‘Heavy-hearted’ Swansea ‘reluctantly’ end Monk’s reign

Date published: Wednesday 9th December 2015 4:04

Garry Monk: Brendan Rodgers lurks in the shadows

Garry Monk: Brendan Rodgers lurks in the shadows

Swansea have announced they have parted company with manager Garry Monk – with Brendan Rodgers the early favourite to replace him.

Club chairman Huw Jenkins told Swansea’s official website the decision had been made “very reluctantly and with a heavy heart”.

Monk’s departure, though, is no surprise, given Swansea’s miserable Barclays Premier League form. What turned out to be his last game in charge was a 3-0 home defeat against Leicester five days ago, meaning the club had only collected one win in their previous 11 Premier League games.

After the game, Monk admitted he would fight on at the club, but accepted he wasn’t sure what else he could do to lift spirits.

The club has already been linked with Rodgers, Mark Warburton and Walter Mazzarri, with former Swans boss Rodgers the early 9/4 favourite with bookmakers.

Monk took training as usual with the team on Tuesday, but his departure from the Liberty Stadium had been widely expected ahead of next Saturday’s trip to Manchester City.

Monk guided the Swans to an eighth-place finish in the top-flight last season, but their form has nose-dived during this campaign.

Reflecting on Monk’s exit, Jenkins told the Swansea City website: “The decision has been made very reluctantly and with a heavy heart.

“To find ourselves in our current situation from where we were in the first week of September, and considering the drop of performance levels and run of results over the last three months, it has brought us to this unfortunate decision today.

“Garry took on the job 22 months ago with the backing of everyone at the club.

“And when you take into account the excellent campaign we had last season when we broke all club records in the Premier League, nobody foresaw the position we would be in at this moment in time.

“Bearing that in mind, and the current uncertainty around the club, we felt the situation needed clarity to move forward.

“It was not a decision we took lightly, especially given Garry’s history and standing within the club.

“And it goes without saying that we wish Garry all the very best for the future and thank him for his tremendous service, not only as a player over the last decade, but also as our manager. He will always have a warm welcome at this football club.”

Jenkins added that it was hoped to appoint a replacement “as soon as possible.”

There is no news at this stage on the future of Monk’s Swansea assistant Pep Clotet.


Monk joined Swansea – then in League Two – in 2004 on a free transfer from Barnsley, but he went on to be a part of three promotion-winning campaigns, in addition to winning the Capital One Cup and Championship play-off.

He made 270 appearances for the Swans, then took over as interim first team boss in February last year following Michael Laudrup’s departure.

Swansea were just two points above the relegation zone at that time, but Monk kept them up and he was then confirmed as manager in May 2014.

He subsequently led Swansea to an eighth-placed Premier League finish last term with a record 56 points, while this season began with wins against Manchester United and Newcastle. However, Swansea’s form then dropped off dramatically, and they currently lie 15th.

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    James Marshment

    Swansea have announced they have parted company with manager Garry Monk – with Brendan Rodgers the early favourite to replace him.

    [See the full post at: ‘Heavy-hearted’ Swansea ‘reluctantly’ end Monk’s reign]



    Sad to see a Talented Manager Sacked no matter who the Club is, Garry Monk is a very good Manager indeed but like all Clubs Once the Fans start turning then the Hierarchy probably has no other option but to ring the changes, Not sure if it’s true He had lost the Dressing Room but at times it did look as though the Players were not performing for Him although there was a glint of a turnaround in fortunes for Monk in the Liverpool game where Swansea were very good throughout the game, Shame but that’s the reality of the Game nowadays.



    Sad news; really wish him well for the future and I’m sure he’ll land himself another Managerial job.


    With Brendan Rodgers available and their form putting their Pl status under threat, I guess you can’t blame them but this was Monks first job as manager. The first few years of being in charge of a team would largely be spent developing a thick skin, I’d imagine. I’d recommend that he take charge of a Championship club and try to get a team promoted by playing a better class of football and give himself a bit of a reputation. This seems to be what matters when the going gets tough.


    Sean the sailor

    Ridiculous Decision. Just do silly that managers get sacked for a poor run


    nine nine nine

    Monk was good enough to be offered a new 3 year contract by Swansea in July yet now just a few months later they show him the door. Shame he has the potential to be a really good Manager and hopefully he will pop up somewhere else soon.

    The value of staying in the PL especially with the riches of this new TV deal makes clubs panic at the chance of losing their PL status and the chance of losing all that money.

    Be interesting to see who takes over I can’t see Rodgers agreeing to go back there tbh.


    Sean the sailor

    Nine, interesting point about Rodgers mate. Does Rodgers now think he is to big for a club like Swansea?Its a great job for anyone to come into. Fincially sound stabe pl club. Great following, packed houses and some good players. Yes, they are not going to be going for the pl but does rodgers now think he is bigger then jobs like swansea?

    i always thought he would end up at west ham or somewhere like that next. He wont get a job at the top 5 clubs in the pl so whats his next step?Maybe a decent club abroad? I think he is a good coach.S till very young and will be all the better for his anfield expierences but i think he will have to work wonders at a lesser club first before he gets his big chance again.



    Real shame For GM, i never get these choices, but hey ho!
    think its perfect for BR to rebuild his reputation knowing the club and the set up well and where he built his rep before….but I think he now believes he is top top manager and thus will be looking for more



    Hmm… I think Swansea is about as good as he is going to get in the UK at least. I wonder if he is waiting to see what happens at Newcastle. I think Rodgers needs to be careful though, with Moyes on the market, he’s got a bit more competition for the “mid-table” clubs…

    Still think either of them should give serious consideration to Leeds if/when they’re looking for a new manager (about March I reckon! LOL)… bringing them back up to the Prem would be a perfect way to re-build a reputation.


    “Does Rodgers now think he is to big for a club like Swansea?”

    I don’t think that would really be the case Seán … I can’t speak for Brendy himself, but personally, if I were at a club as a manage and left them, I wouldn’t really want to go back there for a few reasons. Wouldn’t want to live in the past and I’d want to move on.

    It’s like going back to an ex you made the decision to leave yourself because it didn’t work out with the new broad. You’d just be settling, basically.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he just wanted a break for a bit anyway, given all the personal life turmoil he’d been under during his Liverpool reign.


    Sean the sailor

    ye fair points Megadeth, i just woner what his next step will be. Always liked the man. He was very proud to manage liverpool and always conducted himself well. He will get a very good reception when he eventually returns to anfield



    Question for Pool fans on BR, do you think he did a good job at Pool, in every aspect, did you expect him to get you guys further along than you are? Was he hamstrung with who got bought or not?

    Genuine question as I am just not sure of him, I know he had “that” season but that was more down to a fit striking duo, Gerrard in his last year and no European distractions, I honestly expected more from him and his style of play and I am wondering if he is all that?

    At Swansea he continued a job already started well by previous managers, still did very well but I have to wonder what he and his CV really bring to a TOP job (which the Pool job was BTW), so basically having been given a chance with you guys do you really see other top clubs seeing him as some kind of attractive prospect at the moment?

    Swansea now would be good for him I think, he could settle quick and with the team on a downer right now if he improves them and buys well in Jan and turns them back around he will get better praise and rigthly so



    He did OK IMO, Not brilliant but not bad, We played some breathtaking attacking Football in 13-14 but We couldn’t defend to save our lives, Scoring 104 Goals but conceding over 50 will not win you a Title the majority of the time, Some of His buys in the Market were not that great but My main criticism of Brendan was that He wouldn’t shoulder the blame for most of our downfalls.



    The clubs have to realize whatever happens that 3 clubs will go down so it will be between say 6 or 7 clubs-all clubs believe they have a divine right to be in the EPL but ultimately 3 have to go.


    “ye fair points Megadeth, i just woner what his next step will be. Always liked the man. He was very proud to manage liverpool and always conducted himself well. He will get a very good reception when he eventually returns to anfield”

    I liked him a lot and really wanted him to be successful, the people who moaned about him are just the kind of people who will moan about anybody if they manage a rival team, or they manage your team and the going gets tough. He was a much better manager than people gave him credit for towards the end of his reign.

    I’d like to see him go to Spain or something, I think their style would suit him nicely and I know he holidays there an awful lot so he likes the place.

    “Question for Pool fans on BR, do you think he did a good job at Pool, in every aspect, did you expect him to get you guys further along than you are? Was he hamstrung with who got bought or not?”

    He was doing pretty much as well as I expected, all things considered. I don’t care what anybody says, but he definitely did not have the final say on transfers and such. I’m a Balotelli fan (controversial, I know) but if anyone is trying to tell me Rodgers wanted him, I’m sorry, he blatantly did not. He played him out of position, in the wrong formations, misused him completely, never gave him support in the media, and like a month or two before we bought him, he came out and said we would never be interested in him.

    I don’t think we’ll ever really know how Rodgers would’ve coped with a team of his own build for successive seasons, because it was only during the 13/14 season it felt like he had what he wanted.

    Last season was a weird, weird year. The Stevie G stuff for the last couple of months was absolutely surreal. I can’t even describe what it was like for a Liverpool fan, but games hardly felt real after the loss to United. I believe the biggest mistake Rodgers made in his reign was leaving Stevie out of the starting line up for that game. Anyway, after we lost that match, we went from almost assured top four into this weird spiral depression which was some extended “farewell, Stevie!” show that lasted ages and was embarrassing on a lot of levels … mostly on the pitch.

    I don’t think we actually got off to the worst start this year, especially given our fixture list at the beginning when we still had Brendy, so yeah, basically I think he did alright and pretty much what I expected. I never expected to win the league or anything …

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