I view myself 100% as a street footballer, says Rashford

Date published: Wednesday 26th April 2017 9:45

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford insists he has honed his talents in the game by his constant desire to play football anywhere and everywhere as a kid.

Rashford, still only 19, has scored 10 goals this season after his remarkable breakthrough under Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford last February.

But rather than let his status go to his head, Rashford insists he will always be a little boy at heart.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph, he admits that his new-found fame makes playing football with his friends away from the game more difficult.

“It’s what you’ve always done,” he said. “You want to play football all the time. Why change? One hundred per cent I view myself as a street footballer.

“We used to play everywhere when I was a kid. Parking lots over the road, the number of times we got told to come off the school field when school wasn’t open.

I’d be throwing the ball up on to the roof, then turn around and wait for it to drop down. But we had to stop because the tiles kept falling off the roof

“If we could we’d still do all those same things, but it’s a bit more difficult now. We still go to a quiet field every now and then, though, but the opportunities are a little less.

“Even at home I’m always getting that urge to go out and play football. Playing with my brothers, in the garden, in the house, anywhere.”

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