‘There’s a chink of light at the end of a dark, dark Arsenal tunnel’

Date published: Tuesday 18th April 2017 11:36

Michy Batshuayi’s lack of action at Chelsea, some light at the end of the Arsenal tunnel and why there will only be three new signings at Man Utd, all in our forum.

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‘Some light at the end of the Arsenal tunnel…’

Just want to give my two pence on our dire situation. Now a lot has been said about us Arsenal fans and our expectations, regardless our current position is not good enough.

Most likely scenario is us finishing outside top 4 for the first time and can’t see us beating any of the other 3 remaining in the fa cup and what of the manager?? Well tbh I think he will sign a 2 year extension so let’s assess our situation and compare to others in the league and even Europe.

We need to spend money on improving the squad and first team but apart from the spuds who has actually improved or looks a force?? Chelsea? Well it’s the same team who we trashed 3-0 earlier in the season who will most likely lose either Costa or hazard.

I personally think there not as great as everyone makes out. Man U? Would be worse off then us without ibra and he won’t last forever. Man City? Hit and miss really now spuds hate to say it only team on the up young squad and if it wasnt for their away form they would prob have run away with the league.

Liverpool much like spuds but a bit like Man City a bit hit and miss so can’t see a sustained title contender or anyone who is a clear favourite.

Now going into Europe Barca regardless of there team seem to be beatable Real Madrid scrapping results Bayern don’t look special juve typical Italian there or thereabouts and stroll to a league title so my conclusion is this although doom and gloom not who I can see positives with or are miles ahead of us so with the right investment and if that’s possible with Wenger or our board in charge or whoever for that matter is another topic for another day but there’s still some light even looking down that dark dark tunnel.



Where do you see ‘light’ at the moment?

Momo- what is the point of your post? As far as you are concerned all of the teams above us are nothing special and the leading European teams also look “beatable!” Where do you see “light” at the moment?

I hate to think how we will perform tonight and if we had Sunderland in the FA Cup next week, I would think we might lose. The squad we have is nothing special, save for Alexis who will be going- which other player would get into any of the top four sides in the Premiership?

Unless Wenger goes, and God knows when that might happen, we will be stuck in the mire for ever and even if he managed to sign three or four world class players ( why would they come here?), he would coach them into complacency and mediocrity very quickly. A quite astonishing post if you don’t mind me saying…



The Arsenal squad or the manager?

There’s a big contradiction in questioning the respective qualities of the squad and the manager, at the same time.

If the squad is as poor as some say, then it would suggest that Wenger has done very well to get us top four (2nd last season and 3rd the season before) with largely the same players. Yes, they are all players that he personally chose but, if they were such bad buys and Wenger still gets top four with them, then surely the only arguable problem with the manager is that he’s a poor judge of talent?

Chelski finished as champions two seasons ago, 10th last season and this season are odds-on favourites for the title again, with largely the same squad. Similar story with Leicester – excellent last season, relegation form this one, until a change of manager – same players, different guy in charge.

Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott, Monreal, Bellerin, Koscielny and Coquelin have all had great periods of form at one time or another but one of Wenger’s many issues (in recent years at least) is that he can never get all his players firing at the same time – there’s no consistency. Those players, in their best form, all at the same time would be a challenge for anyone, but Wenger has never managed to achieve it because he’s the problem, not the players.

Ok, Monreal is probably passed it and Kos ain’t the player he was, but there’s a good core of a squad that a top manager would get a lot more from. Like any squad, you can always make improvements and there’s money in the bank to do that but, the way I see it, if Wenger can get top four with these players (granted, he won’t do it this season) then a manager with more of a clue could seriously challenge for the title.

To say the players are poor quality is, by default, saying that Wenger did incredibly well to keep getting top four with them – does anyone still believe that?

Al The Gooner


Conte does not trust Batshuayi 

Regardless of whether Costa is deemed a liability or not, it is abundantly clear that Conte has little or no faith in Michy at all

Therefore, we have only 2 options as I see it. Do as Conte has been doing and stick with Costa (who IMO is not getting much service over the last few games) or revert to the false no.9 as we have done before

There are only a few games to go and the change could upset the opposition in a couple of games and you would hope with so much creativity in the team that chances would be there…? KTBFFH



Enough is enough with Costa…’

I think enough is enough…Costa couldn’t give two stuffs about our title tilt and is just swinging the lead.He’s a disruptive element thats going through the motions which makes it difficult for the club to prove he’s being unco-operative and malicious so they van discpline him and stop his pay.

What’s worse is Costa is in a win-win situation where even if we drop him he’ll just sit on his knadgers still pick up his weekly fat wages then waltz out of the club to wherever he wants to go without even battering an eyelid and there’s not an f…ing fat lot the the club can do about it.

Costa is kidding mobody,he can play a damn sight better than he’s currently doing but he chooses not to and Conte thinks he can moddle-coddle the twat and soothe his onflated ego trying to get him to perform!.Maybe I’d accept that if it’s working amd having the desired effect but it ain’t,I’m sorry all this wrapping his arms around him the fawning and the kowtowing is futile…I say drop the f***er and put Batshuyai in,he’d do no worse imo



‘Liverpool still have two No. 2 keepers’

Mignolet is in very good form, but we’ve been here before haven’t we? As far as I’m concerned we still have two no.2 keepers at the club.

Klopp brought Karius in too quickly for me, particularly after his injury. This led to him sitting on the bench for most of the season, something I don’t think Klopp planned to do.

He’s already alluded to there being no new keeper to be brought in the summer, so what does he do next season? Throw Karius back in? I dare say he’s not completely comfortable with either keeper at the moment.

Maybe he can live with that given that he’s more of an attacking coach and for the moment the keeper situation is not ideal but acceptable.



Mignolet has improved

To be fair to Mignolet this has been clearly his best season for us.

While his kicking still leaves a little to be desired, he’s been coming for ball from corners/crosses, punching, communication has improved as has his shot stopping.

He’s had many combinations of centr-backs in front of him this season which would not help any defence but it’s no coincidence that when we’ve had Mignolet, Lovren and Matip all playing together we haven’t lost.



Mignolet has been ‘excellent all season’

Why do we continue to be so critical of Mignolet? It’s a rather back-handed compliment to state that he has been good for the last 2 games; as there is the implication that he has been poor prior to this.

I think he’s been excellent all season; to the extent that there is only one blot on his copybook (Hull away) – and I think there were even extenuating circumstances that led to him losing control of the ball there. We’re approaching the time of year when Player of the Season nominations are discussed on boards like this – so I’ll nail my colours to the mast straight away and announce Mignolet as my POTS.

He had a really solid start to the season, and then when Karius was fit, he lost his place – which must have been based on some agreement that Klopp had made with Karius when he agreed to sign – and then didn’t suffer any dip in form or confidence when he was reinstated. Been an absolute rock for us this year – great shot-stopping and aerial dominance.

Red Herring


Can United afford another ‘transitional year?’

I know most people want at least 4 players in and more than that out, but can we really afford another “transitional year” this whole idea of Selling 3 CBs, Young, Darmian, Fellaini, Carrick (prolly retiring) possibly Shaw and Martial as opposed by some here is completely ridiculous.

I don’t think we should actually sell anyone, we barely have 2 players filling the same position, if anything the Chelsea game proved most of these “deadwood” players can actually step up when called upon, 2 or 3 World class players is more than enough.



Three players in at United tops…’

Antoine Griezmann: Fed up with transfer talk

Libanski – Agree mate. Doesn’t make sense selling Martial or Shaw at this stage as they’re both so young with a lot to learn.

I think he’s settling on a defence and, whether people rate Jones/Smalling or not, we’ve got a pretty good record this season at the back.

He’s happy with what he’s got at the back I reckon. No I think he’ll be looking at players who can turn our chances into goals. Griezman must be our top target, surely?

Then maybe a midfielder to replace Carrick. That’s 2 players, can maybe see a third but that will be it – tops! I can see someone like Blind being sold.

Happy Hurling


‘Every area of the team needs strengthening…’

Of course it was an excellent win on Sunday,but to now pretend that all in the garden is rosy again and that all our players are suddenly up to winning the really top prizes on offer next season and beyond is just sheer naivety and conveniently air brushes from history all that has gone on before with this set of mediocre players,both this season and the previous few as well.

Realistically no-one expects 10 or more players to be booted out all in one window,especially considering that 3 have already left in January BUT to suggest that none should go and that we only need ‘2 or 3’ new players to come in to be ‘good to go’ again is just plain daft I’m afraid.

We need to strengthen every single area of the team with at least one quality signing to even have a chance of being right up there next season because be in no doubt that all of our traditional rivals plus clubs like Everton will be splashing big money in the summer and bringing in several top players to make them even stronger and better than they are now.

Take a look at the league table chaps,we ain’t 15 points behind Chelsea and 11 behind Spurs for no reason,bad luck or because we’re nearly as good as them,simple as that.



‘Sunday showed why we are so far behind’

Sunday’s game showed why we are so far behind. Players like darmian young lingard herrera etc can work really hard in big games closing down the opposition players but when it comes to producing brilliance to open up a defensive minded team their just not good enough hence why we have drawn so many games against lesser teams at ot.

Let’s not get carried away you cannot play like that in every single game we need more top class players atleast a striker a cm and 2 wingers. Defenders is another matter


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