‘A definite lack of succession planning at Arsenal’

Date published: Tuesday 11th April 2017 12:28

The Arsenal fans on the forum are fuming with Arsene Wenger and the board after last night’s defeat at Crystal Palace, while a Man Utd fan asks who can the Gunners get to replace the Frenchman.

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‘It’s time, things that should have been fixed have not’

I think we all can see we are going nowhere. For years now weaknesses have not been rectified, players have not improved and tactically we have remained one dimensional.

Other teams have seen and adapted to change and player conditioning. Both mental and physical.

Wenger did start this, no meat pie and a pint mentality, however this was years ago. Other clubs have improved on it, and now lead in this managerial function.

I think, all those who have an input on the running of this club, must stand up and be counted. From owner to players must take a sober and honest appraisal of the shortcomings, that are destroying Arsenal.

The main problem is management. It starts at Wenger. If, he had not accepted the terms of his employment, because they negated his running of the team and their success, he should have left.

What we are seeing is a defense that can’t defend. Players who are set up to fail. Irrespective of any strengths they may have. Other managers can neutralize us, as shown last night. Just a little planning and we are undone. We don’t combat this, just carry on “Lemming like”.

Townsend said, “we knew we could take them on the break”. I use the defense as an example, but no section of the team comes away with any honors.

After last night’s usual post game anger. I sit here now and truly believe it’s time. We have procrastinated enough.

Things that should have been fixed have not. Players that should have been brought, and those improved, have not.

Wenger cracked many years back and was left behind. We should, and he, should have accepted his time was up and moved on. The damage is done. For him to say, “We must fix it”. Fix what, you couldn’t do it before, why all of a sudden now. Sorry Mr Wenger, you’re not the man for the job. Too late.

The new Arsenal must rise NOW. If not, well, we all know what will happen. Many teams with great history and trophies, lay in the lower leagues. We stand on the very edge, of this slippery slope. All those in positions with input must act. If not up for it.

Gooner for life (Shifty, I sent the Lion but he came back, said this bunch is not worth the trip. Rather be in a Zoo. Respect).

Gooner 54


Who will replace Wenger?

United fan, I come in peace.

I agree totally that Wenger’s time is up but who will replace him? Are you worried that there might be a player exodus with, if rumours are to be believed, Ozil, Sanchez and Ox want out?

When SAF went I was positive that United would still be a force but we can all see what’s happened since, 3 managers and only 1 season in the CL.

My other question would be whether there is the money available for a big overhaul if that’s what you think you need?

Bryan Robsons shoulder


Player exodus worries at Arsenal

Bryan robson – Yes,I’m worried a lot that there might be an exodus at the club involving our main players.I mean if sanchez,ozil were to leave the club there in itself we can say goodbye to the title.

I mean personally it’s not like I expect to win the title, but I do hope we can win it.And if we lose a player like sanchez especially who’s indispensable then yeah title for next season is gone right there.

This is the thing that frustrates me most about this club,there has never been a plan for consequences.You can only blame the manager to a certain point so I completely blame the board for that.

Secondly,this notion we need a squad overhaul is pure stupidity(Although we do need a couple of changes).This squad is well capable of challenging for the title in terms of footballing quality.But the mentality has never been there.The desire has never been there.

There is no attempt to even improve that.I do believe there are many managers who could get better out of this squad.

Lastly,I wouldn’t exactly compare this situation to Man united’s. SAF was a much better manager than wenger consistently challenging for trophies, and he won the title when the competition was most and then left.Wenger meanwhile has been struggling to finish in the top four for the good part of the past decade.And we’ve never come close in the cl.So for Arsenal we don’t really have much to lose.

I only worry, that such a long serving manager might bring a bit of instability at the club and no matter what the club as a whole will probably take time to get used to a new manager and new set up on the whole.

The specialone


‘A definite lack of succession planning’

I think in general terms there is a definite lack of succession planning and handing the current manager the option of picking their preferred option is only planning to fail ala SAF and Moyes.

Wenger’s done a magnificant job of stability and consistency even if winning the league has been hard to come by.

I wasn’t suggesting that a huge overhall would be needed but only forwarding what I’d heard other fans saying on the radio (not exactly a huge section of fans admittedly).

Personally I think that you’ve got a great basis of a team and I’d take more than a few to United, Cech, Bellerin, Koschelny, Mustafi, Sanchez, Ozil (when he wants) Ox, Ramsey (when he’s on form), Giroud, Welbeck all really good solid pro’s and no doubt some quality nippers coming through too. Like most teams I think you’re missing an enforcer or two someone to do the donkey work. Kante is a prime example.

Even if you boys do get fourth would I be right in assuming that IF United with the Europa then fourth place is then for the Europa not the CL?

Bryan Robsons shoulder

Walcott the ‘scapegoat’

shifters – Don’t give into posters criticizing walcott.They’ve probably had it in for him ever since he joined the club.I completely agree with you him being singled out is plain unfair.But the more important question is why is he even being singled out

For goodness sake he has 19 goals.I’m sure he’d cross the 20 goal mark.For anyone to even say that’s not good enough for this club is utter stupidity.Yes you could argue that he might not be good enough for the first team but for certain posters to suggest he should’ve been sold in the summer is pathetic.

Truth is that yet again walcott is a perfect example of a scapegoat.No matter if the whole team performs poorly some posters will have those “few” players to put the blame on no matter what.It’s been giroud for two long seasons(even though he’s contributed well above his value), and now that he’s been dropped and we’re still performing badly those idiotic fans don’t know who to point the finger at.Oh correct myself,ofcourse they do.

They’ve now turned to theo since he’s been getting game time.

Personally if you ask me, there is no balance in our frontline.There’s lots of pace but if you want to play a trio of welbeck theo and alexis you better make sure our midfield trio is perfect which are currently far away from that.


‘How dare Arsene Wenger try and tell us this is the best squad he has had’

Last night I found myself so angry and so worn out by this club, I felt as though I couldn’t be bothered with it anymore.

I didn’t wait to see what anyone had to say and I could not stomach the idea of watching Wenger squirm his way through another interview. I have seen headlines since….Walcott telling the world Palace wanted it more. That’s our skipper right there! Tells you everything you need to know about this club.

How dare Arsene Wenger try and tell us this is the best squad he has had at Arsenal?! Bar Alexis (who is almost certainly leaving anyway), I couldn’t care less about a single one of them. Who are the cult favourites in this group? Who are the leaders? The people who want to fight for the club and the fans?

We could argue that they have stopped playing for Wenger, much like Leicester did with Ranieri. The thing is, all we here is players talking about what a pleasure it is to work with him and what a great man he is! So we can only assume they haven’t given up on him and in fact they are just crap and spineless and led by a man who accepts mediocrity as long as they don’t speak out of turn and can pass the ball sideways.

During commentary last night, Alan Smith said he couldn’t remember seeing such a gutless, pathetic display from Arsenal. I couldn’t believe it – we have seen several this season alone. Not to mention the numerous hammerings we have taken at the hands of United, Chelsea and Liverpool etc in recent seasons.

People will talk about the fans signing ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ and so on but I don’t have a problem with that. I know its not ideal and it doesn’t look good but who cares anymore? what else have the fans got? This club treats us all like dirt so its fair game in my opinion.

Let them all know what we think of them. Football is about fans. Ours are split right down the middle by the toxic (lack of )leadership at this club. The possibility of Wenger signing a new deal should not even be an option for him. He NEEDS to be told, its done. Go now if you want or go at the end of this hideous season but its over.


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