‘Thursday night football’ a daunting task for Arsenal

Date published: Wednesday 10th May 2017 11:49

One Chelsea fan wants rid of Diego Costa, while FSG’s time at Liverpool is debated and Arsene Wenger’s ego “reared its ugly head again” yesterday, all in our fans’ forum…

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Zlatan salary ‘outrageous’

Of course it is an outrageous sum of money for anyone to get,but it’s all relative at the end of the day for such a high profile player who did not command a transfer fee.

In comparison to Rooney’s reported 300K and Bastian’s 200K per week I know who out of the three of them has given us the most value this season by far.

Only a complete agenda driven spanner would somehow try and spin this news as some sort of black mark against Mourinho,as if he negotiates all the contracts as well,deary me.There’s a certain Mr Woodward in charge of such matters and if anyone is to blame for Zlatan’s contract it his to be him,but of course that doesn’t feed the flip flop merchants narrative,simple as that.



Striker merry-go-round

Have seen rumours recently that PSG may be interested in Romelu.

PEA has said he’ll only go to Madrid or Barca but if Madrid go in for Mbappe they won’t want Aubameyang as they’re too similar. I think one transfer could trigger a host of others tbh.

Monaco won’t spend big to replace Mbappe but his arrival at Madrid could release either Morata or Benzema.

Would you let Martial go to Everton on loan if Lukaku leaves?

Koeman generally gets the best from his players and could be what Martial needs for a season, to be the big fish in a small-ish pond for a while.


Wenger’s ‘ego rears its ugly head again’

So the ego rears its ugly head again. Gazebo realising he may have to go when Clouseau leaves looks like he is trying to distance himself from his boss by suggesting Arsenal have a Director of Football.

Wenger in typical style said ‘jamais en un million d’annees’. Wenger was happy to work with Dein but he doesn’t take any notice of Gazebo and he won’t work with a Director of Football.

There are rumours that Arsenal are lining up Michael Zorc as their preferred choice, clever move because that would almost certainly pave the way for Thomas Tuchel to take over as manager. By refusing to work with a DofFottball Wenger has opened the door, the BofD ought to close it behind him by INSISTING that one is appointed. That’s how to get rid of the egomaniac.

The Oracle


Thursday night football

Are they the most depressing three words in football? Ok, there are plenty of fans who would love to see their team in the Europa League, but for the top six or seven PL teams, it’s become a bit of a derogatory term.

How many of us have shut a Spud up, over the years, by answering any comment with “enjoy your Thursday night football”?

I don’t know why but, up to this point, I’ve had it in my head that we’d either scrape a CL place or be out of Europe altogether. Playing in the Europa League hadn’t really crossed my mind.

I’ve even discussed with Gooner mates what advantages we might have by not playing in Europe next season, as though it was a straight choice between that and top four.

Worse than that, it would probably mean us going further in the comp, just to (inevitably) get knocked out at a later stage, when we come up against a decent team and allows Wenger one of his favoured excuses for a failed title challenge – fixture congestion – for more of the season.

Al The Gooner


Arsenal’s Champions League participation ‘bores me’

Morning Al! That’s a great point – I have never thought about us being in this competition.

I remember when we lost the final in 2000 and I was gutted because it was a final and its always great to win a cup.

This time, I’m not that bothered about being in it, partly for selfish reasons! I don’t like the Thursday / Sunday fixtures it throws up. At the same time, I would also add that I’m not that bothered about the CL either. Our participation bores me because you can almost predict how its going to play out.

Yesterday Wenger spoke about wanting to play at the highest level and he believes the CL is that. However, there is clearly a vast difference between playing at the highest level and competing at this level. The only benefit to our participation in the CL is financial because more often than not we get embarrassed when it comes to the crunch.

We are a long way behind some of these elite teams and I for one wouldn’t mind too much avoiding a pasting from one of the big teams this time around. A season out of Europe all together MIGHT have seen our domestic form improve? However, it looks like we will be in one or the other come next season.

Interesting to hear Wenger’s comments about transfers yesterday. He said that he doesn’t see whether or not we qualify for the CL having too much impact on transfer negotiations!…..It does if you are going after top players I would imagine.



Costa not good for Chelsea

personally I am hoping Costa will go-I understand his assets in the game, scores goals, creates goals, holds up the ball well, etc.,

But his not a good advertisement for a club plus his very greedy, loses the ball countless times when he could be passing to a fellow in a far better position, who knows how many more goals we could have had.



Costa’s contribution underestimated

notnice – I think you underestimate Costa’s contribution to Chelsea this season, and his quality overall.

While I agree he can be frustrating for many reasons, his qualities when on his game are considerable. If he were to get his head right for a prolonged Chelsea stay I wouldn’t complain, although I suspect he won’t.



‘Costa’s goals have won us 15 points’

Diego Costa: Has not been at his best since January

Notnice, its unfair to slam Costa for what he has done this season. He has 20 league goals, the same number of goals that he had 2 years ago when we won the league. and has one goal better this season.

We might be 6 points better than we were when we last won the league. and mind you that Diego Costa’s goals have won us 15 points this season. minus that and we will be sitting 5th.

I don’t know how selfish we have become to an extent that we are slamming our players for as little as the little drop in form that they had.


Conte is just class

When we turn over the calendar page headed”April” to reveal”May” we know that the present football season is nearly over. True, the weeks of May have many issues still unanswered; great triumphs and sad results in the leagues and cups….not to mention the Play-Offs.

But, for the majority it is the equivalent of “counting down the clock”. Irrespective of status however another emotion begins to emerge…..next season. Already transfer possibilities cover the back pages as names of players are bandied about, most of them pure fiction as the press vie with each other by competing for circulation with ever more ridiculous stories. But it was to “notnice” that we were able to turn when he launched this thread on 2nd May.

I offered my hopes for 2017/18 on May 5th (above) and I am not going to go over that again. But I did make one terrible omission….and this came home to me as I watched the post-match events after our comprehensive Middlesbrough win.

It was not only the team performance that struck me nor, in its single application the handling of the team by Antonio Conte…..apart from the game at Old Trafford I think that Conte’s handling of the team has been all but flawless. So, what was it?

Answer – the sheer class of the man. A man at what is virtually his moment of triumph has the class to think of a defeated opponent and distraught fans who have travelled from the other end of the country on a Monday night to follow their team on what most thought was a lost cause.

We see post loads of notes about “it’s all about trophies” and “I am not interested in the background – winning is all that matters”. It isn’t. Much else characterises a club and Conte, either as a man or a custodian of our reputation knows this.

How we are thought of DOES matter and although the way we play and the plaudits we draw are important, so is the way we are thought of. So, aren’t we lucky? And that is the point. Amidst all of the chat about this player or that one there are persistent stories about Antonio Conte leaving us.

On many levels that would be a disaster. Not just because of his style, or his coaching or his management but also the way in which he might influence who joins us in the summer. And this was the element I ignored in my post on 5th May.

Not for the first time I shall say again that hiring Conte was our best signing last summer; it could also be the best signing in 2017 too.



‘Conte will see out his contract’

Antonio Conte: A summer target for Inter Milan


I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts about Conte. I have supported Chelsea since the early 90’s and in that time we have been lucky to have some great managers that have led us to many achievements but my opinion in that time Conte has been my most enjoyed manager.

Comparing his application to all areas of management he has excelled above all before him in my opinion. He is smart and composed with the press, he is a seriously hard worker, he has compassion and understanding to everyone involved in the sport, he is always so busy conducting on the touchline, he understands the fans, the way he celebrates and lastly he has this balance between good guy and bad guy when he needs to be.

My feeling and what you point out is that Conte is a man that is honest full of honour and true to himself. I think he will stay with Chelsea for the duration of his Contract (3 years), Conte came for the project and I think at very least he wants to lead us into a Champions League campaign.



Chelsea to match £10m a year for Conte?

I have stated on a previous thread that my feeling was that Conte comes across as an honourable man and as such would respect and honour his contract with us. I fully expected the Club to respond in the Summer which seems to be in line with Conte’s wish to only discuss new player contracts when the season is over

If the press is to be believed then it seems that the board are ready to match the reported Milan bid of 10m a year plus a new no.2 of his choice and then a further 240m to buy Lukaku, Sanchez, Van Dijk and Bakayako (?)

Obviously no idea as to the extent of the money or the likely players but to give Conte both a new contract and the financial backing seems the obvious and logical route to take after such an incredible impact in his first year and the new challenges to be faced next season in terms of CL football and the extra fixture congestion this will bring. KTBFFH



FSG have ‘let Liverpool down on three occasions’

John Henry: Liverpool's owner

I’m not saying FSG are bad for the club or anything like that. They saved us ffs. However, they have let us down badly on three occasions now. Failing to boost the squad in January during our “so close” season.

Spunking the money from the Suarez sale against the wall by buying players the Brodge didn’t want and twice failing to address the glaring weaknesses in our squad this season. Mark my words if we miss out on CL this season (I firmly believe we will) it will be totally down to FSG and not Klopp.

I hold little hope that they will buy the right players this summer CL or not. They are serial failures when it comes to the transfer market. For every decent purchase they piss big money on 4 donkeys



‘It’s in FSG’s interests to invest in Klopp’

Shanksy, I’m with you in who to point the finger at but I’m still hopeful that they will put their hands in their pockets this summer.

It’s in their own best interests to invest in Klopp and given that they were smart enough to know to go after and hire the man, I’m thinking that they will know what’s best in this situation. Anfield has sold out every match since they increased the capacity and i think this season was to be a streamlined one as the club regroups financially. I think it’s a short term tactic and I really hope it’s going to end as we head into the next phase.

Mr Makaveli


Scouts to blame

Shanks, appreciate you’re frustrated with the Suarez money being wasted. But is that actually FSG’s fault?

Possibly because we couldn’t attract big enough players as we have low wages etc. But I’d imagine the finger of blame needs to be pointed at our scouting team who have been piss poor for a long time as far as I can tell.

They identified the wrong players, regardless of budget. Many other clubs demonstrate you don’t need to spend millions to get good players – you need good scouts.



Who did Liverpool miss in January?

There are a lot of assumptions flying about in this discussion. I don’t remember Klopp complaining about not being given funds and I’m sure he wouldn’t keep quiet if he felt his work was being hindered.

The idea that there were a number of options available in January that we didn’t go for is also unfounded. Who exactly did we miss out on that would have strengthened our team?




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