‘Van Dijk is a good player, but he’s not a great player’

Date published: Wednesday 3rd May 2017 11:57

The difference between Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho has been explained by one Man Utd fan, while failing to try and sign Cesc Fabregas would be a “huge mistake”, says one Liverpool fan in our forum.

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‘Wenger won’t spend the right money in the right places’

I don’t know enough about Lacazette to know if we’re really missing out here or not, but he’s announced that he wants to leave Lyon and will only go to a club that’s playing in the Champions League. He won’t be the last.

Man U and Chelski both managed to make major signings last summer, without CL football but both had new managers coming in and they spent what they needed to get the players they wanted.

Odds are well against us qualifying this year and so it’s a double whammy if Wenger stays – players are unlikely to want to come to us if there’s no change and Wenger won’t spend the right money in the right places. He might go for one top player, but the rest will turn out to be decidedly average, won’t improve the squad and won’t stop us drifting further down the table.

Over to you Stan….

Al The Gooner

‘CL a pointless exercise for Arsenal…’

Morning Al

This really should be a genuine concern for the board / owners. It seems even United are struggling to get a deal for Griezmann tied up without being able to offer CL football.

I haven’t seen a great deal of Lacazette to be honest but his record this season is superb. One of the best around and that commands a certain fee these days. A fee that, even with CL football assured, I couldn’t see us paying. We wouldn’t pay the asking price for him last year and its only gone up since then!

Feels like a catch 22 situation to me. I don’t enjoy our time in the CL. Its a pointless exercise really because we have absolutely zero chance of winning it. However, without being in it, we won’t be able to attract players that would hopefully improve our squad. We already have a squad that requires significant improvement in my opinion, so just how damaging is this lack of CL football going to prove? One journalist said this week that 2 PL teams had held talks with Virgil Van Dijk / or his people and of the 3, we offered the most in wages and his preference is to join Chelsea. I think that says a lot about our attraction to good players at the minute.

The managerial situation is absolutely not helping. How on earth can anyone be expected to make a decision about joining or leaving Arsenal when they don’t know who the manager is going to be?! Its beyond farce.



Griezmann will not go to United

He’s not worth having and there isn’t a hope in hell of Griezmann going to The Mancs whether they are in the CL or not.

He has his sights set on much bigger fish, that is if he leaves Los Rojiblancos at all. Obviously Arsenal will be affected given no one will want to join and Sanchez and Bellerin will probably leave, no one wants Ozil so we may be stuck with him.

However do we really want Wenger to spend anything given he will buy the wrong player, destroy their confidence, de-motivate them and he is only supposed to be staying for 2 years. The Wenger ‘swan song’ will be a transition period, don’t expect top signings or improvement until the next manager arrives.

The Oracle


Centre-back target for Chelsea?

Christensen currently being linked with an exchange deal for Van Dijk.

We have to bring players in that will improve the team/squad and that’s quite difficult.

I guess the only person who can really answer the question is Conte and given our continued interest in signing a top centre back it looks like that’s an area that Conte wants to strengthen especially with the added pressure of having to cope with CL football too.

A number of pundits and you know who have said that Chelsea wouldn’t be in the position we are in the PL had it not been for no European games, Carragher said similar last night significantly strengthening our squad would make us capable of fighting on all fronts imo and Conte wants to win the CL “for sure” ?

nine nine nine


Is van Dijk experienced enough in Europe?

From what I read yesterday (and posted) there appears to be doubts surrounding Zouma and Christensen was mentioned in dispatches as being the sweetener in the deal for Van Dijk

I think these last few games has highlighted a potential weakness at the back as we have been conceding far too many goals for a team that wants to compete at the highest level and although I have previously championed both Zouma and Christensen, if Conte is not sure then YES, I think we need to buy a solid experienced CB to compliment what we already have

Much as I like Van Dijk my only question is regarding his playing time in Europe or even at international level and feel that this would also represent a step up in level for him as well. That being said he always appears very accomplished for Soton so feel we could do a lot worse (and of course he knows the EPL well which for me is always a bonus)

As for the wing backs I believe that Alonso is good enough but we do need cover (Ake…?) so for me it is Moses that needs to be upgraded. At one stage I thought that perhaps Dave could do that role but must admit far from sure now so would expect to see Dave remain at the back and we should be looking to buy a replacement but retain Moses as the cover and he will still get a lot of games anyway. KTBFFH



Koulibaly ‘would do the trick’

Kalidou Koulibaly: Could move to Chelsea this summer

Personally I cannot cannot choose who will be the best prospect from all those mentioned and I suspect Conte himself is not sure either at this point in time.

The little I seen recently of Zouma and Aka I would say Aka has definitely looked better while I have not seen Christensen play at all (dont have access to German football).

As for van Dijk good player obviously but certainly not a great player. I would think we need a center back with good height so we can start winning those nervy crosses in the air, I understand a very tall center half would negate certain other capabilities but it could solve certain problem areas as well.

Conte is still chasing Kalidou Koulibaly who at 6 foot 5 inches tall would do the trick and he has good pace as well.Can you believe the price for a centre half these days



Douglas Costa the man for Liverpool

Douglas Costa: Linked with move to Liverpool

Gylfi plays with a lot of freedom at Swansea and is basically their main attacking player. He’s even played as striker a few times.

A lot of his success comes down to his mentality, and I always fancy him to make the right decision and take chances when they come his way. Who knows… I remember McAllister coming in and making a difference for us, a similar sort of player who doesn’t offer a whole lot of industry, but very good with the ball.

Is this the sort of player Klopp wants though? I doubt it.

Looking more into the Douglas Costa situation, I think that’d be a stormer of a signing for us. He apparently liked a twitter post linking him with a move to Liverpool recently… If there’s any chance of him wanting to leave Bayern, then we should go all out and make him our number 1 target this summer I reckon.

j c


How about Dembele?

Moussa Dembele: Is ready to leave Celtic this summer

Agree with that ian, although personally think TAA has what it takes… we do need a full back especially if we are offloading Moreno, I’ve defended him a lot on these pages but don’t think he has a future with us…

Douglas Costa is a fantastic shout but think Bayern will convince him to stay put, how about dembele from Celtic or Pulisic? although not very experienced they are players who will add a lot of dynamism to our front line



CL qualification is ‘everything’

Everything hinges on CL qualification.

We do qualify and we should be able to attract the like of Brandt and Keita. Doesn’t mean we’ll get them but we’ll be in consideration.

No qualification means the likelihood of signing these type of guys drops dramatically.



Players move for various reasons…

No CL football does not necessarily mean you will miss out on a player, as a player moves to a club for various reasons important to themselves.

Some players will join a club because it is a big club (with good prospects for trophies), chance to work with a top manager, high wages, regular starts in their favoured position etc.

That’s why top players like Mane, Kante, Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Batshuayi, Luiz, Mkhitaryan and Bailly all joined clubs without CL football last season. And some like Kante and Mane, had never even played CL football before.

But generally CL football does make a club more attractive to most players, and above all is beneficial for a club, that is why we must get it



Not attempting to sign Fabregas a ‘huge mistake’

Just read that we are not in for cesc fabregas… Why not? he would add much needed quality and leadership to the midfield, if he’s available and we don’t at least attempt to sign it would be a huge mistake imo



Winning trophies is everything

MacGuffin – Mac, Keane has provided remarks based on the same sentiments which most of us have been putting over for the last 5 years no.

Celebrating achieving a money winning spot and to hell with winning the bloody trophy in the first place.
Talk in Spain is that Zidane may not feature next year with Real and you know what the reason is ? If he doesn’t deliver a trophy.

Has managed Real for 80 games and you know how many he lost ?

Bloody Hell just six but that is deemed as not in Real’s high requisite expectancy which is,,you guessed it,,winning trophies.
Being second place, although it would get then automatically in the champions league year in and year out is not considered an option for Real. You know why ? They have ambition and their one and only target is being top gun whatever it takes.

Now compare all that with what we have been experiencing here at OT and tell me what you prefer. I know.

Alas, some over here are more than happy to keep lauding most of the unfit players currently on the payroll,just for the sake of playing for the gallery.



‘Klopp is a creator, Mourinho is a destroyer’

Mourinho and Klopp: Could face each other in final

@emmicallef,dont need the use of wikipedia to tell Klopp from Mourinho.
I suppose you mean Mourinho has won more titles than Klopp or what are you trying to explain? it doesnt really matter to me because Klopp produced one of the best football when he was at Dortmund while Mourinho wants to nullify opponents creativity. The difference between them is Klopp is a creator and Mourinho is a destroyer. As a football romantic its an easy choice for me which manager i prefere.

Dont know about you mate but i like to be entertained when watching football.
Klopp´s philosophy is taken from the good old PL back in the days when it really was entertaining,pure English high octane football. Its the DNA of red devils,at least it was. Deep in my heart i just know that Klopp and Man United would be a perfect match.

Too bad Fergie didnt last one more year as a manager. If he had,Klopp could very well be the manager of Man United. imagine the players he could have brought in with the financial power at Man United,the fortune Moyes and LVG spent on rubbish.

Mourinho? He dont know the DNA of Man United,its not his style,not his philosophy.
Even if he knew he cant produce it,its just the way it is.


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