to keep Fellaini because he is a destroyer and fits Mourinho´s philosophy,kill opponents creativity.

I hope to see Carric,Rooney and Mata out replaced with a prioper cmf,right winger.
But the chopping list is long with Jones,Young,Smalling,Valencia and Shaw are all poor on defending. Knowing Mourinho,he wants to tighten the defence(and rightly so)i expect him to invest in the back4.

Who do you think he wants to keep from the dross list?


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