‘Jose is building a team that’s good enough to win the CL’

Date published: Wednesday 21st December 2016 1:19

Jose Mourinho: Chelsea have won the league

Arsene Wenger is once again criticised for his approach, while Chelsea fans remain confident ahead of their match against Bournemouth.

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Wenger questioned (again)

Wenger never has had the ability to instill a mentality of winners or ‘fight until the end’ in his players. Let us all remember when he first showed up. The famouse back four and keeper, the Iceman, my namesake to name a few. They passed this on to the likes to Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera etc. and we had a winning blend.

Now before you Wengerites think I am ignoring his part in this glorious period, I’m not. I’m forever grateful to him for that. But that is where it ends. Isn’t it funny that we haven’t won the title since those mentioned had all left the club. We are and always will be known as bottlers until Wenger leaves. Do the decent thing Arsene and go at the end of the season. Now cue the “who will replace him” debacle from the Wengerites.

Romford Pele


I started to believe about six years ago that Wenger would never have been so successful at the club if it wasn’t for George Graham producing that famous back four he inherited. All he is doing is proving myself and a lot more people right.

He introduced some flair to the team there is no doubt about that, he made us more attractive to watch, he extended careers of a few players and he improved the training standards and regime. However the world of football has caught up with the dinosaur, and his time has been up for sometime.



Chelsea confident

Nemanja Matic: 'Chelsea not favourites'

I have stated before that I do not think that Howe really knows much more than to continue to play his open attacking football (maybe that’s why Arsenal are keeping an eye on him?). In Wilshere they do have someone who can open up defences but they are not a great scoring team and as Ake cannot play they lose something up front as he has scored in their last couple of games

I think we must have the correct attitude and must be patient. For me this could be a close tight game or they could be there for the taking. Hopefully it is the latter and that Michy Batshuayi can fill his boots.



While the loss of Kante and Costa is a big miss, I still expect us to have enough in the tank to beat Bournemouth on Monday. It’s a golden opportunity for Batshuayi; since he was signed he was unlucky as Costa was in superb form. If he impresses on Monday it will give a headache to Conte which good for a club who is chasing the title.

Or even it may happen Conte may drop Pedro and go for 3-5-2 like he has done at Juventus, with Batshuayi and Costa up top, with Hazard behind them. Anyway my prediction is that we may win 2-0. Fingers crossed.



Put off by Lindelof?

Jose Mourinho is building a team that’s good enough to win the Champions League. I can’t see Rojo, Jones or Smalling playing in a Champions League winning team.

There is one good – very good – CB at Old Trafford – Bailly. There is a need for another. However if JM wants to play a system with three CBs then two more CBs are needed.

I saw Lindelof play for Benfica in the CL last week. I never noticed him. But what worries me about the Portuguese league is that it’s a much lower standard than the PL. United cannot afford to sign a player who will take a while to settle in.

The CB Mourinho signs needs to be able to fit in from the word go. In other words he needs to be familiar with the pace of the PL at once. Perhaps Virgil van Dijk is the player Jose needs.

Concerned Fan


I just don’t get it. This guy is 22, younger than Jones, Rojo and Smalling, and has no experience in a decent league. Add to that the cost, between 30 and 40 million, and it’s a worry. I thought all the talk was about a ready made, done it at the highest level, maybe late 20s early 30s type player than can bring leadership to the back line – a Fonte or Godin. And it’s sounding more and more like it’s done. Puzzling!



Neville divides opinion

I couldn’t stand Neville as a player and wasn’t looking forward to him being a pundit but imo he does a very good job and is probably again in my opinion the best there is.

Have a look at what Garry Neville said on the Karius situation on the Sunday Supplement (it’s still available on Sky) it didn’t look like he was running away from anything on there.

But it’s all yesterday’s fish and chip paper now. Karius has been dropped by Klopp and I can’t see too much changing now certainly in the short to medium term time to move on and put it all to bed now.

nine nine nine


I wasn’t too impressed with any of the comments made about Karius from anyone at Sky but I’m glad it was left as it’s less time that Karius is under the media spotlight. Mignolet is doing just fine for us so far, the defence looks more confident since the change back and now Karius gets to settle in, work hard and wait for his chance.

As for Neville or Carra or whoever it is, the one constant is Sky. Murdoch loves to cultivate and sell drama. Not everything that’s said in post match discussions or MNF etc are the actual opinion of the ex-pro but a subject or angle that they have been instructed to broach.

Mr Makaveli



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