Fans suggest shock Chelsea signing of the season contender

Date published: Thursday 13th April 2017 11:58

How tempting is a move to Arsenal for Max Allegri? And Chelsea’s signing of the season has been named as Marcos Alonso, all in our forum…

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Allegri talks for Arsenal?

Several papers are reporting that we’re in talks with Allegri. So far, it’s mostly the red-tops, but it’s all been coming out in the last hour and across loads of outlets, which makes me think it’s just possible that there’s something to it.

Al The Gooner


Take it back – I’ve some of the reports now and it’s all based on one report in The Sun.

Say no more.

I’ll get me coat….

Al The Gooner


How tempting is Arsenal to Allegri?

Massimo Allegri: Linked with Chelsea vacancy

That would be the dream mate. Watching the way they took Barca apart this week made me think he will soon have his pick of managerial roles. 32% possession and still won 3-0! Clinical and defensively rock solid. There has been some speculation that he is not entirely happy at Juventus and perhaps does not have the best relationship with the owners.

His record is superb and at the minute you have to wonder how tempting Arsenal would be to him?

There are rumours out of Italy this week that a new deal has been offered and they want to keep Allegri until 2020 at least and I can see the temptation of taking that, providing his relationships with the club hierarchy are improved.

Juve are a real force again now. Successive titles and good runs in Europe and an ambitious transfer policy and Dybala who is one of the very best young talents in football.

Truth be told, Allegri is more likely to win a CL with Juve than he is with Arsenal in it’s current state so I suppose the only hope we might have is that he wants to try his hand in another league?

It should be a real concern to Arsenal fans that, although we want shot of Wenger, working with this board and this owner may not be a tempting prospect to the very top bracket of managers – people who are winners. The old cronies running this club don’t want the boat rocked too much.

No doubt we will end up with a yes man for Stan when the time does come, in about 2025!



Can Chelsea players deal with the pressure?

We are now at the “business end” of the season and it is difficult to assess who is the more anxious as we reach the season’s climax, the players or us supporters.

Over the years during which I have contributed to this site I have been left with no illusions that many followers hold to the view that players earn enough money and should have such focus on “the day job” that such notions as pressure should not restrict their performance.

Not so, I’m afraid. Players are human beings, not automatons and cannot be programmed to behave as such. That is why, on so many levels, I think we are fortunate to have Antonio Conte as our coach. As a former top-class player and successful coach at club and international level it is plain that he understands the foibles of individual players and to resist the urge, which I don’t doubt exist, to say things he may later regret to either club employees or ‘gentlemen of the press’.

All of this has created an atmosphere at Chelsea, both on and off the field, which can only improve our chances of finishing the season where we hope to be. This, however, is not the whole story.

How we end this season may/will affect our plans to i,prove our squad for next season. As champions we will present an image of top performers into whose company the Griezmans and Verratis of this world would be glad to join. After a season where, variously, we have had ten, seven or five point leads, finishing even second might present a different image.

Thus, a combination of a team full of international players with club success on their CV led by a man of Conte’s ability both as technical coach and mentor must give us confidence….whilst guaranteeing nothing. There is hard work done by clear-minded players still to be done. Another club aims to press us….as indeed they should. And they will have similar thoughts but we have the points advantage and players’ profiles which augers well, but no more without the work.

When summer does arrive, we will have a purchase wish-list whereby we trust newplayers will arrive. Who I want to see might be for another post…although, to be honest, I am more exercised by who I DON’T want than who I do. But, as I say; this is for another day. Let’s get the job done first.



The 7-point cushion will get Chelsea over the line’

Brilliant title palms. ?

Lots of nerves around on here at the moment even I’m a bit nervous as I’ve always been when we enter the home straight of a title race.

Some on here seem convinced that Spurs won’t lose a game or drop any points across these final 7 games and of course in football you just never know but given that nobody has won 13 games on the trot for 15 years until Chelsea did it this season you would think it unlikely that it would be done again by Spurs in the same season that Chelsea did it.

Personally I think things might get a bit tighter over the next few weeks but that the 7 points cushion will get us just over the line in front of Spurs with a point or two to spare.

The Palace defeat was a shock but 99 times out of a hundred we would have got at least a point out of that game. Pleasingly the players have demonstrated their mental strength over the last two games which imo bodes well for the run in.

Our worst run of 7 PL games this season netted us 13 points which providing we don’t slip further back even that that would net us 88 points which personally I think will probably be enough although I would prefer the full 15 points just to make sure.

Also after this weekend the fixtures swing around in our favour with Spurs having 4 games to play away v our two away games.

I also take confidence from the fact that you rarely see a poor Bookmaker and the current SkyBet odds for the title are Chelsea 1/25 on and Spurs 10/1 against but I have never enjoyed the run in until after it’s won.

Here’s hoping eh! I’ve got everything crossed. ?

Take care buddie. Cheers 999

 nine nine nine

‘Alonso has been Chelsea’s signing of the season’

Brilliant summery palmbs…

Perhaps I can draw you into a debate on who you’re favourite signing has been this season for us rather than who you want to turn up in the summer. I asked on the main page… My signing of the season for CFC is Alonso. Simply put, his inclusion has had a bigger impact on the club than the tireless work of Kante, who has simply been outstanding. But Without Alonso, we might never have changed shape, most likely not been where we are after we changed at half time losing to the gooners.

Who do you think we have that’ll raise their game next season?

Romansdirty pants


Take £10m off Ox price

£35mil for a guy with 1 yr left on his contract, who’s frequently injured and doesn’t score much is ridiculous.
Need to take £10mil or more off that price.



Liverpool ‘should be aiming for 3rd’

Arsenal fans abused their own players with “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” at Selhurst Park, some of these players like Bellerin might find it very difficult to play for the fans. I sense Arsenal are imploding. I am very optimistic about our top 4 chance, we should be aiming for 3rd place.



Rashford, Martial form debated

@manthistle – Fair enough mate, if today’s Rashford and Martial were the same as those of last year I’d agree 100% with you however their form this year has not been anywhere close to last year’s.

Even when either were playing regularly in the side they weren’t finding goals like last year, and this is in an even-more attacking side than last year, so I don’t personally feel like they would have got the same goals to game ratio over an entire season as they did last year.


Sympathy for the Devils

Is there a clause in Zlatan’s contract…?

Sympathy for the Devils
‘however their form this year has not been anywhere close to last year’s. Even when either were playing regularly in the side they weren’t finding goals like last year’

Rashford didn’t get games at the start of the season but then when he was finally given an opportunity he scored 3 in his first 4 league games. After that he dropped off (expected given that he was playing out wide) and then after 6 games without a goal he was dropped. Zlatan however also went 6 games without a goal but wasn’t dropped. He then went on to score 10 in 10. If only Marcus was given the same vote of confidence eh.

Martial set up 2 goals on the opening day but then having failed to find the net in his opening 3 games he was dropped (again he wasn’t given 6 over games like Zlatan). Since then he hasn’t got a regular opportunity in the side.

Does no one think it’s odd that Zlatan (and Pogba) are never rested in the league? Start every game (when fit and not suspended). Never subbed off. Play 90 mins every week. Even 2-0 up at Sunderland with Anderlecht just a few days away Zlatan wasn’t taken off. It’s just bizarre. Is there a clause in his contract that states he must play every single minute of league football?


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