Cardiff Supporters Trust insulted by ‘English’ FL tag

Date published: Friday 13th November 2015 3:03

Football League: Set to be rebranded as English Football League

Football League: Set to be rebranded as English Football League

Rebranding the Football League as the English Football League is “insulting” to Welsh clubs, according to the chairman of the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust.

The governing body announced the changes on Thursday, which will come into effect for the start of the 2016-17 campaign, after undergoing a comprehensive corporate and competition rebranding.

However, two of the Football League’s current 72 members are based in Wales.

Tim Hartley believes the rebrand will do little to benefit the clubs in the three divisions.

“It’s a little bit insulting that both Welsh clubs and potentially many more from lower down the football pyramid will be classed as English,” Hartley said.

“The rebranding is factually incorrect and completely unnecessary. Newport and Cardiff City are both in the Football League.

“The rebranding will make a lot of money for companies making logos and headed paper but will do nothing for teams playing in the three divisions. What’s the point?

“The Football League had status, we knew what it meant, why mess with a brand that clearly works?”

Both Cardiff and Newport have yet to comment publicly on the decision, though both are likely to be seeking assurances that their value to the organisation is highlighted.

Hartley has also been seeking assurances from Cardiff after the Football League revealed the change comes after extensive research, which included interviews and focus groups with clubs, stakeholders, commercial partners and more than 18,000 football supporters.

“I have contacted the club asking whether they were party to this decision,” Hartley added.

“This was the first we had heard of it. It underlines once again the need for formal, structured consultation between fans, their clubs and the football authorities.”

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    Mark Holmes

    Rebranding the Football League as the English Football League is “insulting” to Welsh clubs, according to the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust

    [See the full post at: Cardiff Supporters Trust insulted by ‘English’ FL tag]



    not sure which one is guilty of having too much time on their hands? Those doing the rebranding and focus groups or those objecting to the change?



    I personally don’t see some negative impressions on it, because as far as I know, rebranding is part of one brand names evolution, expansion of features, breaking up barriers for new possibilities. In business rebranding sees more positive opportunities. I have learned most of that idea after seeing Alexandra Watkins she is a branding expert from



    Perhaps the ‘English footballer league, featuring sheep-sh*ggers’ is a much better name? The EFLSS.



    If they don’t like the name,don’t participate in an English football tournament then. Simples



    I agree with them. Infact I think as a protest they should resign from the English League and join the Welsh league instead.



    I’m with many others, go and join TNS in the Welsh league 🙂



    Crazy on their part…go and join TNS!



    such is the nature of our stupidly small, small minded, tribal country, it spills over to all aspects of life!

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