Klopp: Liverpool’s defending was the ‘biggest rubbish ever’

Date published: Saturday 23rd January 2016 7:19

Jurgen Klopp: Celebrates Liverpool's win with Roberto Firmino

Jurgen Klopp: Celebrates Liverpool's win with Roberto Firmino

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admitted the Reds needed a “lot of luck” to win at Norwich and called their defending in the game the “biggest rubbish ever”.

The Reds were not at the races in the first hour of the game and found themselves 3-1 down after more clumsy defending. But Liverpool score three times in 20 minutes to turn the match on its head, although they needed a last-gasp Adam Lallana strike to claim a 5-4 win after Sebastien Bassong had made it 4-4 moments earlier.

Speaking to BBC Sport after the match, Klopp said: “We have had a few games with a similar story like this, we need to think whether it is because of us.

“It was exciting until the end and longer. We had a win after 90 mins, a draw after 92 and then a win again. It is not usual.

“There was about 70 minutes that were really good. We started well but then conceded the goals. Conceding four goals in general not good. Conceding from set plays is the biggest rubbish ever because it is too easy for the other team.

“Usually we concede from the corner but now it was from the second ball, we were like rabbits in the headlights. We won the game, in the end it was deserved. The players played under big pressure and scoring five goals is not too easy. We did it.

“I was really surprised because the story of the game was not that we could make time pay. It was an open game, 90 minutes thank you and go but five? That’s hard.

“It is not too easy to judge and stay cool in a game like this. I asked why five minutes. I was not satisfied with the answer, the referee was not satisfied with the question.

“We needed luck at the end and we had it.”

Roberto Firmino: Celebrates Liverpool's opener at Norwich

Klopp, speaking to BT Sport, added: “It was an unbelievable game. We should always think it is possible, although it was not easy today. We had a lot of problems at the start. There was a bit of searching for confidence but then we played a bit of football and saw what is possible.

“Set plays, set plays, set plays, and the game changed, the opponent got a bit more confident. When I saw five minutes of overtime I couldn’t understand why.

“I think we were the deserved winner in a spectacular game. I think it is a new record but we have to solve our problems because this will not always be possible.

“Of course we were lucky, but we were not too lucky when they equalised in overtime. It is very emotional. We are in the middle of the chaos and react, sometimes we know what we are doing, sometimes we don’t. The game is enough of a story.”

On Lallana’s winner, Klopp continued: “Adam’s goal was not only spectacular but well deserved because he is such a hard worker.

“He is not happy with his scoring record but he is an offensive player so it was a good moment to celebrate his goal.”

On losing his glasses in the celebrations that followed that last-gasp winner, Klopp concluded: “I have a second pair, but I can’t find them. It’s really hard to find glasses without glasses.”

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    James Marshment

    Jurgen Klopp admitted Liverpool needed a “lot of luck” to win at Norwich and called their defending in the game the “biggest rubbish ever”.

    [See the full post at: Klopp: Liverpool’s defending was the ‘biggest rubbish ever’]



    Did the referee add a minute each to the goals scored to come out with that 5 minutes of overtime? I am as puzzled.



    Klopps not wrong is he??
    But how are we getting worse at it??


    Sean the sailor

    Has to be the playets ginger? Same under Rodgers or what do you guys think?

    We can’t do the basics though. Wtf is Moreno up to for the pen? That’s just ridiculous. Also playets not tracking their runners and just basic defending from set plays



    With the amount of games we’ve had, and have coming up, Klopp won’t have much time to work with the players. Add to that the injuries, and we may as well as just enjoy the ride over coming months.

    Also it may seem a poor excuse but I don’t think these early kick off games away from home don’t help.



    Moreno should be dropped. This level is beyond him. The lad simply can’t defend. He should be sold to the highest bidder. Start playing Brad Smith



    There are certainly a few players at the back with big question marks over their heads. Like Mignolet, I had big concerns over Moreno before he even kicked his first ball for us.



    I had concerns about him before he even started school….



    We are just going to accept the defense is as leaky as they come & try & compensate during games to get what we can this season. We wont improve until Klopp makes his signings in the summer & gets the preseason he wants to really say that this is his team & they are playing the way he wants to. This season is crazy & it is likely to get crazier so we may as well just hang on tight with the ups & downs as they happen.



    I have never known a Liverpool team so soft at the back. We have never been great with crosses into the box with our list of dodgy keepers but now we have a dodgy keeper and weak centre backs. Sakho is clearly a LFC fan favorite for some reason but his level of concentration is not that of a top class centre back. With Moreno next to him on the left of the defence it was an obvious area to exploit until Klopp moved Milner over to help out. Moreno has to be the worst defender I have seen in a LFC top. He offers pace and width going forward but to me a fullback needs to be a defender first and since his first game he has been a liability.



    Moreno is not the best defender but what was mostly lacking was the trust between the central partnership today. Toure does not cut it anymore and I think his partner knows that, we seriously need Lovren back ASAP!


    j c

    We need players who relish defending. Too many nervous defenders in this tean



    Kolo is getting on a bit. We need Skrtel & Lovren back as soon as. We have been decimated with injuries during a crucial month & it has cost us



    That was Sunday League defending from Us,Klopp is 100% right to call it Rubbish, If He is OK to praise players then He is also OK to slate them.


    Norwich with 5 shots on target and scored with 4 of them – about the usual ratio for Mignolet.

    Any other team concede so many goals with so few shots on target needed?



    Use this win as a positive and a launch pad to push on, in spite of Simon Mignolet.

    I did mention a couple of days ago, on the match thread, if it meant ‘scrapping it out’, then so be it.

    I’d welcome this with open arms than a 1-0 defeat or a goal-less draw.

    “Let’s be having you”!



    I think any person would want a win over a loss or draw?



    You are reported to the Police.



    I love how straight forward and too the point Klopp is. But lfc are without some serious defenders.



    Reported; enjoy the antagonism whilst it last.

    Every single thread: fill your boots; pick your nights like a stalker.

    Your really are creepy and make Jimmy Savile look like a god.

    You horrible coward and cretin. Die.

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