Klopp explains how Liverpool won at Chelsea

Date published: Sunday 1st November 2015 11:11

Jurgen Klopp: Backed to lead Liverpool to a top-four finish

Jurgen Klopp was happy with Liverpool’s build-up play, the way they handled Chelsea’s counter attacks and their reaction to conceding early on.

Liverpool fell behind to an early Ramires goal at Stamford Bridge on Saturday but drew level through a fine Philippe Coutinho goal before the Brazilian again and then Christian Benteke scored to secure a 3-1 win for the visitors.

Speaking to LFC TV after the game, Klopp gave a detailed explanation of what aspects of the Reds’ performance had pleased him.

He said: “We didn’t have the best start in the game. We needed a few minutes to come into it and Chelsea made their goal – one of those strange situations where there were four against two in the corner and they made the cross.

“They made their goal but we stood in the game. We had our moments, we played football and our build-up with short passes – what we want to do – was very good.

“They tried to make high pressure, but we could play in the spaces between. So we could change the situation a little bit and I think in the first half we deserved it.

“Of course, it’s dangerous because of the quality of Chelsea with the counter. But we controlled these situations; not perfectly, we showed the guys a few situations at half-time where we had to protect our situations better. We made a goal and deserved the draw at half-time.

“In the second half it was an open game, we got a little bit more of the game and made our goals in two perfect moments for us. Shoot at the right moment, don’t shoot at the wrong moment, take the ball to a better situation and then shoot. A little bit of luck, of course, but I feel it was deserved.

“At the end, we had to work hard but that’s normal if you want to win at Chelsea. We had to work hard and that’s what we did.”

Last weekend, after a 1-1 draw against Southampton, Klopp said his players reacted as though “it was the end of the world” when they conceded an equaliser, suggesting they needed to have more faith in themselves in those situations.

He was understandably much happier with their reaction to going a goal behind at Chelsea.

“Their reaction was much better,” the German added.

“In life like in football, you have to make mistakes and then you can talk about it, you can work on it and change it. Or you don’t know it’s a mistake or that you will react like this when it happens.

“I haven’t known the team long enough that I can imagine all of the reactions of my team in specific situations. We made this fault (against Southampton) and spoke about it.

“It’s not possible to train that part of football. But you can change things and that’s what they did today.

“That reaction is very important for us because in the Premier League it’s not possible that in each game you’ll go into a 3-0 lead and play easygoing. You have to fight, that’s what we did today. And you have to solve your problems in the game and that’s what we did today too.”

Klopp also reserved praise for Coutinho, who has struggled to find his best form this season but delivered when it mattered at Stamford Bridge.

Klopp said: “Phil is a very good example of our situation. He’s brilliant, everybody knows he’s brilliant.

“But there are moments in your life where you have to work so that it looks easy.

“It was not easy but he was still in the game. He helped us and then he made the difference. That’s very important.”

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