Players put off signing for Villa, admits frustrated Garde

Date published: Tuesday 12th January 2016 7:44

Remi Garde: Struggling to sign players

Remi Garde: Struggling to sign players

Frustrated Aston Villa boss Remi Garde admits he is struggling to add players to his squad because of the club’s rock-bottom status.

The Villa boss knows he must revamp his squad but insisted it will take time with Villa bottom of the Premier League and 11 points adrift of Swansea in 17th spot.

Villa signed 13 news players in the summer under former boss Tim Sherwood but they have failed to win since the opening day.

Chief executive Tom Fox and sporting director Hendrik Almstadt were in New York on Monday to meet owner Randy Lerner to talk about transfer plans.

Villa host Crystal Palace on Tuesday and Garde conceded, despite their summer spending, he will need to overhaul the struggling squad again.

He said: “In the long-term, for sure. But during this transfer window as I have said, January is not the best time to do things because it is very difficult for many reasons.

“This is not the end of the transfer window and I am working on that. Attracting players in the situation we are in is not an easy task because players are not only attracted by money as many people think.

“They also care about the project that we present to them. I have to say that if we had been in a better position I would probably already have signed at least two players.”

Garde, who wants to sign Arsenal’s Mathieu Debuchy and Chelsea’s Loic Remy, confirmed he has already lost out on players because of Villa’s desperate position.

“Yes. It is very frustrating but I came into a situation that I knew could be uncomfortable to me or for signing players,” he added.

“But of course, when a player says ‘I would have liked to have worked with you but I’m sorry, I prefer to wait and see what happens’ it is very frustrating.

“But I can do nothing about that.”

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    Matthew Briggs

    Frustrated Aston Villa boss Remi Garde admits he is struggling to add players to his squad because of the club’s rock-bottom status.

    [See the full post at: Frusrated Garde reveals Aston Villa struggle]



    We’re cut adrift at the foot of the table staring relegation firmly in the face. We have an owner who seems to have washed his hands with the club and a wage structure/transfer policy that’s been slated by virtually everyone in the game.

    Why would players come to the club at this point, surely they’ll wait to see what other offers arise.

    We will be the last resort for players looking for game time to get a better deal elsewhere in the summer!

    It’s a desperate situation 🙁



    Spot on @avillafan. I can’t help wondering why Fox and Lerner are only getting around to discussing transfers now, during the transfer window. It’s as if they didn’t know that a) the transfer window would be open in January and b) Villa are having a diabolical season. The club is a shambles at the minute.



    Yep you are right avillfan.. but jonesie im hardly a defender of Lerner and Fox but to suggest they are only thinking about signing players now and were not aware of our situation is not right in my opinion.. of course they knew. Thinsg are going from bad to worse and your right we are a shambles.. the idiots on Talksrubbish were saying ‘ I cant understand why Villa have not signed anyone..!? ‘ Really ? is it that hard to understand why players wont join us? after the sahambles of the weekend who in their right mind would join us? I do believe a win or two will change things.. if we can scrape a win tonight then who knows maybe that may change things.. at the moment we are on an 18 game no win streak and no one in their right mind woudl join a gme and that stat is doen with.. if Sherwood had been sacked yesterday we would not have got another manager in for the season either!

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