TEAMtalk redesign: Your questions answered

Date published: Wednesday 2nd September 2015 12:14

Welcome to the new-look TEAMtalk

Welcome to the new-look, fully mobile-optimised TEAMtalk website – finally featuring instant posting.

It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re delighted to be able to at last welcome you to the new version of

As is usually the case when a new website launches, we are aware of several bugs and problems – and we want you to continue sending in your comments to let us know how we can improve the look and usability.

Here are some responses to your feedback so far…

Loss of Your Say pages: We will be launching a brand new forum next week, featuring instant posting and threads, ensuring the popular topics can continue to be discussed while the more inane posts quickly fall down the page if not commented on.

As well as a General forum, we will also be launching forums for all of the clubs which had popular Your Say forums previously. Everyone will need to re-register, but you can all sign up using the poster names we’re all familiar with.

We will also be appointing moderators for all of the forums in time to help ensure the best possible posting experience.

Facebook comments: The previous comments system had unfortunately become a playground for trolls. It was also slow to update, but Facebook comments appear instantly. We also hope they will encourage users to take more responsibility for what they post.

Removal of Football League/Scottish pages: While there will no longer be individual pages for every club, we will continue to cover the best news from outside of the Premier League. Unfortunately, a loss of both resources and traffic over time dictate we can no longer support pages for 100+ clubs.

General design: After several years without a re-design, we acknowledge it will take you time to get used to the layout. However, although there are lots of changes and updates we still intend to make over the coming days and weeks, we are confident the new design is a vast improvement on the old one. Bigger images, more white space, a less cluttered design and lots more articles on the homepage are changes we certainly believe you will appreciate in time, not to mention the fact that the website is finally mobile-optimised.

Bugs: We have already identified plenty, and encourage you to continue letting us know any problems you experience. With your help, we hope to get all of the issues ironed out before the return of club football after the international break. In the meantime, we simply ask for your patience.



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