Neville might not coach again, ‘no loss’ if he never goes back

Date published: Monday 12th September 2016 12:24

Gary Neville says he may never return to coaching and feels he was “chucked overboard” by the FA following England’s dismal display at Euro 2016.

The 41-year-old left his role as Three Lions assistant manager alongside boss Roy Hodgson and coach Ray Lewington after the 2-1 last-16 defeat to Iceland in Nice at the end of June.

Neville, who had an unsuccessful spell in charge of Spanish side Valencia last season, believes he was unfairly treated by English football’s governing body and says he has interests other than coaching to focus on.

“I’ve been to eight tournaments as a player, three as a coach, I’m probably the only English coach that’s managed in LaLiga at a top four club in the last 15 to 20 years, even if it’s only for four months,” he told Sky Sports News.

“The FA invested in me for four years. I’m the most experienced I’ve ever been yet you get chucked overboard.

“I’m only 41 years of age and you’re regarded as a failure and the reality of it is the investment has to come through defeat and victory.

“It could be that I’m no longer ever a coach in football, that’s not a loss. Some people might think it is but it’s not a loss to me. It’s a decision that could have happened anyway.”

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The former Manchester United defender took on the England role when Hodgson was appointed boss ahead of Euro 2012 following the departure of Fabio Capello.

His other projects include joint-owner of National League North club Salford City, working as a pundit and running hotel and restaurant businesses.

He added: “I think that I feel sad about the fact that I hear Martin Glenn (FA chief executive) said a month ago that all ex-players go into punditry for the money; it’s not that simple Martin, it’s not that simple. That’s an excuse. I don’t use excuses. He’s got to find the solution, not tell me the problem.

“Holland have got the solution, Ajax have got the solution, Barcelona have the solution. There are models out there, they create pathways, they keep you on the pathway.

“I genuinely believe it will be very difficult for me to go back into coaching because of my commitment now to so many different things.

“I’ve immersed myself in it and I’ve committed to other partners, other investors. It’s my obligation to deliver Salford City to the Football League.

“I can’t now go back into coaching in the short term, in the next five years, and the reality of it is I don’t want to.”


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