‘I see ghosts all the time’, admits Manchester City midfielder

Date published: Wednesday 6th April 2016 10:47

Fabian Delph: Midfielder in startling revelation

Manchester City midfielder Fabian Delph has arguably made the most startling revelation of the season – he is often haunted by ghosts.

In a light-hearted question and answer session with the club’s official YouTube channel, Delph stunned the presenter after been asked whether he sees ghosts.

“I see ghosts all the time. Genuinely.  I think I’ve seen about four,” he said.

“When I first signed for Villa I stayed in a hotel there was a lot of things moving in the room, a lot of bangs. And about four months ago I saw, in my house in God’s country [Yorkshire], I saw two ghosts in the bedroom.

“I don’t think they’re there to harm me.  But I’ve definitely seen them.  It was just a split second and then they were gone. The one four months ago, that actually was carrying a body, it went out onto my balcony, then disappeared.”

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