Guardiola Snr: English football long balls and running

Date published: Sunday 7th February 2016 10:19

Pep Guardiola: Can't change a lightbulb, according to his father

Pep Guardiola’s father says he is not a fan of English football – and isn’t impressed by the soon-to-be Manchester City manager’s DIY skills either.

Guardiola will replace Manuel Pellegrini at the Etihad Stadium in the summer when his contract expires at Bayern Munich, but the 45-year-old’s father, Valenti, is not too keen on his choice of league.

“I have to confess that English football is not my cup of tea. It’s a lot of long balls and running,” Valenti, 84, said in the Sunday Mirror.

“I prefer the football my son likes to practise – lots of passing then a surprise attack when a hole opens up.”

Valenti, who is a retired bricklayer, does not have any background in football but can at least outdo his son when it comes to DIY.

“I was working 10 hours a day from the age of 14 on building sites and didn’t stop until I was 66. I never had time to play football,” Guardiola Snr added.

“We don’t speak much about football nowadays and when we do the conversation usually ends up with him jesting that I know nothing and me admitting that there’s not a lot I can teach him.

“But when it comes to my territory which is being good with my hands, Pep’s an absolute disaster. He can’t even change a light bulb.”

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