‘Man Utd spent £129m on players that didn’t improve the side’

Date published: Monday 15th May 2017 11:07

The current Man Utd team is the worst for 20 years, according to a fan in our forum, while it’s also sinking in at Old Trafford that their players “are not that good”.

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Bould ‘does what Wenger tells him’

First. I think Wenger micro manages the player development and team set up. Here lays the problem. Bould is a great defender, and I think he knows what is required but not allowed to run the set up. He just does what Wenger tells him to.

Same with player training, development and conditioning. He seem, in my uneducated opinion to do it, his way, and here is the problem.

Thought of you yesterday, watching Rambo when he came on. First touches clean and sharp. Perfect ball in for Giroud’s goal. Was eating my words, then the little back heel that nearly caused a goal. So had to smile.

Although all in all, a better showing. I think your view takes it. May he go on to be the Rambo of old from now on.

Walcott, Welbeck maybe not enough time on but very mediocre.

Very pleased with win. Holding showed there is a bit of steel there, early days but a good one. Not a full back, but central defensive back line?

Gooner for life.



Players will ‘stagnate’ under Wenger

Gooner54, as soon as he tried that back heel i was sitting there shaking my head. Ive just stuck up for this guy and he reverts back to type! all in all though he did do well when he came on, and imo should have scored within minutes.

With regards to the points about player development, there is none at the club. Wenger doesnt coach tactics and he doesnt take advice from staff.

This has been said time and time again. Past players have pointed to this, we apparently just play small sided games in training and then he leaves everything else up to the players on the day. Its a joke that this still goes on considering our failures in almost every department for the last 12 years.

We need to change, not just because of wenger failures but because players like Bellerin, Chambers, Holding etc will just stagnate or get worse under him. Whats the point investing in youth when it wont get any better. The club needs to act and act now.

The Hulk


A bit of Man Utd perspective

A bit of perspective if needed:

2014/2015 – That team had 5 more points at the end of the season than we do now and finished 4th – mostly because Spurs and Liverpool were quite poor that year, if they had both been like they were this year we would’ve ended up 6th

2015/2016 – That had 1 more point at the end of the season than we do now and finished 5th – and that was when Chelsea and Liverpool were extremely poor as were all the other big clubs – if all the big teams performed like they did this year, we would’ve most likely ended up 7th

we HAVE improved under Mourinho; not position-wise granted but surely people can see the difference in motivation / level between the previous two years in the Premier League compared to this year; Conte, Mourinho, Klopp and Guardiola have taken the level up slightly from previous years.

Sympathy for the Devils


Mourinho has not improved United

Jose hasn’t improved this team at all despite spending a fortune. The football overall has been no more than average to poor.

There is a lack of fluency and flair, his tactics are generally negative (is Eriksen that good that he needs man marking?). Have his signings really been that good?

Bailly yes, Pogba will be, Ibra scored goals but was a passenger in most games and Miki doesn’t look like he is cut out for the physicality of the PL and can’t play 2 games on the trot!

I’m happy for Jose to get another season but boy things have got to improve big time. I can’t remember the last time

I looked forward to watching United and Stockholm fills me with dread because I’m sure his tactics will be all about stopping Ajax rather than winning the game.



‘Our players are really not that good’

@yorkshireman200 – I agree that the football has not been great but I think we need to all face reality – our players are really not that good; player to player I think we have the worst squad in the Top 6 (maybe Liverpool are around our level but the others all probably have better squads all round).

We can talk about how much we as a club have spent since Fergie left however, in reality, some of the choices on players on who we’ve spent money on was a waste and we definitely could’ve gotten much better options for less. Imagine we didnt spend:

31m on Fellaini
17m on Rojo
26m on Schneiderlain
28m on Depay
18m on Darmian
9m on Schweinsteiger

Thats 129m worth of talent which has not improved our first team in the slightest. If we still had those funds in our hands we could’ve:

Bought a truly world class striker (70m)
Bought a truly world class midfielder (60m)

At first I was against spending 90m on Pogba however, seeing the difference he has made to our midfield, I now realize that it’s better to focus on top class players and get in one or two each time who instantly improve our first team rather than try to replace everyone all at once; in that regards I’m glad Mourinho is around because he had, without doubt, the most successful transfer window since Fergie left; adding 4 top players who took us up a level (still waiting on Mhkitaryan to be constistent but still).

Sympathy for the Devils#


It all hinges on beating Ajax

I agree Sympathy. And I agree to a certain extent with Yorkshire, but that fortune Mourinho spent only got us effectively three players, given that Zlatan was free.

We still need another five or six mate. But I say again, if we win the Europa Cup, and I’m not convinced we will, that will have been two trophies with one of the biggest collections of sh*te I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch.

And finishing 6th is as good as it gets given that all those finishing above us are, without doubt, better than us. The key now is who we buy in the summer and that all depends on whether we beat Ajax.


This is the poorest United side in over 20 years’

31m on Fellaini
17m on Rojo
26m on Schneiderlin
28m on Depay
18m on Darmian
9m on Schweinsteiger

I think Jose would definitely not have bought any of those players, though Rojo who has looked a much better prospect under Jose that he ever did under LVG.

However, Jose probably wouldn’t have bought him at all to be honest.

Even so, I calculate this at £129million – money which would have been invested more wisely under Mourinho.

This is quite possibly the poorest United side in over 20 years both in terms of quality and in terms of performance. Our veteran players are too old or well past their best (Carrick, Rooney) our youngsters have no role-models of note and our players who should be in their peak are just shite (Smalling, Jones, Darmian, Fellaini etc.)
For all our bitching about Pogba, he makes a massive difference to that midfield, it runs so much smoother with him in it. At this point, if we got a top striker, another midfielder and another CB we’d be a different prospect next season. It’s going to be an interesting summer but I’d imagine Jose will get a lot of business done early from the pov of bringing players in, it might take longer to get some of the others out but I’m sure a good few will go and the squad will be supplemented with TFM and Tuanzebe and one or two others from the junior squads who have done well since coming in.
Also, with Romero potentially leaving and DDG also possibly going, do we need a 1st AND 2nd choice goalie?



‘United need five players’

If DDG leaves we need 5 players,otherwise same as last year,namely another 4.

Shaw and Martial should make the next step and become the players they can considering their talent.If DDG stays,then pretty much that formation sympathy put it!.

If we end up moving Young,Carrick,Rooney and Ibra on,then the summer would be a very good one!.

I too would go for players like Sanches/Costa or L.Moura instead of forking out another £100m for the likes of Griezmann,James,or Muller/Belotti!.



Grujic is going to be a big player next year’

I could be very wrong here but I think Marko Grujic is going to be a big player next year, he’s a big unit (made klopp look small yesterday) and good things are being said about him by the backroom staff.

Shame he got injured so early coming to anfield, so I hope he steps up! Left back, stiker/winger and a proven cm would be great business this year.



Liverpool need more pace

Not liking the links to Robertson of Hull. I’ve read roderguiz of faith Wolfsburg is available for 18m now. Crazy if true. TOP quality left full-back.

We need at least 6 top quality players. The goals we concede are not because of defensive midfielder. It’s set plays, crosses, balls into the box. This is our biggest problem. We always have someone who sits. Can was playing like a 3rd centre back

At times. Henderson has played well there this season. We need another midfielder though.

WE badly need more pace in the side. We need a left full, powerful fast aggressive centre back, two wide fast creative players ,a midfielder and a centre forward.

Sean the Sailor


Wijnaldum has disappointed

After watching the west ham game I was looking at a few of our players and thought ‘he wouldn’t have done that a few months back’.

Emre Can looks quite commanding in centre midfield, Migs is flying, commanding his box, punching well and taking control of situations. So then I looked at a few other like Clyne who seems to have just stayed at his level, Wijnaldum really hasn’t cut it for me.

So I’m going for Migs for most improved and Wijnaldum for the least. What do you guys think?



Conte ‘is staying’ at Chelsea

So Conte has answered the question and has confirmed that he WILL be the manager of Chelsea next season

While that is exactly what I was hoping for there was always that outside doubt so good to get the confirmation. I think it is also perfectly timed as now with the season all but done the process of speaking to players and agreeing any new contract extensions can begin

The discussions will also identify issues such as Costa and determine if he is happy to stay or really wants away. If it is simply about money, which is what it appears like, the Conte and the board have to decide if it is worth the increase in salary and contract extension or whether the mindset is actually right for the Club going forward

I do think continuity is important to Conte so if he can retain the bulk of the squad for next year then the new players should be easier to integrate and I read today that Willian has committed to the Club which I find significant considering the lack of games this year but still a valuable contribution to the season in general. KTBFFH



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