Chelsea lacking leaders and must recall Terry – Ferdinand

Date published: Wednesday 30th September 2015 9:39

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Chelsea lack leaders and are playing without intensity – but it will take more than John Terry to sort them out, according to Rio Ferdinand.

Chelsea were beaten 2-1 by Porto in their second Champions League game on Tuesday night, with John Terry, Nemanja Matic and Eden Hazard left on the bench following Jose Mourinho’s warning that there were no longer any “untouchables” in his side.

Ferdinand, however, believes the Blues boss made a mistake with his selection.

“There was no composure, no real leadership out there,” the former Manchester United defender said on BT Sport. “You look back on past Mourinho and Chelsea sides. You had Drogba, Terry and Lampard who other players could look to, and they would turn around and say ‘listen I’ve been here before, don’t worry, follow me, we’ll be alright and get through this and weather the storm.

“I didn’t see that tonight. I didn’t see players who would stand up and be counted in that way.

“Seeing Hazard and Terry on the bench is destabilising for this squad. They are looking around for inspiration and are not seeing it from anyone at the moment.”

Ferdinand believes Terry would have made a difference had he started against Porto but has warned there are bigger problems than the absence of just one player for a team playing without “intensity”.

“Looking at a couple of goals from the week I wouldn’t say he’s done,” Ferdinand said of Terry.

“I think he’s a player and I think he’s a leader.

“In situations like this when the ship needs steering a little bit on the pitch when the manager can’t be the man on the pitch I think he is someone this team has always looked to.

“And I still think he’s capable of doing that.

“(But) it’s not just one person who can change this team. There is an intensity that I just don’t see in this Chelsea team.

“It’s been part of their make-up for many years and to win big games abroad you have to come into them with the right frame of mind.

“There’s a lack of confidence and communication, and they are going to have to really tighten up to pick up this season.”

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