“I think Mourinho must have sold his bus on the cheap!”

Date published: Tuesday 3rd January 2017 12:29

Chelsea fans explain why they’re against the idea of spending £60m on Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool supporters analyse their title chances, while Manchester United fans feel they get a rough ride from referees.

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Forget signing Van Dijk – he’s not worth the money

Given Antonio Conte was reluctant to pay over the odds for players in the summer, I cannot imagine he would sanction the £60million quoted on Virgil van Djik.

Talk about an inflated fee. He isn’t worth half if that in my opinion. I have a sense that the fact he looks physically impressive, is somehow adding to his supposed value.

I have seen him drop too many rickets for Southampton and Celtic to be worth anything like that sort of money. At this point in time, I would much much rather see more game time given to Zouma (who let’s face it, subject to full recovery, is absolutely proven at PL level) than us sign Van Djik for £60million.

And if we did go for Van Djik, I reckon Man Utd boss Jose Mouinho would be in for Zouma like a shot!



I saw van Dijk against Spurs and to be honest I think he was awful. He is tall and he is good for aerial duels, but that’s it. I really don’t think we should buy him. Moreover for £60m, which is all the money from Oscar and more. It’s a big fat ‘No’ to van Dijk, for me.

And we are covered for CB with Terry, Zouma and Ivanovic all waiting for their chance.

For me, if we want to spend, we should spend for an attacking LB where we don’t have a backup for Alonso (unless Kenedy is given chance or Baba Rahman recalled, I can’t see that). And also for striker, where we’ll be limited if Costa gets injured. It does not seem to me that Michy is ready yet to take the role if Costa is absent.

And also I think that we have too many players on-loan (every Chelsea fan knows I guess). We should start to sell players who don’t have future at Chelsea this January or next summer. If we don’t want van Ginkel, we should sell him instead of loaning him.



Lingard a better player than he gets credit for

Jesse Lingard: Set for a new deal


I think Jesse Lingard is a better player than he gets credit for…and not every footballer has to set the world alight by the age of 24.

A squad is not built up of 24 Messi’s, Ronaldo’s and Scholesy’s. John O Shea never set the world alight but he was vital to so much of our success while he was here and was rightly acknowledged by the fans for that.

Having said that, I think that both Rashford and Martial have the ability to become the very special type of footballer that Lingard will never be….but Martial especially needs to give his head a serious wobble.



Liverpool’s mental issue against the so-called ‘lesser sides’

Liverpool play Man Utd next then Chelsea at end of month. They probably will get more points off those games than if they played lesser teams. It’s how they are. It’s half mentality half tactics I reckon. Tactics work against the bigger sides as they back themselves to be more open. Mentality well … tough one but you do sense a mistake here or there vs the lessor sides.



Can Liverpool still catch Chelsea?

All being well, by the time we face Chelsea at Anfield on the 31st of Jan, we could, fingers crossed, be level on points with Chelsea.

I know, lots of its and buts, and we have the small game of facing Man U before that.

Chelsea have away games to Spurs and Leicester next, but all we can do is keep going and winning the games and see what happens.

Even if we are only 2 or 3 points behind Chelsea, by the time we face them I will be happy with a win taking us top.

Anyway looking forward to a comfortable win against Sunderland, who must be in crisis after that hammering against burnely.



I’d be happy to be a little closer to them. It’s funny how our perspective has changed this seasont hough. We’re looking forward to our chance to beat the leaders instead of looking on in fear.

We have had our mindset changed to that of winners.

It does help that we’ve beaten Chelsea, Arsenal and Man city in the league already this season.



Chelsea’s clash with Spurs a huge test of character

Victor Moses: A regular under Antonio Conte


For me, Spurs is the first of three big tests for us in the coming weeks and I honestly believe that after the Arsenal game if we are still top and have a points gap then the league is ours to lose.

Spurs appear to be hitting the form they had last season and both Kane and Ali seem to be working well together and are amongst the goals. However, I do feel that their opposition for the last few games has worked in their favour and so it is hard to be totally clear exactly how well they are doing…

Of course they will be motivated and are at home – but surely we will be just as motivated…? I think we know that we have the game to beat them but I think it will be close and could come down to individual mistakes or brilliance on the day

While it would be good to set a new record in the end it is the longer term goal that is most important and while I do not think we will lose I would happily take a point now especially after Liverpool slipped up yesterday. KTBFFH




Looking ahead to Man Utd v Liverpool

Man Utd are something like 3rd in the league for shots per game, marginally behind Spurs and Liverpool. The fact we’re not putting away the chances as well as our rivals is another matter but we’re no less ambitious at going forward than most. I think Jose must have sold his bus on the cheap.

Let’s hope both Klopp and Jose are a little more ambitious at OT than they were in the first league game this season!


Promotion the ONLY aim for Leeds

There was a time many years ago when the 3rd Round of the FA Cup really meant something. These were ties which were to be anticipated and savoured. Indeed the whole competition would be eagerly awaited. All football eyes would be focussed on 3 o’clock on the given Saturday with a live match and a complete highlights package to look forward to on Match of the Day.

Nowadays, there is no such kudos to it all – ever since the FA sold its soul to the commercial Devil. Other than the people who have bought into BT Sport, the FA Cup, I am sure, passes the rest of us without any feeling that we are missing out on something. Each Round is so spread out and fragmented without much to generate and feed interest that the FA has lost something that should have been regarded as the Crown Jewels. I hope it was worth it Chaps! Personally, it has become a complete non-event.

So yeah, Cambridge United. I am imagining that some of the players that have not had much of a look in so far this season will get an opportunity to show what they can do. After that other than getting some income from any of the games that we might last to take part in I can’t see any point in getting into something that might distract us from the ONLY thing that is important for LUFC and that is to escape from the Championship. Upwards!!



Officials not treating Man Utd fairly?

Marcos Rojo (r): Linked with move to Spain

I know they will say Manchester United have always benefitted from generous decisions over the years and of course we have had decisions go our way, but this season seems like a exceptional run against us. Yesterday all the pundits were going on about how Feghouli challenge should never have been a red, and of course Zlatan’s offside goal, but no one is taking about Kouyaté challenge on Miki which was a red card all day long, Reid’s handball which did not even get a yellow? and the big silence surrounding Herrera needing stitches over his right eyelid. I was watching the match on Sky, and I’m not sure they even looked back at that incident.

The point is, you worry that will almost will give the refs an excuse in our next game(s) to not give us the correct calls. Lee Mason was just awful in the match against Middlesbrough, and it has been the story this season, if you ever go on the ‘after match talking points on Teamtalk’, its like none of the things that happen against Utd are recorded. (Not worth going on there as a Utd fan)

Is it that the standard is extra poor this season? I think more should be made of the fourth official, will Bilic face any action against speaking out against the referee? We all know the answer. The game against Liverpool we need to have a fair ref and hopefully someone were not talking about after the match.

On a positive note, other fans are starting to look and fear at what Mourinho is slowly putting together. The results against Middlesbrough and West Ham under LVG and Moyes could have gone the other way. LVG would have probably brought on 3 defenders to stop West Ham winning and secure the away point.

I like the fact Mourinho has players wanting to fight to get into the team, and if you don’t want to do that, then you’d best leave the club. Liverpool will be a good benchmark, they attack freely, but have a suspect defence. Let’s hope the boys lay-down a marker for the rest of the season.



Personally, like everyone else I feel it wasn’t a red card as both players geniunely went for the ball although Jones come out worse slightly. it should have been a yellow at worst. I thought Mike Dean has a game to forget. but take nothing away from United. they fully deserved on this win. and on the run they were on. six wins on the spine i think. the second goal shouldn’t have stood. but still United could have won that game. but i don’t know how the lines man missed that one with 3 United players in an offside position. but any way as they say you can beat whats infront of you.

Congratulations to United. it may take an effort to stop them now. Liverpool have a big task on their hand next. and visiting Old Trafford is always tough. but Liverpool is always dangerous. i think they relish playing against fellow big teams. i don’t know how they haven’t beaten Sunderland today. but i would hate to face United on current form.


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