Barton: I’ve seen footballers stake £100k on ‘mad stuff’

Date published: Sunday 18th June 2017 7:45

Joey Barton has revealed that some of the bets he has witnessed footballers place have been “scary”.

Barton is currently serving an 18-month ban from football after he placed 1,260 bets on football matches over a seven-year period.

However, the former Newcastle and Manchester City midfielder says he isn’t the only player that likes a big bet.

“One thing footballers have in common is they love betting, because they’re competitors,” Barton told the Sunday Times .

“I was an outlier on volume but there’ll be outliers on wagers staked. I’ve been in dressing rooms with players, where they’ve a hundred grand staked on mad stuff. On one bet. Scary. A lot bet massive figures.

“I’ve seen players who’ve played in World Cups go out on the pitch and not get anywhere near as much of a buzz from that, or scoring goals, as from betting on the horses.

“There are many ways to beat the system. I didn’t think I was doing anything illegal. We all know things that are bad for us yet we still do them.

“From my perspective, it wasn’t fixing and I was only doing what lots of others around me in dressing rooms were doing and openly discussed.”

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