Hiddink says Chelsea deserved draw and admits Zouma concern

Date published: Sunday 7th February 2016 7:11

Guus Hiddink: Forgot youngster's name

Guus Hiddink: Forgot youngster's name

Guus Hiddink praised the reaction of his team but admits to being concerned by Kurt Zouma’s knee injury following Chelsea’s 1-1 draw against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

Diego Costa’s last strike helped preserve the club’s unbeaten run under Hiddink’s charge and the interim boss was happy with the commitment his players showed.

“I am happy with the reaction of the team,” he told Sky Sports after the match. “Manchester United did a good job in the first half and in the beginning of the second, they are not an easy team to beat.

“But we deserved a point. We dropped too far back after the first 20 minutes when they dominated us but later on we closed a little more.

“They made a beautiful goal – without good marking from our side – but after I think the team reacted very well.”

Louis van Gaal bemoaned the six minutes of stoppage time, but Hiddink disagreed with his opposite number over the amount of time added on, saying: “No, besides in that instant, it lasted five or six minutes at least. We had all three changes, which takes 30 seconds each – it should have been eight minutes.

“I’m glad with the reaction of the team.”

On Zouma’s injury, Hiddink added: “I’m not a doctor but let’s wait till tomorrow.”

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    James Marshment

    Guus Hiddink praised Chelsea’s determination but admitted his concern about Kurt Zouma after his side earned a 1-1 draw against Man United.

    [See the full post at: Hiddink says Chelsea deserved draw and admits Zouma concern]



    Would like to commend the boys for their never die attitude once we conceded the goal. Hats off to De Gea for pulling impressive saves. On current for he remains the best keeper not only in the PL but in the world. another goal for Costa will do him a world of good for his confidence. Once again we missed the trick, we should have taken the game to the opponents earlier. That is where our strength lies at the moment. Concern for Zouma. The boy has been our best defender and our second best player behind Willian. I hope its serious. We cant afford to miss him.


    nine nine nine

    Thoroughly enjoyable game and day bar the terrible injury to Zouma that I got to watch from the Matthew Harding Upper thanks to the kindness of the liquidator who was as ever was a great companion and a delight to go to football with.

    The De Gea save from Ivanovic was a worldie and he is some Keeper but Courtois is no slouch either.

    United dominated the beginnings of both the first and second half but Chelsea probably had the better chances and on another day could well have had a penalty I think we deserved the draw and importantly the spirit is good otherwise you wouldn’t see that level of spirit.

    Two things stood out for me as far as the fans were concerned, firstly much has been made previously of the match going fans reaction to the likes of Costa but he was very very well supported throughout yesterday and the whole ground it chanted “Diego, Diego, Diego ” when he scored so that one can be put to bed for good now.

    The second thing that stood out for me was on the substitution of Juan Mata how the whole ground stood as one right around Stamford Bridge to give him a standing ovation proving once again that the Chelsea faithful know how to treat their departed heroes!



    Think the draw was fair and we did not deserve to lose

    Obviously losing Zouma is a blow and if it is his knee then I hope he makes a full recovery as these can be very nasty (thinking how Essien was never the same player after his injury)

    Only benefit it you can call it that is Cahill should get a decent run of games which is what he wanted for the run up to the Euro’s and the new boy from America should feature on the bench and may get the odd game here or there

    Agree with 999, good to see Mata applauded of the pitch by everyone. KTBFFH



    from my point view it was an ankle rather than knee. it could be 2 to 3 months periods. best Zouma can be fit for preseason.


    theMartial Art

    Get well soon Kurt Zouma

    Classy Chelsea fans with the ovation for Mata.


    nine nine nine

    Wise fan, seriously mate what are you talking about it was clearly his knee as confirmed by Guus in his post match interview last night it was always likely to be circa 6 months with a knee coming down like that and sadly so it has proved with Zouma out for circa 6 months.


    nine nine nine

    Martial, nice one mate and credit to the United fans for applauding Zouma off. The Bridge rising as one to give Mata a standing ovation was a nice one though. Cheers 999

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