‘The most important contract for Chelsea is that of Conte’

Date published: Tuesday 9th May 2017 12:10

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and Man Utd gaffer Jose Mourinho dominate our forum chat today; is Klopp overrated? And is Mourinho right to play so defensively?

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‘To blame Klopp is bo*****s’

Let’s get with the programme, lads. Stevie Wonder could see this season pan out the way it has. Our owners are in the black from transfer dealings last summer.

That’s great if you have a capable squad. We haven’t. 1 left back not fit for purpose, one decent centre back, 1 winger and effectively no strikers because Studge and Ings are made of paper and Origi is dog muck.

Everyone and their dog could tell after a few weeks that injury or absence for Mane, Matip or Couts would leave us as less than bang average. All three have been absent for long periods and it’s no coincidence our season collapsed when Mane and Matip were out.

Fact is we are sh**e without any of those three never mind all missing at once. But hey, FSG made money from transfers so let’s all be happy and stop this hoping for Champions League nonsense. To blame Klopp is bo***cks. How can he change the way we play when we have such a wafer thin squad? He can’t.



FSG’s strategy under the microscope

John W Henry: Liverpool owner

Shanks, yer absolutely right that FSG’s business acumen has had a negative effect of our successes on the pitch but I can’t agree with you here :

” so let’s all be happy and stop this hoping for Champions League nonsense.”

We’re not bang average in terms of the table and are set for a CL place unless we throw it away.

We do need to start discussing FSGs strategies a bit more though. I think they have gotten away with an awful lot due to how good they were to us when we needed good owners. . but nothing they’ve done is out of the good of their hearts. The value of their asset has shot up and this season has been far more about trimming the fat than it has been about success. . .

I think that is understandable for a brief period but if they go into next season with the same attitude, I’ll turn against them and will all to do the same. We need to take full advantage of having Klopp here.

He won’t be here forever and if we arent back in business before he does decide to leave, we’ll be forgotten. even right now, I dont think many would want to come here. why would they? we’re still a sleeping giant and if we carry on in a penny pinching manner, we’ll never wake up.

Mr Makaveli


Board no right to demand top four from Klopp

Think every new manager that comes to Liverpool has to carry the burden of so many years of disappointment preceded by tremendous success, at the first sign of failure the manager is under immense pressure as it adds to previous failures that this team/manager wasn’t responsible for

let’s get some perspective, the board have no right to demand top 4 from Klopp given the lack of buying power and a squad which is average when you look beyond the starting 11… the frustration from fans for this season scares me because I think if we don’t get top 4 next season the same people will be calling for Klopp to be sacked which would be ludicrous considering that he hasn’t been given the tools to do so

only Pochettino(in premiership) has outdone Klopp this season imo and he isn’t under the same pressure as Klopp, managing LFC comes with its own pressures and Klopp has handled it pretty well

no manager can guarantee continuous top 4 and title challenges in these circumstances, if we want immediate success the only answer is change in ownership and the way we do business
but I for one am glad to give Klopp and FSG a couple of years(and transfer windows) to build a team that can really challenge for top honours



FSG criticism unfounded

Sadio Mane: Will miss the rest of the season

Fsg have put the money up for players. We have spent loads since they came in. They have done some things badly but bad owners are our previous owners.

Mane 34m
Winji 25m
Carroll 36m
Markivuc 20m
Lalanna 25m
Lovren 20m
Henderson 16m
Firmino 21m

Sterling, Suarez, Torres all wanted to leave because we had nothing to offer. No cl football, no trophies and Barca were in for Saurez. They have not broken any promises. We can’t compete with Utd, Chelsea, city etc for players. That’s the reality until we start getting regular cl football and start winning trophies.

I just don’t get the complaints against them at times. We are moving from melwood. We have a new stand. We are in a good position off the field.


Sean the sailor


Klopp needs time at Liverpool

In klopps 1st two seasons at dortmund they finished 5th and 6th (i think). Building a team will take time.

The fact that we were 2nd on new years eve (when was the last time that happened) showed that progress have been made. We just did not have enough depth to maintain that form. Klopps mistake was not to strengthen in january, maybe he overestimate the quality of our youth players or maybe he underestimate the intensity of the epl. But he wont make that mistake again in the nxt two windows.

So imagine us next season starting with the same swagger and attacking football that we saw earlier this season because klopp just loves attacking football, with a much better defence after the addition of new players in the summer. We gonna get better nxt season im absolutely sure of it.



Szczesny is Arsenal’s best keeeper

Anybody else also think Szes is our best keeper. The odd mistake here and there but a great shot stopper with a big personality.

He was also a much better sweeper than Cech and Ospina. No wonder he has been one of the best keepers in Europe this year with 14 clean sheets in the league

Hassan Ismail


‘I didn’t like his attitude’

Afternoon Hassan! I am interested to see if Wenger recalls him from his loan spell. Rumour has it that Napoli are interested in signing him.

I will admit, I was never a fan of his when he was playing. I didn’t like his attitude. He seemed more interested in social media than he did in football but you could say that about several members of the current squad anyway. I think everyone is hoping his loan spell has allowed him to mature considerably.

His stats are pretty promising this season but maybe he is at a club where they coach players properly?! He is a solid shot stopper and capable of superb saves. His decision making was weak and his distribution was pretty poor before he left. I actually think all of our keepers are very good shot stoppers – particularly Ospina, but it sounds like he is off this summer.



Bring him back

Good Question Hassan, welcome to the (sometimes a bit emotional) forum. Aside from the usual rhetoric around the club at the moment and thinking from a purely footballing sperspective…I think Wols has matured a huge deal at Roma.

Now then, where do we go from here? On the open market he is now potentially worth a huge amount of money. We need a new goalie. To get a keeper of his quality would cost us a LOT of money. So bring him back is my advice.

That said, we could get 20m for him? And would he come back? I’d love to see him back but I reckon that if he was not sure, coupled with a manager that was not convinced then the board would cash in. Which I think would be a massive, massive mistake.


Chelsea transfer rumours

Latest updated transfer rumours:

Strong Rumours (In):
CM – Tiémoué Bakayoko (£35m)

Rumours (In):
CB – Virgil van Dijk
WB – Joao Cancelo
WB – Benjamin Mendy
WB – Djibril Sidibe
CM – Bernardo Silva
CM – Franck Kessie
AM – Maxime Lopez
AM – Hakan Çalhanoğlu
AM – Arda Turan
AM – Ross Barkley
AM – Federico Bernardeschi
* AM – Domenico Berardi
ST – Moussa Dembele
ST – Alvaro Moratta
ST – Romelu Lukaku
ST – Patrik Schick
ST – Alexis Sanchez

Unlikely Rumours (In):
CB – Leonardo Bonucci
CM – Marco Veratti
AM – Neymar
AM – Kingsley Coman
ST – Paulo Dybala
ST – Antoine Griezmann

Rumours (Out):
GK – Asmir Begovic
CB – John Terry
CM – Cesc Fabregas
CM – Nemanja Matić
AM – Eden Hazard
AM – Ruben Loftus-Cheek (Loan)
ST – Diego Costa



Conte contract vital

At this moment in time my feeling is that the most important and biggest contract we need to get resolved is that of Mr. Conte.

Do not like all the various rumours of teams looking at him (but to be expected) and feel that the bulk of the squad just relish playing for him. If he stays then they stay is my feeling

I am convinced that the board will make their move right after the season is completed to get this resolved quickly and nip any other rumours or moves in the bud and then hopefully look to tie up players like Hazard before deciding on who we need to bolster the squad



Jose has United playing not to lose for a reason

Now let’s get a few things straight before the site pansies and beautiful football advocates start having their usual meltdowns….

Jose has us playing this way, ie NOT TO LOSE, is mainly due to the fact that we have a squad full of sh*t players who can’t even outplay a U13 team even if their lives depended on it. These t***pots have had an entire season to prove they are good enough and they have shown time and again that they are sh*t.

Now the manager has 2 choices. 1 Play toe to 2 toe against the top 6 and the likes of Southampton, Everton and get thrashed or.. 2. Set up in a way that we don’t lose and collect the points. Now we have outplayed teams at OT for a number of times and only succeeded in upping the price tags of Heaton, Buruc etc. Blame Jose for that too?

Fact is, we don’t have the players good enough to make us the team we all know Manchester United is, a team that fights for Trophies and League titles. We do not have players good enough to dominate teams anymore. And the beautiful football merchants, we haven’t played any of that sh*te since 2009 sweethearts. Post Fergie, Jose is the best manager we’ve had.

He only signed 4 players and already most of us (The realists) can see massive improvements. Wait till he can get rid of the massively overrated and over the hill cunts stealing a living and replacing them with players good enough to improve the team before you give this guy as much hell as you have.

O.T Fax Machine


Mourinho has completely lost the plot

It’s quite funny to watch some United fans here who used to berate Mourinho for playing boring football, change their tune and suddenly adore him and go along with the nonsense he comes out with after games.

Its admirable how much they love our club because Mourinho is such a downgrade from SAF, and yet here they’re fiercely defending Mourinho at every bad turn. I can’t believe they actually enjoy Mourinho drama and outbursts.

Every day it is a new drama with him, must be exhausting… Also, isn’t United known for using young talents and home players? Watching yesterday’s game one team wanted to spoil the game and stop the other playing and I can’t understand why Mourinho doing it. I mean a draw would have been no use to utd. So why play like that it’s beyond me.

Mourinho has completely lost the plot by using Mata and Mkhi as full-backs. No attacking player would enjoy playing under him, just look at how he fell out with Ronaldo who criticized Mourinho’s tactics when at Real Madrid.

Arsenal played 3 at the back yet Tuanzebe, who looked very comfortable and composed with the ball, and Darmian weren’t given the freedom to overlap on the wings. In Mourinho’s book, not to concede is more important than scoring.

No wonder Utd end the season with a record number of draws. Chelsea 13 matches unbeaten run, from 6th to 1st and soon to be crowned Champions. United 25 matches unbeaten run from 6th to 5th and soon to be 6th again. Chuckle

There has been little fluency about United this season. We are ultra boring. United dont do safety first football, better be different next season or the natives will get restless. Waste of talented players. Even during the long unbeaten run, it was boring.

Perhaps it does get the ball forward more this season than it did under Van Gaal, but that’s a low bar to clear. There has been a baffling dependence on Zlatan, whose 28 goals in all competitions would be more unambiguously impressive if they weren’t accompanied always by the thought that he is 35 and that a club of United’s stature probably shouldn’t be so reliant on somebody so far into the autumn of his career.

Then there have been some baffling aspects of Mourinho’s man-management. While it could be argued that Mourinho has successful defused the Rooney issue, giving him sufficient opportunities to prove he is no longer effective at the highest level of the game, there are other issues.

Why did it take so long for Mkhitaryan to be brought into the side? Was it really necessary to ostracize Basti? And is the constant criticism of Shaw really the best way to get a player recovering from serious injury back to his best–or does it risk provoking the rest of the squad, as his treatment of Casillas reportedly did at Real Madrid? That all feeds into the broader concern that Mourinho struggles to connect with this generation of players.

Even if United go on to win the Europa League and the league in the next few years, we will eventually want to play good football, which Mourinho very rarely does. At the end of the day, we have spent so much money and have some quality players that the football and results simply have to be better next year.

the Martial Art

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