Football fun on the go? Try these Apps and Games

Date published: Saturday 13th May 2017 2:11

True football fans will surround themselves with things continuously reminding them of their favorite sport or team every waking hour of their lives.

Why would their phones be an exception? After all, there is enough football-related content available for them to change their phones’ look and feel each day and never run out of new stuff to seek.

And there are also massive quantities of football-inspired games to play on them, so ball-kicking action will never be further than a few taps. Out of the many, we’ve selected a handful of games that are truly fun to play on the go.

Football Slots

There are many football-inspired slot machines out there, many of them running on smartphones as well as computers.

Today, we’re going to mention two of them, both available free at the All Slots Casino: Football Star and Shoot!.

Football Star was the first of the All Slots’ “Sports Star” series, released ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, hosted by Brazil. The game is seemingly meant as a tribute to football as a whole, with symbols and sounds, as well as its general visuals inspired by the sport.

All its bonus features and animations are football-related – it can be a quick fix if you’re craving a bit of action while on your coffee break.

Shoot!, in turn, is a tribute to legendary players as well as one of the longest-running UK football magazines. It is a game with a retro look, with its bonus rounds inspired by the magazine’s popular sticker collecting appendix.

Its reels are filled with the likenesses of some of the greatest players of football history – Pelé, Maradona, Best, and Beckenbauer, among others.

It’s a fun game to play at the All Slots Mobile. For a more playful approach, you can try out Soccer Safari on All Slots – unfortunately, it doesn’t have a mobile version.


Flick Kick Football Legends

PikPok is a mobile game developer with a series of sports games in its portfolio.

One of its best is Flick Kick Football Legends, a game that combines on-field action with progression and management, giving its players a full football experience on the go.

It’s a perfect game for when you have more than a few minutes to kill – it allows you not only to manage your team and your chosen player but also to kick, pass, tackle, and shoot from a first-person perspective.

The game has a comic book inspired look, and many fun features, such as a multi-level league structure, various championships, and cups to play through, and even online multiplayer.

The game is available free (with in-app purchases) on Android and iOS.

Score Hero

Score Hero is one of the most beautiful smartphone football simulators. Its stunning and realistic 3D visuals put its players in the skin of a football player passing, shooting, and tackling on the playfield.

It also comes with a career-building mode, where players can complete different challenges, accumulate experience points, and play through its over 500 levels. The game is available free (with in-app purchases) on Android and iOS.

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