‘Wenger blundered not pushing harder for Lacazette last season’

Date published: Wednesday 14th June 2017 12:09

Manchester United fans explain why Michael Carrick won’t be missed, while a change of captain at Liverpool, Tottenham’s transfer targets and why Arsenal should make Alexandre Lacazette their top target are discussed.

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Carrick was a seven out of ten – team honours mean nothing

Team honours are in themselves not a good measure of a players’ ability because they do not indicate to what degree a player was a driver or passenger in the team.

For example, Anderson has 4 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League, 2 League Cups, 2 Community Shields and 1 FIFA Club World Cup plus club honours from Portugal. Wow he must be some player! Personal honours are perhaps more of an indicator.

Most managers and players will give glowing praise of fellow professionals, so that is not a fair indicator. Can anybody think of examples where players have not been praised?

Professionals will however give a more honest appraisal of a players match performance. Perhaps a better indicator would be statistical analysis of a players average match performance rating.

Personally I rate Carrick as seven out of ten, and that’s being slightly generous!



Liverpool fans would rather concentrate on the league than domestic cups

To finish in the top four would do me, preferably third. We finished 17 points off the top this season and I would hope we could manage to close the gap to within 10 points as that would show real progress.

As for the cups, I’d love to get to the quarter finals of the Champions League if  possible, but getting out of the group would be a start considering how poor the Premier League teams have been in Europe. The other cups don’t matter to me and I hope we throw the youths at them and give them a run to see if any of them can break through.

Hopefully we will learn from previous seasons that trying to win the domestic cup will kill you. Remember how poor we were in January when we were trying to balance the lot? That won’t change??



I’d be happy with 3rd / 4th place again and some decent runs in the cup ie not getting knocked out in the early rounds. Until we actually get a balanced first team/squad I’m not expecting anymore than that.

If in another 2/3 years (or more) time the squad is fixed and the academy is producing real and ready talents fit for the first team then I’d expect a title challenge and more.


Tottenham and Liverpool similar in their transfer dealings?

Tottenham are similar in approach to Liverpool, as in not having a sugar daddy funding their transfer dealings.

Mr Levy is a very astute business man, but  I am not sure how they scout for players. However, Mauricio Pochettino has poached a few players from Southampton as well recently. This window will be interesting for him as well as he needs to find a decent backup to Harry Kane, which they tried to do last year with little luck.

Spurs are obviously losing players to Manchester City and maybe Manchester United, with their fullbacks being linked with moves away, so it will be interesting to see how they work in the transfer market to cover for these.

The interesting thing is that their philosophy is similar to ours, with the pressing game, but i think in our games against them last year we out played them, but Spurs are better at breaking down the lower ranked teams, which we struggle with.




Herrera is a good option but we need a new central midfielder

I liked Ander Herrera a whole lot better when he joined us from Athletic Bilbao. He hard, and I think he still has the eye for a killer pass.

Louis Van Gaal destroyed him with a safety first, keep hold of the ball style of play which lead to Herrera passing sideways and backwards.

Let’s see if he can kick on during his second season with Mourinho. He ticks many boxes as a midfielder but i still would like to see a new central midfielder join the club.



Lacazette is better than what we already have – sign him up!

Alexandre Lacazette: Arsenal offered fresh encouragement

I would be happy to see Arsenal sign Alexandre Lacazette, first and foremost because we need a forward and secondly because I still believe he is better than our other options, apart from Alexis Sanchez.

Whether he is going to take us up a level, I don’t know. We can only go off his record at his current club Lyon and this season he has been superb again. I take your point (that he can’t get into the French national team) but that could just be a personal thing with the boss.

They have a crazy amount of talent to pick from, with Mbappe, Griezmann, Dembele, Giroud etc. Even then, I find it hard to see why they would overlook someone with a record like he has.

Since 2014 his goal tally each season has been; 22, 31, 23 and 37. Not to be sniffed at but perhaps they feel they have enough players of his type in that squad?

The strange thing is, I think football has reached such a crazy stage, that £60million doesn’t guarantee a top class player anymore. Everton are saying they want upwards of 100 million for Lukaku! It’s total madness.

I agree we should have pushed harder for Lacazette last season but I suspect Wenger will only make a move this time if Sanchez is leaving.

the specialone


Pickford move is good for England

£30m bid accepted for  Jordan Pickford. He’s a great goalkeeper, who had a cracking season. The price tag might be a weight on his shoulders though, especially as he’ll now be under a spotlight.

I wish him well though as England could do with the competition.



Can would make a great captain, but so would Matip!

I think Emre Can is the natural choice, once he can get some consistency. He scored two amazing winning goals last season, and he has shown a lot of determination to get back to his best following his injury.

People were a little harsh on him, as he hasn’t really had a break since emerging onto the scene.  He played at the European Championships last year and this summer he’s been called up for Germany for a minor tournament.

If anything he’s been guilty of being overplayed at times and I think that’s why he has suffered the niggly injuries.

Still, I would love to see Can play next to a more defensive minded player as I’m not sure defending is his strength, I see him as more of a Yaya Toure style player.

As much as I would like Liverpool to sign Naby Keita, this would most definitely mean Can would have to play a more withdrawn role. But we haven’t signed Naby Keita yet, I’m just getting ahead of myself ?.




I had Can marked down as a potential captain some time ago but he was poor for a lot of last season. I’d like to be make he replicates his form towards the end of  last season before the decision is made.

Joel Matip is another good shout. I agree that as good as a fresh Henderson is, he can’t sustain a season, so we should look at other options.

I’m also not convinced about the possibility of Philippe Coutinho being captain. You never know, Jurgen Klopp may sign a born leader….



The fixture computer hasn’t been kind to Chelsea!

Can you believe Chelsea’s first six fixtures includes Spurs, Everton, Arsenal and City?! I suppose it may be better to play them early and get them out the way, even if the team is not settled.

At such an early stage in the season it could also apply to the opposition



Southgate won’t take us beyond the group stages next year

Gareth Southgate: Looking to achieve big things with England

Which manager uses two defensive midfielders against a poorer side? Which manager plays a right back at left back when he has a perfectly good left back who can play there?

No, it’s not Tony Pulis ,although this was a regular feature of his last two seasons at West Brom. It’s Gareth Southgate. I’m all for experimentation in friendlies but taking off Bertrand and replacing him with Walker!!!

I was about as pleased that Gareth Southgate got the England job as I was when Tony Pulis became West Brom manager. I can’t see England getting beyond the group stages again!

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