Carragher: Chelsea players aren’t putting in a shift for Mourinho

Date published: Tuesday 8th December 2015 9:58

Chelsea: Stats show they don't work hard enough

Chelsea: Stats show they don't work hard enough

Jamie Carragher has accused Chelsea’s players of “not working hard enough” for Jose Mourinho, and says he has “no sympathy” for their struggles as a result.

The deposed champions have endured a nightmare season so far, with Saturday’s 1-0 home defeat to Bournemouth their 10th loss in 23 competitive games this season.

Enduring the first defeat suffered by reigning champions against the previous season’s Championship winners in Premier League history was bad enough for Stamford Bridge fans.

But a deeper look at the match statistics, however, makes much grimmer reading for Mourinho and supporters of the club.

Carragher analysed the distances run by both sides during Saturday’s match on Monday Night Football and the points he raised make painful reading for Mourinho.

Sky Sports' Chelsea v Bournemouth graphic

Not so long ago, Liverpool struggled under previous manager Brendan Rodgers but with Jurgen Klopp in charge now, their running figures are far better and results have consequently improved.

Chelsea, on the other hand, continue to toil and one factor is undoubtedly the extra drive opposing sides appear to be showing in games against them.

Carragher highlighted an incident in the closing seconds of the game which saw Bournemouth’s Dan Gosling surge forward and lose possession.

Rather than punish him for it, Chelsea’s laboured moves upfield as they sought an equaliser allowed Gosling to get back into position to stop their attack.

“Where I do not have sympathy for Chelsea is in injury time,” Carragher said on Monday Night Football. “Dan Gosling has made a run to try and keep the ball in the corner.

“He’s very unlucky (to lose the ball) but let’s not forget it’s the 92nd minute. He (Gosling) is thinking: ‘I’m getting blamed for maybe making a stupid run, doing something silly, losing the ball.’

“Chelsea need a goal and Willian, Pedro and (Eden) Hazard have got to be busting a gut to get into the box.

“In the last minute of the game, Chelsea had one man in the box as they tried to score and Gosling has run past the players highlighted before.

“They’ve got to be flying past him. They had a 20-yard head start on him and they needed a goal.”

In all, Bournemouth’s players ran nine more kilometres over the course of the match than Chelsea’s, a total which surprised Carragher.

While he expected them to chase the ball more given they had less of it, he did not expect to see only Nemanja Matic feature from Chelsea among the players who covered the most distance.

“Everyone’s putting out running stats on teams now on a weekly basis,” former Anfield defender Carragher added.

“But that was the biggest difference between the two teams. Nine kilometres at the top was the biggest difference of the weekend between any two teams.

“Also, you look at the top seven players. Now, Chelsea had 60 per cent of possession so you’d expect Bournemouth to cover more ground but certainly not that sort of difference.”

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    James Marshment

    Jamie Carragher has accused Chelsea of “not working hard enough” for Jose Mourinho, and says he has “no sympathy” for their struggles.

    [See the full post at: Carragher: Chelsea players aren’t putting in a shift for Mourinho]



    I would agree that if you look at the movement (or complete lack of it) it seems as if some players have turned off. The obvious question has to be – WHY…? KTBFFH



    CFC1905 @ 10;54…seriously mate,if I was Jose I wouldn’t be asking ‘why?’…I’d say ‘ok,you don’t want to play for me,then you’re neither use nor ornament to me…you’re dropped no problem,I’ll just pluck some kid out of the reserve/academy guaranteed I’d get more committment and passion out of him than what you’re giving me and when that happens pal you can go rot somewhere for all I care stuff ya!’.It’s time for the soft words and muddle-coddling to stop.These players are sitting pretty knowing Jose will altimately bear the brunt for this mess even though it’s the players that go out on the pitch!.


    I think that in the last 3-4 matches, Chelsea players have started to play well again. Obviously the finishing weren’t there, the creativity weren’t there, but look at Hazard and Willian who run everywhere, defending and attacking. Look at Oscar. Look at Matic despite still sluggish but tried to win every ball. I think the motivation starts to arise. What a pity we lost against Bournemouth, we could not capitalize 7-8 corners we had and they capitalized the first corner they had in the 2nd half. Pedro could not score despite 5 attempts from himself only.



    mtal61 – I actually was not thinking that Jose would be asking WHY but the fans. For me, Jose probably has a much clearer picture of what is wrong and why but is playing his cards close to his chest. However, cannot disagree that there has to be some kind of stick/carrot to use with players and so why not drop some? In effect he already has when he listed about 8 when questioned over Costa being dropped for Spurs. Maybe those that have come in have not appreciated their chance but at the same time some players I thought might get a chance still have not featured much. Quite bizarre when you think of last season…? KTBFFH


    I have never agreed with this guy, but this one i have to agree with him. he is spot on, players are not putting a shift not only for Mourinho but also for us fans. i don’t know the reason behind that. but something from somewhere isn’t right. i still believe that Mourinho is the right man to turn things around.


    nine nine nine

    Very dangerous taking the stats from one game and coming to a conclusion, Chelsea dominated the ball and because of that the Bournemouth plays probably did have to cover more mileage.

    We are not playing well at the moment, some of the players are off form and our tactics might need tweaking but I can’t say that I have this season seen a Chelsea team or a Chelsea player who didn’t put in the effort!

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