Del Bosque tells Costa to ‘smooth out’ behaviour

Date published: Thursday 12th November 2015 3:48

Diego Costa: Striker has been involved in a number of bust-ups

Diego Costa: Striker has been involved in a number of bust-ups

Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque admits it may benefit Diego Costa if the striker stopped some of his controversial on-field antics.

Chelsea forward Costa has been the subject of much media attention since moving to the Premier League due to his combative style of play.

Last month Del Bosque dropped the 27-year-old, labelling his actions in the win over Arsenal “unedifying”, though he has returned to the Spain squad for the friendlies with England and Belgium.

“We all know his character, but we don’t feel we pick him because we owe him anything,” he said.

“He was picked because we believe in him, it is a question of confidence. Maybe he should smooth out his character and his behaviour but we believe in him.”

Much like Chelsea, Costa has endured a poor start to the season, scoring only three times in 15 appearances.

However Del Bosque insists the Blues poor form cannot be pinned on the former Atletico Madrid man.

“I think when a team isn’t playing well it’s not down to a single element and with Chelsea not playing well this season all of their elements are being affected by it,” he added.

Costa’s form in a Spain shirt has not been much better either.

He has scored only once in nine matches, but Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has backed his domestic rival to rediscover his goalscoring touch.

“Right now we’re in the same team, Spain, and we want him to score goals,” Mata said.

“He’s not in the best moment right now as he’s not scoring as many as last season but I’m sure he’ll soon start to score for Chelsea and for us as he’s not forgotten how to.”

Should Costa adopt his style of play or is it what gives him a competitive edge? Have your say on our Chelsea forum.

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    Rob Conlon

    Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque admits it may benefit Diego Costa if the striker stopped some of his controversial on-field antics.

    [See the full post at: Del Bosque tells Costa to ‘smooth out’ behaviour]



    Is it just me who thinks it odd that Costa has again gone unpunished when he clearly grabbed an opponent by the jaw. Is that not violent?


    nine nine nine

    Good advice from Del Bosque you wouldn’t want to see all of Costa’s aggression taken out of his game but its currently running at too high a level and potentially affecting his performances.



    Surely a better idea would of been for Jose to have requested he smooth out his behaviour prior to getting all those bans
    Del bosque already had hinted at his overall form prior to the last internationals when he dropped him


    theMartial Art

    Last year Costa excelled by putting defenders off their game. His problem now is that defenders aren’t fooled by his antics anymore because they know he’s actually mentally fragile himself and can be easily put off his game. Mixed in with Chelsea’s stuttering start he’s become part of the problem. He will get better but not with looking for fights in every single game.



    I’m sure you guys loved Costa getting into people’s faces last year, ruffing up and the other clubs centre halfs and scoring for fun. what about this year guys? I’ve watched the premiere for 22 years like you guys have and we have had some real strong on the line strikers throughout the years. I’m lost for word what I’m seeing in Costa this season. Ian Wright, Drogba, Shearer, Cantona, Cole duncan ferguson to name a few who could get at anyone and bully them. They all never had the temper of Costa. He gets tackled and gets angry, now usually there’s nothing wrong with that if its controlled and can be channelled positively. What we are seeing from Costa is plain stupidity, Ballotelli style!!! Elbows, kicking out on the floor, leaving your studs in every time, grabbing opponents faces, spitting, he does the lot. I’m no way having a pop at Chelsea here guys honestly 100% I’m looking at Costa and seeing the fundermental problem with you guys this year. You can see the reactions in the other players once he does something, they turn away and look to the sky, they know it’s a matter of time before the ref is giving him s yellow or red.
    Anyway, good luck for the rest of the year, there’s a hell of a long way to go yet guys


    nine nine nine

    I am sure Del Bosque was quoted as saying that he hadn’t dropped Costa but left him out of the Spanish squad last time because he was suspended for one of the games,had he dropped him from the Spanish squad why would he have bought him back so quickly?

    Unfortunately Costa is Costa and his game is built on aggression his current problem is that his aggression is currently outweighing his goals by some margin and he is playing poorly.

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