Carra hails Liverpool but wants widespread ticket review

Date published: Thursday 11th February 2016 8:33

Liverpool fans: Protest led to review of ticket prices

Jamie Carragher has praised Liverpool’s decision to scrap their £77 tickets and now wants all other clubs to review their prices.

Four days after thousands of supporters staged a walkout in protest against proposed new ticket prices, Liverpool announced a freeze on season and match ticket prices for the next two seasons.

Carragher feels proud about his club’s move but says the protesters were standing up for fans across the country and now wants to see the other 19 Premier League clubs make similar announcements.

“When I heard that Liverpool’s owners had taken the decision to freeze ticket prices for the next two seasons, as well as apologising for the idea of wanting to sell seats for £77, I felt proud of my club once again,” Carragher said in his Daily Mail column.

“The supporters started something big on Saturday when walking out of Anfield in the 77th minute and things snowballed to such an extent that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) realised they had to make urgent corrections.

“It wasn’t nice to see but they were standing up for fans across the country, not just themselves. Nobody wants to see stadiums emptying on a regular basis and hopefully that prospect has now finished.

“Rarely in life do you find people who will admit they have got something wrong, so it was bold of FSG to hold their hands up and apologise.

“It is not right for fans to keep being squeezed for more money and there is absolutely no doubt the revenue Liverpool are giving up will be much better in the pockets of the fans who follow them every week.

“My hope now is that Liverpool have created another snowball, one that takes in the rest of the Premier League.

“What an advert it would be if there was now a unanimous decision among all clubs to review ticket prices. Then we would all have reason to feel proud.”


Wednesday night’s announcement has also been praised by Liverpool supporters.

“If I am really honest I am not sure we can put it into words – we did not expect this,” Spirit of Shankly spokesman Jay McKenna said.

“It is unprecedented that they have apologised, remarkable.

“It is the right approach from the club that they apologised for the mistake.”

On the effect the walkout had in changing the owners’ opinion he added: “Supporters have reminded themselves that they are important to this game and reminded the authorities just how important they are.

“Clearly the club has seen the level of opposition to what was planned.”

In a statement Spirit of Shankly added: “Today’s announcement has to be seen as a positive step in repairing the relationship between owners and supporters.

“If they had recognised what was being said by supporters about the impact of the original price rises (perhaps by actually meeting with their own Ticketing Working Group) then much of the embarrassment and upset of the last four days would have been avoided.

“It is a sobering lesson in listening to your supporters properly.”

Meanwhile, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “Liverpool FC ticket prices frozen for two seasons. After 77 minute walk out on Saturday. Great to see people power working.”

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