‘It’ embarrassing and not United’; Giroud ‘is not bothered’

Date published: Friday 28th April 2017 12:04

After 56 games Manchester United’s squad look tired and Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud’s attitude is criticised in our Your Says of the Day.

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It’s all about the results

At the end of the day, Utd fans wont care how they played if utd finish the season with cl football and two trophies. Thats a hugely successful season for utd

Benitez did it for years with liverpool in europe. I remember we went to Ateltico in 2010 and just played for a draw and it was horrible. We lost and that’s when i lost faith in him. It was just horrible to watch. I didn’t care under houllier when we went to barca drew 0-0 and won the trophy in 2001. Its all about trophies and winning.

Its great playing good football when you are winning. Its all about results but when you don’t get them playing dire boring football thats when you start to get p***ed off.

Sean the sailor


Mourinho is a ‘tactical genuis’

I think a lot of people are being very harsh on Mourinho. Personally, I think he is a tactical genius.

Yes he is the king at negative tactics, but he generally only deploys those tactics when needed.

Think what he did to Pool in 2014, Barca in 2011 and many other teams this season. Yes this season he has probably been more negative than positive in his tactics, however I believe this is because he knows he does not have the squad yet to dominate teams. Look at his first season return to Chelsea.

All he tried to do was stabilise the team and stop them leaking goals. This led to them causing the Liverpool slip up.

The next season, with a good pre-season up his sleeve and able to make the signings he wanted he coached the team to win the league by a country mile. I would fully expect a massive overhaul of players during the offseason and Manure will be challenging for the league.



56 games in and United are ‘under the cosh’

Watching the game yesterday evening I must say we look dead on our legs. Yesterday was our 56th game of the season and considering we have another 8 or so fixtures left over the next month I get the feeling we are really under the cosh at the minute.

Mourinho likes to work with smaller squads and is clearly nowhere near completing his squad rebuild. Having moved Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin and Memphis on with no replacements coming in yet we are not adequately prepared to handle the injury crisis currently at hand. That’s now Fosu-Mensah, Pogba, Zlatan, Rojo, Smalling, Jones, and Mata all out injured and Fellaini to be suspended as well. Really tough going for us.

Some of the comments on here about yesterday’s performance are laughable with many on here seemingly devoid of any sense of perspective. As Sympathy said, if we had gone to the Etihad and gone toe-to-toe with City we would have been battered and our chance of finishing in the top 4 would be gone today.

I am happy to see many on here finally seeing the value Pogba adds to this team. The lad has been very unlucky with his assist tally because of profligacy and has also been very wasteful with his own goalscoring chances but has completely transformed our midfield because of his passing range and athleticism.

At this point the team is running on fumes and I am hopeful we can just get over the line in the Europa League.



Point away ‘means nothing’

The morning after the night before and i haven’t changed my mind. Yesterdays game was a load of bo***x. Top 4 is gone so the point means nothing anyway. It could be debated and analysed from all angles but bottom line for me was that i didn’t enjoy it and hope the away performances in the big games are better next year!

The one thing that did actually really annoy me was seeing Fosu-Mensah lying on the deck after the final whistle. Looks like the kid has totally f***ed his shoulder. Once Felliani got the red and TFM came on i was thinking that something positive might come out of the game. We’d be getting a chance to see what the lad can do when starting games. But listening to Mourinho after the match makes me think Fosu-Mensah’s season is also over. Terrible luck for the kid.

I agree that the players looked tired. Rashford in particular looked out on his feet. Haven’t seen him so flat footed in a long time. The way things are stacking up, getting a result in the Vigo game looks more difficult by the day!



Why couldn’t United trio attack?


Jose had 3 attacking players in the side, City had 4. Why couldn’t Miki, Rashford and Martial do what Sane, Sterling, Aguero and De Bruyne did?

Having tools is just an excuse, Jose is known for these types of tactics at Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid. He had the tools at all 3 sides, yet still deployed these tactics. I am not going against Jose, I just wish he released the shackles a little on these away days against top sides.

It is something Rafa Benitez use to do at Liverpool.



Buses and paint drying images – ‘it’s embarrassing and not Utd’

There were occasions last night where we had the opportunity to feed the ball through to Rashford but it was missed and I’m sure if Pogba was on he probably would have made it but let’s not make out that he was a massive miss last night.

The same tactics would have been employed. The same tactics that we employed at Anfield when Pogba played. He didn’t make the difference that day. Martial and Mkhitaryan would have been wasted just as much by defending rather than attacking. We’d still have been hoofing it up to Rashford expecting him to hold the ball up against Kompany and we’d still never venture out of our own half.

Utd and Jose are being rightly mocked on social media because of the tactics we employed. Lots of buses on there and people falling asleep and watching paint dry. It’s embarrassing and not Utd. Fergie would have never employed those tactics.

You can’t blame the personnel at our disposal either because it was pretty much the same players available as last season and we won then.

Interesting too that Mkhitaryan had an absolute shocker last night yet hardly a mention on here. Now, if that was Mata instead he’d have been hung, drawn and quartered! That’s what I mean by agendas, double standards and free rides.



Liverpool squad is thin

Number8, although we do not agree on what Liverpool grinding out a result means, I definitely agree with you on how thin our squad is compared to that of ManU. As for Mane, well, remove him and Coutinho, and that’s like taking out half our team.

Yesterday ManU had 5 starters missing (and now thankfully 6), yet all the subs who came on were generally quality players. I couldn’t believe it, especially when you look at our bench last week, which had 7 outfield players, the most senior being Moreno, a much maligned player who hardly starts.

Although we definitely have to buy game-changing players this summer, another big problem to resolve is building a much deeper squad that can cope with 4 competitions. This is where buying cheaper unheralded players for the squad comes in e.g. buying the best players in the Championship, older players etc.



Selling Sakho is a win, win

We probably know how good or how bad is Sakho. His performance in Palace only tell us that our playing style is NOT suitable for him or in other words, he is not suitable for our attacking style. So, selling him out in summer will be a win win.

Sakho is a warning for us about players like M. Keane etc. Defenders who are playing well in a defensive team does NOT mean the player can work in our attacking style. We need someone who is pacy and good on the ball. Still think that we should try our best to sign van Dijk although it is quite unlikely to be successful but a man can dream.

Football Scouser


Sakho’s ability is not in question…

Sakhos ability isn’t in question his attitude is.
He’s demonstrated a poor attitude at PSG, under Rodgers and now under Klopp.
I woulda have thought he’d have learned.

Apparently his knee injury isn’t ACL and should be recovered in time for transfer window.



Why are Chelsea such big favourites?

Eden Hazard: Turned the FA Cup semi against Tottenham

This is really getting almost unbearable to watch, great for the neutrals as everyone seems to think but not if you a Chelsea or Spurs supporter-I cant once again understand why bookies make Chelsea such big favourites if anything on current form I would think Spurs could snatch it at the end, 4 points is nothing, a draw and a loss cancels it out and Spurs have a better goal difference.

I would not mind that much Spurs winning it if they had led the league beforehand as they have not won it since that fabulous side of the early 60’s but as Chelsea have been heading the league for most of the season they deserve to win it. It would be really tough to for players and supporters to accept should we not win it now.

Rover Bond


‘Spurs have struggled for a few games’

I guess it depends on how you look at things…?

Yes, we seem to have difficulties keeping clean sheets but the last few games we have found our scoring boots and are playing with a lot of confidence

Spurs for me have struggled for a few games now and even at Swansea where they eventually thumped them they were about 5-10 minutes away from a defeat. Like at Palace, they just about manage to claw themselves over the line. But do you notice a pattern in that both those games mentioned are against teams who are struggling. They play Arsenal, Manu and a rejuvenated Leicester so unless they buck themselves up they could drop points…?

As a Club we must focus on our own results because if we continue to win then it does not matter at all what Spurs do – they cannot catch us. Therefore, I fully expect to go to Everton with the clear intention of getting all 3 points. They are apparently 3rd strongest at home in the league this year but I think we are the best travellers so everything indicates a tough intriguing game. I hope (expect) our big game experience to come to the fore to help us achieve the victory. KTBFFH



Tottenham-United game will be crucial


Theyve struggled for a few games now? They scored 3 past swansea 4 past bournmouth 4 past watford. And lets be fair.

They probably played better than us last weekend. I think we still need a favour from another team after this weekend. I think they will beat arsenal and we will draw at everton. Down to 2 points which is litrally us drawing once and theyll win it on goal difference.

Im looking at the united game in all honesty. They will beat Leicester. Just hope united are still fighting for 4th



Ending Spurs’ hopes should be all the motivation we need

Morning Al.

Apparently the boss said Kos is 60/40 in terms of fitness and hopes he should be ok but Mustafi is still 2 weeks off being fit.

I said this week that I have little time for Ozil and like you, I wonder whether this kind of game is right for him. The fact that we even have to ask the question when he cost in excess of £40 million is outrageous. Every game should be right for him! It’s no doubt going to be a very physical game and that means he will probably go missing again.
I actually think Wenger might start Giroud for this one. We only really looked like scoring when he came on in midweek but it really depends how Spurs set up. If they take the game to us then I would go with the all out pace that you suggested and try and take them on the counter. If they sit deep, we will need to be more direct.

With the Ox rested and fit, I would look to find a place for him as well, even if its not at wing back. I think his confidence is up and he will be up for this one.

Its going to be a really tough game but putting an end to their title dreams should be the only motivation we need



Giroud ‘doesn’t look like he’s bothered’

Hey Andy – I’m really off Giroud at the moment. I mentioned this the other day but he just doesn’t look like he’s bothered any more. That was always his best quality – whether he was having a good or bad game, he always put in 100% effort, but he just hasn’t this season.

There was even speculation at the start of the season that Wenger wasn’t starting him specifically because of his attitude, a late return from his summer hols and a lack of effort to get fit.

BSM, I think that’s what Andy was saying mate – rested and fit. Details were pretty vague about why he was left out but he’s shouldn’t really have needed a rest – he hasn’t played a huge amount this season. Then again, you never know with our manager.

Al The Gooner

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