‘Grossly overpriced Xhaka has been an unmitigated disaster’

Date published: Wednesday 25th January 2017 7:00

Liverpool fans discuss the significance of Philippe Coutinho’s extension, while Granit Xhaka is making the headlines for the wrong reasons, and Southampton are fancied to beat the Reds.

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Realism over Coutinho

Excellent news, but being realistic, it probably simply means we will command a bigger fee when he finally does move on. However, what it does strongly suggest is that it is very unlikely he will move on this summer.

Right, Phil, take us to the title, and you will forever be a hero here. Go to Barca or Madrid, and you will win a title or two, but will you be loved forever like you would be here?

Hightown hope

The guy must be incredibly loyal and happy I’m his life to put up with a low ish salary all the way til now. We are the club that gave him his chance and time to develeop I guess, something he didn’t have at inter.

To sign with no transfer clause says a lot too. It means he likely intents to not only get paid more whilst making sure the club get a high fee, it tells me that he is 100% invested in our project. I genuinely feel guilty for being mad at him after the Europa league cup final now.

Yep Bingo, best news since we sign Klopp. Absolutely.

We need an epic Coutinho song now.



Saints to upset Liverpool?

I’ve been a bit impressed with Southampton the last few times I’ve seen them play, with the advantage that they have, Pool have their work cut out for them that’s for sure. If Pool score early I think they’ll have the belief but the longer it goes on or if Southampton score first, then game on! Looking forward to it tonight (if it’s tonight or even if it’s on telly in Finland!)


Claude Puel: Not impressed with pitch

I put my money on Liverpool to progress and face United it will be a good final for the neutrals to watch. Even with the tough last few weeks Liverpool had, I can’t see them throwing this one out. They will score enough goals to progress. Matip is back and their defence will improve.

I think they were missing Mane and Matip badly, so give Lallana that free role and keep Coutinho out of the team. He isn’t fit enough. My prediction is 3-1 to Liverpool.


Inexcusable Xhaka

I’m really curious to see what excuse the Gunners have for the lad. It’s one thing losing your temper on the field but hurling abuse at a steward at the airport?

Did you guys get more than you bargained for? One of the worst disciplinary records in football today and accused of racism. All for a meagre 35 million pounds, its simply to good to be true. Laughing my a** off…


Xhaka is not only pants and grossly overpriced but also an immigrant who racially abuses natives (allegedly) – talk about biting the hand that feeds you eh. An unmitigated disaster of a signing so far.

Arsenal seem to have a general discipline problem with Wenger (seemingly thinking he is impervious from discipline after blatantly criticising a referee without punishment earlier in the season) manhandling officials at the weekend. Good job they finally charged him for his continued disrespect of the rules in the Premier League.



Chelsea’s FA Cup derby

Brentford up next. Anticipate a line up very similar to the Peterborough match, only Azpi replacing the still suspended John Terry.

Azpi, Cahill, Zouma;
Pedro & Ivanovic as WB’s;
Fabregas & Nathaniel
Willian, Batshuayi, Loftus-Cheek.

Ake to feature at some point. As WB or CB. Conte may also choose to keep Costa in the line up for match fitness ahead of Liverpool.

We did not play as well as we can v Hull, need a convincing performance here before we travel to Anfield, followed by Arsenal at the Bridge.

Super frankie

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Don’t think he can leave Ake out for much longer otherwise there was or is no point in bringing him back purely for back-up which we already have, may as well have left him where he was playing at the highest level till next season.



United’s midfield targets

Marco Verratti: Linked with Chelsea

‘We need to find a world class replacement for Carrick.
I think Verrati is the solution. The guy is a beast.’

Verratti will not leave PSG as long as they’re still involved in the CL. A summer signing perhaps?

I have a suspicion that United might have a deal with PSG and Verratti. PSG are busy finding midfield replacements – Lallana has been mentioned as a possible signing, also Bernardo from Monaco.

It’s interesting that PSG have just signed Draxler and now are in the process of signing the winger from Benfica Goncalo Guedes. The end for Di Maria and Lucas?


I think Verratti has grown tired of PSG, he knows that they will do well in Ligue 1 every year but always seem to struggle in the latter stages of the Champions League.

There may be a deal in place but I think it hinges on a top four finish. If we don’t get that I think he’ll head for Juve as they are possibly seeking a long term replacement for Claudio Marchisio who is 31 and has maybe two top years left in him. Unlike Prem teams, top continental teams don’t leave it until the last minute to replace ageing stars.



Arsenal’s injury worries over?

Ozil and Sanchez: Futures up-in-the-air

Seen a couple of things over the last couple of days regarding injuries.

The first was that we were once again at the top of the injury league last year. Gotta be honest, that actually surprised me. It doesn’t feel like we still suffer as badly as we used to on that front but, on reflection, I think what’s changed is that we don’t lose our key players as often.

Cesc and Van Persie seemingly took it in turns to be out and even going back to the days of Henry, Vieira and Pires, they all regularly spent time on the sidelines. The fact that Sanchez is clearly made of granite helps, while Ozil does seem to be out quite regularly, but it’s rarely for more than a couple of games. No question that our squad depth today makes these injuries more bearable as well.

Then again, we’ve felt the loss of Cazorla quite badly and while I know few will agree, I think we’ve missed Theo too. Along with Bellerin, we’ve lost a lot of pace over the last few weeks.

The other thing that I read this morning (and please forgive me, fellow Gooners, for the mild praise I’m about to give the horrible little man) is that one of the first things Mourinho did when he took over at Man Utd was identify how much of a problem the club had with injuries and has immediately cut them from an average of 41 to an average of 31 by this stage of the season.

Again, to be fair, whatever the stats say, it really doesn’t feel like we suffer as badly as we did but what Mourinho has done clearly shows that there is something that can be done and that injuries aren’t just down to ‘bad luck’.

Al the Gooner

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