Danny Rose: DJ Harry Kane sparked Spurs’ great run

Date published: Tuesday 7th February 2017 9:46

Most people have assumed that Tottenham’s great form over the past couple of seasons is down to Mauricio Pochettino taking over as manager.

But the club’s left-back has given another possible reason for Spurs’ rise: Harry Kane’s choice of music in the dressing room.

Danny Rose has revealed how Tottenham’s improved performance has coincided with Kane taking over as the club’s dressing room DJ before matches.

In an exclusive video interview with kicca.com, Rose said: “Harry’s music is working. It’s been working for the last 18 months, and long may it continue.”

Rose explained how his England team-mate took over Spurs’ choice of pre-match music 18 months ago, saying: “Before, it used to be anyone and everyone – it was whoever was first up with their iPod. But now, Harry has taken the lead role.”

And asked if Kane’s choice of tunes was contributing towards Spurs’ great run, Rose replied: “I’d say so. Everyone enjoys Harry’s music. He’s got a bit of everything from Chris Brown to Luther Vandross.

“He’s got music to cater to everyone, so I don’t think there’s any complaints once he puts his music on.”

But Rose admitted that not all the Tottenham squad listen to the striker’s pre-match playlists. He said: “Some people tend to listen to their own music on their headphones, so it’s not that everyone has to listen to it. But those that do are very happy with it.”

Does Rose listen to Kane’s tunes? “It depends, really. It depends on what mood I’m in. If it’s a very massive game, I’ll listen to my own music to get me pumped up. But more often than not I listen to Harry’s music.”

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