‘Even Wenger’s most loyal supporters are struggling to defend him’

Date published: Tuesday 7th February 2017 10:33

Also, one reader has been doing his homework on Julian Brandt, while Ian Wright comes in for some stick and the ‘tide has turned’ against Arsene Wenger, all in our Your Says of the Day.

Wrighty is ‘all over the place’

Looks like Ian Wright has flipped once again.

For years he was one of Wenger’s biggest critics. Then something happened over last summer and suddenly he was having a go at anyone who wanted the manager out, most notably during the BBC Premier League Show back in September.

Now he’s saying that Wenger no longer “has the stomach” for the job and should seriously reconsider whether he’s the right man for the job.

Make up your mind Ian. As a player, you’ll always be an Arsenal legend but as a pundit, you’re all over the place mate.

Al the Gooner


‘Tide has turned’ against Wenger

Morning lads!

Al- I have very little time for him as a pundit. Great guy and a legend of the club but his analysis of the game is awful!

I was surprised to pretty much here Ray Parlour saying its time for Wenger to go this week. He has always been one for supporting the boss even in recent times, but after the Chelsea game he said he would have no issue with him going.

Like I said yesterday, the fact that our fans are still physically fighting in the stands about the issue, would suggest he still has pockets of support but I do think that the tide has turned against him now. It’s taken a while but I think even his most loyal of supporters are struggling to defend him.



Chelsea transfer rumours

Latest updated transfer rumours:

Rumours (In):
CB – Virgil van Dijk
AM – Maxime Lopez
AM – Hakan Çalhanoğlu
ST – Moussa Dembele
ST – Alvaro Moratta

Rumours (Out):
GK – Asmir Begovic
CB – John Terry
CM – Cesc Fabregas



Conte watching two Juve stars?

We’ll be linked with more players than Bort can comfortably list between now and September 1st. ????

But given that Conte was at the Juve game he was obviously watching someone.

The suggestion was that it was left back/wing back Alex Sandro which would màke sense given our failed bid in January for Kolasinac but because Conte left in the 83rd minute which coincided with Dybla’s substitution 2 plus 2 equals 5 ????

Maybe its the both of them ?

nine nine nine


Torres to replace Zlatan?

Why would the team need a replacement for Zlatan?

It looks like Greizmann is on his way in the summer so with him together with Rashford and Martial all JM would need is a couple of stand-ins – either younger players or players at the end of their careers.

Now if he wants to stick with older players then he couldn’t do any better than Fernando Torres of Atetico Madrid.

Still very mobile – scored two goals yesterday – and happy to be a reserve for the AM first team. Would he be happy at OT? Pay him a decent wage and I’m sure he would be.

But on no account spend big money on a striker after paying out £90 mill. for Greizmann.



‘Knackerbag’ Torres the last thing United need

@concernedfan – Firstly,I have probably seen just as much if not more of Fernando Torres over his entire career as you have done unless you’re a long-standing ST holder at the Vicente Calderon,.

Secondly even if I hadn’t seen him recently I would still be correct in saying that the very mention of an ex-Liverpool knackerbag looking for one last big payday at OT would be the very last thing either Jose or the club would even consider.

And anyone seriously suggesting it as some sort of a possibility as you have done is either completely deluded,on a wind up or both,simple as that matey.



Brandt contract clause details ‘revealed’

Ian – ” I think Klopp does buy into the sustainable financial model”, “So, yeah, I do think Klopp would care if Phil coutinho is top earner at £150k and they brought in draxler on £200k”

For the first quote, I agree. I think Klopp is more comfortable in being within a financially astute setup. I think there is a lot of ground in between making a profit in a transfer window though and going all Man City on it.

For the 2nd quote, I wasnt part of the Draxler discussions so much and wouldn’t want us to have to pay some guy £200k/week to come in. That said, I don’t think we would have to hand out £200k/week to convince a quality player to join us, whatever about Draxler’s very specific circumstances. I mentioned Brandt as my own example target, a player who I think we might sign in the summer and on the discussion of wages, you want to know what he makes right now? Less than £20k/week.

So in Brandt’s case, I don’t think he would need to make others jealous with his salary needs and in Draxlers case he’s gone off to PSG as a high profile signing. I think PSG will always have to pay more because the French league is not that interesting (CL every season included). . but thats a matter for another discussion.

Back to Brandt, so he’s on a low salary now and his contract apparently has a clause in it that activates in 2018 where he can leave the club for a fee of £10.7m.

How true that figure is, who knows but it does seem that we are genuinely interested in this lad (amongst others) and for good reason. The longer that we sit on this though, the more of a chance that we will miss out on him to someone else.

As for Leverkusen’s stance in this, they didn’t want to lose a player mid-season but you know what they did? They signed what seems to be Brandt’s replacement, Leon Bailey a LW from Genk, for £12m.

Now, Leverkusen will make less on Brandt as it comes closer to his clause of course but with them already having signed a new LW, do you really think it would have taken a huge amount of financial force to get them to let go of Brandt in the window that just passed?

I don’t think it would have taken £30m to sign a player that I think we’ll go for in the summer, in this window when we really needed him.

I can only guess of course but I’d imagine we could have had Brandt playing for us in January for a fee of between £15-20m at most. Would he have kept us in the title race? Of course not but I think 1 top quality signing in that position would have really helped our push for 2nd.

I still think we’ll get CL football as this freefall we’re in will be reversed when the lads get used to being back to 1 game a week again and all that that entails but since I think there’s a decent chance that we’ll sign Brandt in the summer, I think we really could have been smarter about it to help improve our chances this season.

Mr Makaveli


Chelsea failed in January window too…

Guys, for a transfer to happen it requires all 3 sectors of any deal to be happy, the buying club has to offer the right price for the player and the right financial package.

The selling club need to agree to let the player leave for the price offered, and the player needs to want to join the buying club and be happy that the ambitions of the buying club match his own and be happy with the financial package on offer.

Guess what those 3 sectors weren’t achieved in the January window for any of Liverpool’s targets but they weren’t alone for instance there were several transfers that Chelsea couldn’t pull off in the January window either which would have strengthened their title bid

And the same happened to Chelsea in the summer too with only Kante being signed out of all of Chelsea’s priority targets.

It happens to everyone and guess what it will happen again to both clubs again in the summer window too!

nine nine nine


‘We could have been pushing for the title if we had signed someone in January’

Mak – sounds like you’ve been doing you’re homework on Brandt ???? I have noticed you mention him.

A few times to be fair, and have to admit I know nothing about him apart from hearing our link to him. From what you say, signing him appears a no brainer if Klopp fancies him. I was just mentioning Draxler as he has been a big topic of discussion in the past few days so the example on my mind!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against signing players and also wanted us to sign someone in January. I totally believe we could have still been pushing for the title now if we had got someone in early January.

It sucks where we are now, considering where we were a few weeks back. I’ve just been under the impression that FSG did back Klopp in the window, to the point of saying he could “overspend”, and so aren’t the only ones who are at fault for missing out in this window.

I suppose there is something you could read between the lines in the quotes though: they’ve said that they were willing to pay over the transfer value of a player to get them. They didn’t actually say they would meet what a club would ask for the player.

For example, Brandt is worth say £10m, we say we are happy to pay over his value with a bid of £12.5mil but the owning club say we would rather hold onto him until the end of the season, unless you offer us £25mil. Could be a possible summary of what has actually gone on?

Also agree on the point that bedding in a player or two in January can mean less upheaval of the squad in the summer which can also be a good thing. Have said so myself before, maybe before the window opened ????


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