‘John Stones is a terrible, terrible defender and total liability’

Date published: Thursday 23rd February 2017 11:36

John Stones: Has struggled since moving to Man City

John Stones comes in for some strong criticism from Man City fans, United supporters get excited for next season and does Lallana deserve a new contract at Liverpool? All in Your Says of the Day.

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John Stones is a terrible, terrible defender

Stones is a terrible, terrible defender and unless he pops up at the back post to score a goal in every game he will always be a liability to a team in the top half of the Premier League table.

He’s young but I see a player who simply cannot make the correct decisions and knows nothing about positioning as a centre back – no amount of coaching will fix it.

If Stones turns out to be a top defender I will swallow my words as I always do but I think it’s fairly obvious that he is bad at defending.

The only hope I see for him is if he is converted into a defensive midfielder where he make all the high risk passes he wants.



I think my point was that Stones makes mistakes because he is learning. Pep Guardiola made Pique the defender he is today. nobody can deny that, you can say he was at United. but sitting on the bench never helps a player’s development. the manager that offers them game time, that trusts them is the one that develops. Stones have all the time in the world to be a world class CB. i can understand where those United boys are coming from. Smalling isn’t that better either, but the one thing that is to his advantage is that he doesn’t cost £50m like Stones. i bet with all the money in this world that if Stones was at United or Liverpool he would have been called world class.

On the subject of him being converted in the DM, well the same has been said about Luiz until he has found a manager who is brave enough to trust him, and you can see the result. some managers are coward enough to trust defenders with skills. now Luiz is considered to be a very good defender and before he has been controlled by a 10 year old. and guess who made that comment and which club he represent. obviously the will be bias when analyzing Liverpool, City players, because we know the club he is affiliated with.



Pep knows what he is doing

I believe I have to accept, as a fan, what Pep is trying to do do more now. I must say I really thought this “philosophy thing was a gimmick particularly in the EPL and it is still early days and we have not won anything yet, however, I am beginning to feel the underlying theme and one of the reasons I say that, is I, actually want to go and see them more now as a football match. Of course , still many things to ponder, we need 4/5 new players, will they fit? etc but not just because of the Monaco show there is something about this squad that is good. Take Yaya Toure and me being one of hs biggest critics and fan has a different mindset and is working for the team, I know he will not keep it up every game but he is a huge influence. I have said my peace on Aguero…on Tuesdays display, there is just nobody anywhere near him as a threat to opposition. We have 2/3 of the most exciting footballers in the same team and of course Merlin and KDB City are in a good place, Yes we will loose matches but the momentum is forward.

Brian blue


Mourinho written off too early?

Far too many rushed to gleefully write Mourinho off as a has been a few months back but you don’t get to win what he’s done so far in his career without having some real ability.

The title looks too far away this season but it would take a brave man not to recognise that United may well have a big say in the title race next season as they will spend really big again in the summer on players like Griezmann and a massive transfer budget and a knowledgeable Manager who knows how to win will ultimately pay dividends.

Yes Mourinho can be a complete plank at times and stretch the patience of even his own clubs fans and ultimately it may well all blow up for him as it has so far everywhere else but short term there’s a guarantee of trophies probably starting with Sunday with another one or two likely to follow this season and for the majority of football fans rightly or wrongly that’s all they care about.

nine nine nine


Cazorla ‘would always be first on my team sheet if fully fit’

Hardly a surprise as I think we all suspected as much but it’s still a blow. I think we all realise that losing Santi has been a massive blow. He is our key midfield player if truth be told, his skilful manipulation of the ball knits our play together perfectly. Without him we tend to be rudderless with the holding midfielders losing possession regularly and Ozil showing little motivational and awful body language. I doubt we will ever see him at his best again, a player that we really need in the side, his name would always be first on my team sheet if fully fit.

The Oracle


Kessie should be ‘wiped off Chelsea’s list of transfer targets’

Any player who states he prefers another club to our club or any other club for that matter should be forgotten and wiped off the list immediately, first of all it shows a lack of respect, a very immature nature, a glory hunter and on top of it this particular player [Franck Kessie] is not of the calibre required and is largely unproven. In fact there are quite a few players being linked to Chelsea that are unproven and a risk at the stated prices.



‘Lallana has only been really showing his worth for 5 months’

Lallana has plenty of goals for his position (midfield only) and he’s scored 7 goals without sacrificing assists. Only Mane has been involved in more goals for us this season : Mane (15), Lallana (14).

It’s true that Lallana has only been really showing his worth for 5 months, it’s only 5 months that he’s been utilised properly though. If losing other players has showed us anything it’s that Lallana isn’t anywhere near as effective when he’s playing in AM and his improvements this season aren’t down to him just trying harder (or related).

Last season Klopp said something about a player that could be so much more. He wanted to know where the Lallana of Southampton was, that he’d watched from Germany. You could see quite quickly that Klopp saw a lot more in him than most of us fans did and it’s long before this season started that he’s had his own special project going on there and it’s been paying off for 5 months.

I too might have considered holding off on a contract improvement but Klopp obviously wants to reward Lallana now and I imagine that it’s no bad thing to show the lads that results = reward. By results I’m not just talking about 3 points, I’m talking about the day to day in training and general improvements to match performances. Lallana has been voted England’s best player as stated above, so it’s no bad thing for us to strengthen his contract as an asset also.



Comfortable win for Reds against Leicester

We have to take advantage of this period, this is probably the worst time for Leicester to have Champions League match. I think there will be a strong temptation for Leicester to overstretch themselves with regard to CL match and our game. Our players will be well rested and have had a mini mid season break which should in theory at least ensure we will be finishing the game the stronger team in the last 30 minutes as their players tire. My guess is a 5-2 win for the Reds ????


Good news if Rooney leaves

Great player in his day but that’s long gone. Hope he goes as soon as possible, preferably by Tuesday, and that we get as much as possible for him. I suspect it’ll be summer, although neither would it surprise me if he tried to see his contract out.



Good news if Rooney leaves. Makes it a lot easier for the manager to build a new core of team. Rooney had a great career but for the last 5 years his presence has hindered many players and the club. This is good news if you want Man United´s best. I started a thread some months ago,Griezmann for Rooney,this can be true.


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