Keane: Rooney awful and doesn’t look in great shape

Date published: Thursday 26th November 2015 9:20

Wayne Rooney: Criticised by Roy Keane after Manchester United's draw

Wayne Rooney: Criticised by Roy Keane after Manchester United's draw

Roy Keane described Wayne Rooney as “awful” in Manchester United’s draw against PSV Eindhoven, suggesting he is out of shape.

Rooney disappointed on his return from injury as United laboured to a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford, leaving their Champions League qualification hopes up in the air with one Group B game remaining.

Speaking to ITV, Keane criticised the 30-year-old as “awful”, and questioned why he appeared on camera at a wrestling event last month, slapping one of the performers.

“It seemed a strange atmosphere at Old Trafford tonight, they lacked cutting edge,” Keane said. “You got the impression the players were waiting for something to happen, rather than going and making it happen. Wayne was on about lack of composure and quality, but I think he was as guilty as anybody. He needs to step up to the plate.

“You look at Wayne’s legacy at Old Trafford, it’s absolutely fantastic, his goals record is brilliant. But now he’s the captain there’s more responsibility and I think he’s got to do a lot more.

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“I always question certain players what are they doing off the field. Last week I saw him slapping a wrestler and I’m thinking ‘Why is he getting involved in all that nonsense?’ There’s no benefit to him. I’d have a look at that side of it.

“It’s certainly not helping him. I wouldn’t begrudge him going out and enjoying himself, but if you’re not at it yourself you’ve got to have a look and lead by example. He didn’t do that tonight. He doesn’t look sharp, he looks awful.

“Mentally he doesn’t look really sharp, physically he doesn’t look in great shape. He needs to have a look at himself.”

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    Mark Holmes

    Roy Keane described Wayne Rooney as “awful” in Manchester United’s draw against PSV Eindhoven, suggesting he is out of shape.

    [See the full post at: Keane: Rooney awful and doesn’t look in great shape]



    Of course Keano is right but it’s hardly ‘hot off the press’ news is it?.Rooney has been running on fumes for 2 years and is completely burnt out and finished at the top level,he is 30 yrs of age but is actually going on 60.
    Like I said last night,the club have to bite the bullet next summer by paying him off and shipping him and his useless,lardy arse out of the club.To keep him any longer will only delay the inevitable and perpetuate this never ending agony of watching him stink the shirt out every time he pulls it on,simple as that.



    How dare you be critical, Rooney is English it isn’t allowed.



    Apparently he is going to score 20 goals for us this season. Both lvg and rooney need to be Kicked out of the club. Yesterday’s performance was embarrassing. Need to start preparing for Thursday night football


    Big K

    Keane is only saying what many of us have been saying since before SAF left. I blame the hair transplant. As for Thursday night football, I am far from convinced that we will even qualify for that with this manager and his tactics. Some months ago I blamed Barcelona for introducing possession football into the game but after watching them last night with glorious fast-moving possession and passing – and an end-product, I take back that criticism – we are light years behind them.



    If I have said it once I must have said it a million times. Rooney is not a world class striker. 2 of 13 seasons he got 20plus goals. That is not good. In fact its downright poor. Especially as he was playing in the best team in the league for many of those seasons.



    Scholes criticise martial but nothing on his buddy Rooney club captain. Scholes stooping low to criticise a young kid who has the world on his shoulders where the club captain should be doing much more. Poor by scholes and keane the only guy that has the guts to speak the truth.



    Rooney definitely isn’t World Class. Still a good footballer but shouldn’t be guaranteed a starting spot. I’d say he isn’t worth half the salary he’s on but if he is bringing in more in merchandising then I’m happy to forget about his salary for now. Fact is Rooney is now our only senior attacker and has to contribute more in front of goal. Martial, Depay, Lingard and Januzaj all have the potential to be great players but it wouldn’t be fair to put the goal scoring burden on them.



    @homerjay540 – I’m afraid you are falling into the same trap as certain bedwetters on this site who automatically declare that every young player they see wearing the red shirt has the “potential to be great players” when there is very little evidence to back up that claim.Of the four players you mentioned only Martial has shown enough potential so far at 19 yrs of age to warrant such high praise,the rest have not.



    Depay and Martial should play up top. Let them develop a partnership as Rooney is done. We will only see Rooney score 15/20 goals with world class left and right midfielders carving it up for him.

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