Chelsea readers slam ‘nothing short of useless’ Diego Costa

Date published: Monday 3rd April 2017 8:06

Chelsea fans are not happy with Diego Costa’s form, an Arsenal reader has labelled Mesut Ozil an ‘utter disgrace’ and a Liverpool supporter believes only more injuries can stop them making the top four.

The title race is over

No, Chelsea will beat City and Bournemouth, pretty good chance they’ll beat us too. League is over, Spurs will take second, City and ‘Pool will take third and fourth although not necessarily in that order. Man Utd will get fifth and Arsenal and Everton will scrap for sixth and seventh. United will hopefully get CL football by winning the Europa League as we haven’t a prayer in the PL after Saturday’s draw.



Arsenal fans reaction to City draw

A hard fought draw between 2 evenly matched teams which I feel is a fair result. There were some bright moments from both teams but there were also a lot of stray passes and the usual defensive lapses. I get the impression some of our players have downed tools and the few who put in a shift today were only showcasing themselves to future potential employers. Can’t blame them as the thought of Wenger staying another 3 years must have filled these ambitious players with dread. On the other hand those who are happy just collecting their wages every week must be jumping for joy. Before it gets worse the gutless board should and must sack Wenger before he does irreparable damage to our great club. Let him go to the Chinese clubs which some Wenger loyalists are claiming are desperate to sign him. From R Madrid a few years ago to a third world football league today. How the mighty has fallen.


City deserved to win.They dominated us for most parts of the game even though we were the home team.The only two times we responded was right the little period after they scored their goal.And that was only because we had nothing to lose and went out in full force.But as soon as we equalized we went off the boil again.It is all to do with the mentality.Arsenal only ever seem confident when we’re trailing and have nothing to lose.

It’s become a disgraceful situation under wenger.It would be fair to say this has been the worst season under him.

the specialone


‘Utter disgrace’ Ozil bottled 50/50 with the keeper

He bottled it alright [50/50 with the keeper]. He backed right off in typical Ozil style. Utter disgrace and he wants £270grand per week. But however poor he was then there was Xhaka, if there is a worse player in the PL I’d like to know where. Wenger paid £38.25million for this waste of space. he is truly awful.

The Oracle


Neither Arsenal or City good enough for top four

5 mins into the game and yet again our useless defence was hopelessly exposed. Mustafi out of position and Bellerin couldn’t handle Sane. Their 2nd goal was the direct result of Oil losing the ball again and Montreal being sucked in, CD’s all over the place. With the out of his depth Coquelin and the totally useless Xhaka in front of the back4 they don’t get much help to be fair. But given City hit the woodwork twice and probably should have had a pen we got out of jail again. Fortunately their defence is not much better than ours which got us back into the game. A weird game between two teams with a lot of problems, neither really good enough for the top4. I felt sorry for Sanchez as he ended up playing left back because Monreal couldn’t cope. Iwobi did more in a few mins than Ozil did all game and how bad was Xhaka, this guy really is one of the poorest players I have ever seen in the PL. To cap it all Gazebo comes out with Wenger will change next season. Is he for real or what.

The Oracle


Chelsea still ‘far from certain’ of winning the title

Call me negative or whatever you wish to but I been saying all along that despite the big lead we are far from certain of winning this title -besides the games against City, United, Everton every game can go either way as witnessed on Saturday as every team is fighting for something,. When I watch theses so called expert pundits on TV saying Chelsea are home and dry it makes me wonder how they got to become experts in that field.



Costa has been ‘nothing short of useless’ since January

Agree on costa. Hes been nothing short of useless since jan. We are basically playing without a number 9 for half a season. We need a morata type of striker who will score tap ins. I would say that we should start witb hazard willian and perdo As we look pretty good when we play with those. The only thing i would say in costas favour is he tore city apart last game. I highly doubt it’ll happen again though.



Only injuries will stop Liverpool clinching top-four spot

I predicted second after Christmas and still think that’s possible. The injuries are obviously a concern but I still think we’ve enough to get top four even when they’re taken into consideration.

It’s been a brilliant weekend for us. United have 9 or 10 games this month and that will do the same damage to them as it did to us back in January. They have injuries already to deal with never mind what they’ll look like at the end of the month.

Everton are out of it and Arsenal are in terrible form despite a draw with City today.

The only thing that will stop us getting top four, in my opinion is more injuries.



I’d prefer to see Keita over Dahoud at Anfield

Sad to be missing out on Dahoud but would prefer Naby Keita to be honest. Dahoud would be competing with Henderson for a position although they could play together too. But from what I see of Keita he looks a little more dynamic so wouldn’t be competing with Henderson as much. Keita also looks somewhat better suited physically wise for the premier league…That being said Dortmund have got a potentially great player in Dahoud for a knock down price.



Starting Lucas on against Bournemouth could be a mistake

That’s my worry about starting Lucas on Wed, a lack of creativity in midfield.
I’d imagine Bournemouth will sit back and be more defensive so the onus is on us to break them down. I’m not sure a midfield of Lucas, Can and Wij has enough creativity that break them down especially considering we will be without Mane too.
I’m not saying Grujic is definitely the answer but he may be more creative and more of a goal threat than Lucas.
There’s pros and cons to the options available but we need to be able to break these down while remaining solid in midfield.



Rashford is the ‘natural successor’ to Solskjaer, he is our future

When Marcus burst on the scene last season he played with freedom and I believed that he was the natural successor to Javier Hernandez and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the last two natural goal scorers we have had. Cometh Zlatan and his role in the team, his number of games and his success on the field has diminished. Often this is common after an explosive start to a career but I wonder whether other reasons are valid. Is he being restrained by Mourhino? Did the call to the England team affect his mind? He has missed several chances that last year he would have taken. He has been foiled by excellent goalkeeping on many occasions.
Out of the players available he is the one who I would persevere with. He excited me last season. His cameo performances this season have had some fine individual moments. I wish that one of his three superb shots yesterday had found the net. He is our future, not spending millions on players who probably are more interested in their earnings than in being a member of a team.

Big K


Trust in Mourinho, United will be challenging next season

I think Mourinho has done a very good job with what’s available to him. Surely people can see we’re the best we’ve been since Fergie left? Longest unbeaten run etc.
He’s spent money yes, but so did Pep and where are City – f**king nowhere!
Mourinho has built a solid foundation at the club, we rarely get beaten (3 defeats in the league) and we don’t concede many goals (second best defence in the league with Chelsea behind Spurs).
All that is missing is that fluidity in attack, once we get another couple of top players in the summer I’m sure we’ll be a formidable force next season. We’ll be challenging for the league.


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