Hodgson: Spain punished us – but England will learn

Date published: Saturday 14th November 2015 9:50

Roy Hodgson: Aware of Drinkwater

Roy Hodgson: Aware of Drinkwater

Roy Hodgson has admitted England’s poor ball retention was punished by Spain  – but insists his side will “learn lessons” from their 2-0 defeat.

Fabian Delph was guilty of giving the ball away on several occasions and Raheem Sterling surrendered the ball in the build up to Mario’s stunning opener.

“We always knew it would be a tough ask to defend against Spain,” the England manager said.

“We knew how good they are at keeping the ball and moving it around and we knew we would have to work hard to keep them at bay.

“Strangely the (first) goal we conceded was a Spanish counter-attack when we had good possession.

“By giving the ball away we gave them the opportunity to counter-attack against us and score a spectacular goal.

“We have to learn our lesson from it and remember when we play teams of this quality you can’t afford to make any mistakes because you’re going to get punished.

“We didn’t pass the ball as well as we would have liked.

“We think we can do better in possession and we’ve got players who can be more dangerous in attacking situations.”


Twelve minutes after Mario volleyed Spain ahead, Cazorla wrapped up the win for the hosts with a curling shot that went in off a post.

Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque felt England played reasonably well.

He said: “I think we have been a bit lucky and we have given a bit more than the England team at the moment.

“This is a good win for Spain. We could say this was a prestige result against an England team who were very strong and very threatening every time they crossed over the line into our half of the pitch.

“We defended well and were strong against a team who were, once again, were very strong and very threatening.”

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    James Marshment

    Roy Hodgson admits England’s poor ball retention had been punished by Spain – but insists his side will “learn lessons” from the defeat.

    [See the full post at: Hodgson: Spain punished us – but England will learn]



    I’ve said this about Roy since I had the displeasure of experiencing his Liverpool reign…he’s just not good enough at “real” international level and I smack my head repeatedly thinking about the young talent he is and continues to be responsible for. As impressive as the qualifying record was, opposition was very similar to the kind of level he excels at – whether it be his “glory” years that he experienced in Scandinavia or more recent accomplishments with the likes of Fulham and WBA. There’s a valid argument to say that England are in fact the Fulham (at the time, a PL team) or WBA of international footy and it’s no wonder he does well against a certain level of opposition (results wise, if not performance wise). Against the likes of Spain…or at the championships next year…expect more of the World Cup level of performances.


    nine nine nine

    Technically the England players are not as gifted as the Spanish players and it goes all the way back to their development from around the age of 7/8.

    I don’t think Roy is the perfect pick as England Manager but if we stick with the FA dictum of “it must be an Englishman” we will end up with somebody like Pardew next time around and repeat exactly the same mistakes.

    England’s problems go right back to the grass roots and will take the best part of 15 years to fix and it won’t get fixed if England continue to have 200 qualified Coaches to Spains 2,000.



    Spain were more purposeful when they had the ball and their threat on us was with conviction. They aren’t just knocking the ball about to kill time for the sake of it – there’s a meaning behind it, and this is why England need to be switched on.

    If our midfielders fail to hold the ball, then there’s little point in stiffling Barca’s possession as they are only going to quickly regain it anyway and because of their telepathic nature (it must be said), they can easily pick out a player and promote a quickfire attack.

    It’s interesting the way these stats have emerged given that we played a 4-2-3-1.



    For Euro 2016 just do what Germany did at the 2010 world cup and throw the youngsters in. Throw in IBE, Sterling, Kane, Barkley and Stones. They will play with no fear, let them express themselves.



    Mufc, in fairness, we already have a pretty much brand new outlay with the ‘golden generation’ phased out, albeit Rooney, and Michael Carrick

    Joe Hart, you can’t include, but more to the matter, we are in fortunate to have new blood on the circuit and of decent potential/quality.

    One or two established, e.g. Ross Barkley.

    So I’m wondering, why don’t we TRUST ourselves MORE and play with a bit more of a swagger and conviction?

    Take those 2 efforts last night for example; I mean, get them on target at the very least, Ross!

    Don’t do it half-hearted or with some slight element of fear/doubt – go the whole hog – express ourselves!

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