‘Why is Mourinho picking Fellaini in a midfield three?’

Date published: Sunday 9th April 2017 3:52

Our readers dissect Man Utd’s 3-0 win over Sunderland, one Liverpool fan would sell Philippe Coutinho and all is not well at Stamford Bridge, all in our Your Says of the Day.

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‘Too much wrong with United to start analysing it’

Hardest 3-0 win I’ve seen in many a year. Really poor. Good to see the same faces digging out their pet hates after the game. Very original.

There is too much wrong with the team to even start analysing it. Everyone at the club needs to get there act together. Players and coaching staff a like!


‘Why is Mourinho picking Fellaini in a midfield three?’

@jm1502 – Absolutely YESSSSSS. The team plays with Mourinho’s style of play.

Why is he picking Fellaini in a midfield 3?

Why not play with 2 strikers? Mourinho is a defensive coach who doesn’t trust youth. Happy United won. But Sunderland are a very poor side.

Pogba awful again, but you won’t see Mourinho come out after the game and criticize him like he does with others! The Hypocritical one

theMartial art


Wenger’s France scout needs the boot

Whether Wenger made sufficient effort to secure N’golo Kante from Leicester is a side issue I believe. Which player with any ambition would choose Arsenal over the Chavs currently?

More to the point, Wenger’s scout in France, Grimandi ( again another article somewhere I read, so cannot confirm authenticity) contacted Wenger and said Kante was no better than what we had here before moving from Caen to the Midlanders! Enough said about Wenger and his lieutenants- every single one of them needs the bullet….



Next game is title decider

Diego Costa: His antics have upset some Chelsea fans

15 points needed now. I think the next game is the title decider. If we win against united away the title will surley be ours. Hazard and alonso were awsome.

Matic gets worse everytime i see him. Hes so slow!! Not much more can be said about costa. How anyone can defend him still is beyond me. Its not low confidence. He just doesnt care.

No wonder spurs are closing in. 2 of their 3 strikers are scoring for fun while ours just flops to the floor. Get rid of him asap



No defending Costa anymore

Pepsi agree mate, there is no defending Costa anymore, he is actually getting worse the shank for the goal summed it up, and thereafter it was pitiful no control no pace falling over etc, even the free kick alonso scored from was another bouncing off him yet the Bournemouth defender dived in.

It’s great we keep winning, but we will need to up our game if we are to beat Spurs in the semi final as they are flying.



So glad another potential banana skin side stepped

Every game from now on is a big dipper helter-skelter ride if I’m honest,not good for the nerves with the old ticker skipping a beat on every incident during the game.

What’s making it worse is the Spuds playing like they’re ‘possessed’!,they’re on a crest of a wave at the moment…any slip by us and they’ll be there to take advantage, I think a 7 point cushion is nice to have but it can easily evaporate if we’re mot careful,we really need to dig deep if we’re going to pull it off.

I see Luiz was trying his best to give calamity a bit of a helping hand at the start with that mis-kick and Courtois had to be alert to prevent an own-goal. Glad to see Moses back…round peg for s round hole we look balanced.Costa is a voncern I gotta admit!



Lack of clean sheets a worry

So baffling is how some posters turn blind eye in to our lack of clean sheets since January, yet take every opportunity to slam Costa.

Winning the league is a team work and Costa have done his part. yes no body is denying that goals has dried up since the turn of the year. but his all round display last evening was so good.

I wish to remind you his commitment to team, he reacted fastest to win that free kick which Alonso scored. but still some posters can’t see some goodness in Costa. the most important thing is that Conte trusts him. i wonder if you know more than Conte?



Are United embracing mediocrity?

Jesse Lingard: Signed a bumper new deal at Man Utd

Blacky – I’ve not read all the other comments so maybe it has already been covered. But I think this “deal” has a lot to do with Mourinho’s reputation of not giving young players a chance.

I also think that, in our time of transition, it is important that we at least try to stick to some of our historic values.

Like promoting players from our youth academy and Lingard has been at United since he was 7. Mourinho would have been very unpopular to kick him out I think. If Lingard wasn’t an academy product I don’t think he would have been offered that contract.

Which does raise the question, as you’ve said, are we embracing mediocrity by sticking to our core values?



‘I panic when he has the ball’

I think Mignolet has improved this season but he doesn’t breath confidence. I panic when he has the ball. He’s better at claiming crosses and punches. He’s a decent shot stopper but you never comfortable with him. He holds the ball far to long for me at times. He can pull off some world class saves but there’s sheer panic around anfield when he has the ball as carragher said last week.

People write Karius off already but hes 23.he’s highly rated yet some are writing him off already. He will get s chance again but he needs time. It’s like a month ago people were saying sell can and Couthino. It’s crazy.

I thought Origi was terrible yesterday. We needed him to stand up. He’s young but expierenced. All well and good performing at anfield when the crowd is behind you. I think he’s a good option and a decent player but we need more from him.

Sean the Sailor


‘I’d rather have Gomez in’

Klavan is ok but I would rather have Gomez in. Klavan is another who doesn’t fill me with confidence when he plays thou he has had Some good games whilst he’s been with us.

As it doesn’t look like Sakho’s going to be back, we defo need another commanding cb with Lovren and Gomez then being squad players.



‘I’d still sell Coutinho…’

Sean, on Coutinho, I would still say that we should sell him if his head is turned, I haven’t changed my mind there (this is under the assumption that the money is amazing). . .

As for Can, he does look a lot sharper now in fairness. For a good while there he went through games just being completely off the pace of the matches. It’s only a few good games from him this season from him but he’s night and day to earlier. . . I don’t think that can be used to say how fickle fans can be in any meaningful way.

and. .Klavan, the guy has a good game here and a bad game there. I’d say that he has a few more bad games than good, so no he isn’t good enough for this club in my eyes. He may be back-up but I’m judging him on the games he’s played.


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