Klopp ‘fine’ after explaining Liverpool’s Alex Teixeira failure

Date published: Tuesday 2nd February 2016 5:43

Alex Teixeira: Opted for a move to China

Alex Teixeira: Opted for a move to China

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists he is “fine” having made no major January signings after baulking at Shaktar Donetsk’s valuation of Alex Teixeira.

The Reds, who brought in Marko Grujic earlier in January, were locked in extensive talks over a deal for the Brazilian, before being priced out by by the Ukrainian club.

The Reds manager claims the Reds do have money to spend but that they want to “work respectfully and responsibly” – which does not mean paying £53million for a Brazilian untested in Europe’s biggest leagues.

“It’s very important that you can trust us. It was a common decision on Teixeira,” said Klopp, making it clear that the whole transfer committee was in agreement.

“We said we can’t play this game until the end. We made offers, I won’t say too much about that, but they were realistic with the plusses of it being January, the Premier League, all the plusses you have when you make negotiations. But it was a case of: ‘If you don’t want it, OK, we can’t change the situation, both for now and the future’.

“It’s not that we haven’t got money but you have to work respectfully and responsibly. That’s what we do.

“It is not like you should buy and sell, buy and sell. In my opinion, usually I make a one-year contract with the players. I know they have longer contracts, but I say: ’Yes, if you don’t play the biggest rubbish in your life, I will trust you, you have to trust me.’

“And after a year, maybe he wants somewhere else, maybe I want him to go somewhere else. That’s football.

“Now in the middle of the season, I have been here for four months and nothing has happened on transfers. I am fine with that and we can go on working.”

Teixeira himself appeared calm at the failure to sign for Liverpool this month, though this alleged snapchat which appeared on Monday evening was in fact a fake.

Alex Teixeira snapchat image

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    James Marshment

    Jurgen Klopp explains why he is fine having made no major signings and how Liverpool were priced out of a deal for Alex Teixeira.

    [See the full post at: Klopp ‘fine’ after explaining Liverpool’s Alex Teixeira failure]



    I think the big positive to take from this is that a sought after player actually wants to join Liverpool. Publicly. I think that is because of Klopp. And I am glad that Liverpool didnt just pay anything which was asked. Shakhtar will most likely sell for around £30mill (to Liverpool) in the summer as nobody wants to keep a player who is unhappy and wants to leave.



    1986,I agree mate. I was really disappointed that we couldn’t get him in January, but it’s refreshing that the lad actually wants to come here,and hopefully we can do the deal in the summer. He can help Shakhtar for the rest of the season domestically and in Europe,and hopefully we can sign him,they get a good price,and are able to get a replacement. Everyone wins


    Agree that LFC went about it the right way and also on the point about how it’s nice to see a player want to join us. The thing now is whether he plays well enough for the rest of the season that some of the European giants may come in for him. That may cause a problem for us, especially since getting into the CL will be no small task.

    We didn’t get our target but it wasn’t out of a lack of trying. One thing we did get though is a message to other clubs that we won’t just pay whatever they want. Shaktar took a risk by rejecting our very decent bids and time will tell whether that comes back to bite them.



    Liverpool is a failure club! Missed out on everything!


    Football Scouser

    Price of players has become crazy and every team is trying to making crazy money from all EPL clubs, especially the so called wealthy clubs including Liverpool. Price of any player who are interested by an EPL club will rocket up. If we paid 38 M for Teixeira, then every attacking player that we are interested will costs us more than 40 M in summer.

    Klopp understands that he has to make several signings after our poor performance. Losing game after game, being outperformed, out classed. He cannot depends on training any more. We need to sign 2 pacy, goal scoring players to fix our poor attacking problem. Then some signings to fix the defense and midfield problems. Our budget will not be enough. Klopp can do nothing but priorize his budget. He refused to pay high price for Teixeira does not mean he will not pay high price for other players. Just because he thinks that he must focus his resources to sign the most important player first.

    Refusing to pay high for Teixeira only means resources focusing. It means Klopp is targeting for players who are in higher calibee. Just wait for summer and we will see. Please stop all criticize without construction. Just back your team, your players and your manager. Thanks.



    Back your team football scouser says, the only thing I back from this mob of pretenders is average, mistake riddled toothless performances. Rarely do they fail to deliver to my expectations.

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