Klopp ready to throw Markovic a lifeline at Liverpool

Date published: Saturday 5th March 2016 1:02

Lazar Markovic: Set to leave Liverpool

Lazar Markovic: Returns to the Premier League

Jurgen Klopp has vowed to give Liverpool loanee Lazar Markovic another chance to prove himself at Anfield when the player returns to the club from a season-long loan with Fenerbahce.

The Serbia international was brought to the club by Brendan Rodgers in the summer of 2014 after the Reds agreed a £20million deal with Benfica. But after struggling to have an impact in his first season at Anfield, Markovic loaned to Fener for the 2015/16 campaign.

Markovic, who admitted last year he had a strained relationship with former Reds boss Rodgers, has returned to Melwood as he nurses a groin injury and the 22-year-old looks certain to be given another opportunity as Klopp aims to rebuild his squad.

“I will say at the start of pre-season, ‘welcome, and then it’s up to you’,” Klopp said.

“That is how it is in football, it is a long pre-season and if he wants to come back to Liverpool on July 2, then you are welcome.

“We are short on wingers. Everybody who is involved in pre-season can have a part to play next season. We need a big squad because of the European Championships.

“Pre-season is a long time to show what you have and then after this we’ll make decisions.”

Fener, for whom Markovic has has scored two goals in 20 appearances, had previously claimed Liverpool would not discuss the player’s sale.

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    James Marshment

    Jurgen Klopp has vowed to give Liverpool loanee Lazar Markovic another chance to prove himself when the player returns from Fenerbahce.

    [See the full post at: Klopp ready to throw Markovic a lifeline at Liverpool]



    Seeing how good (or not) Markovic is in pre season will determine whether he stays at Liverpool.

    Personally I don’t think he will make it, but let us wait and see, although he will have to prove himself to Klopp first.

    But Ojo, who is 4 years younger, will provide him with intense competition for that spot, and I just think he might edge it. Not forgetting Ibe who is also in contention



    Dunno songman I think he could make it pal but the one thing I may question is whether he fits into Klopps system.

    IMHO should definitely be given a chance.



    Bob let us wait and see, of course he desereves a chance to prove himself.

    However one problem is he gets injuired frequently. And he is just too inconsitent for me, he has some superb games where he provides a credible threat, then completely disappears in the next game



    Yes I agree with that songman he is inconsistent, hopefully that changes if and when he gets the opportunity ??



    I wouldn’t mind seeing how he combines with Benteke



    Not sure if he has the temperament/attitude to succeed but he deserves a season under Klopp to find out.



    Wouldnt mind giving him a chance under Klopp but I doubt he could make it. He is no difference to Moreno all pace no brains just like a headless chicken.



    Hard to tell how he will do. I’m sick, sore and tired of players joining us as the “next big thing” and turning out to be utter pants. We have a 90% success rate in signing potential that turns into muck.



    It may be a question of just getting the best out of who we have at the club. Andy Carroll is turning out to be a potent secret weapon for West Ham to bring on & snatch all three points from games that seem lost. They are seriously pushing for Top 4 a lot more strongly than we are. Benteke at the very least could be our secret weapon once we have a couple of quality wingers to feed him in the squad. To sell him without definite signs he is surplus to league or cup requirements might well be repeating old mistakes. He is a quality player but has not been able to show it right now. All that could change next season. YNWA



    No player should be judged on the time he spent under Rodgers as this season has proved for those who were were here to play under Klopp. In Markovic’s case he could certainly benefit from having a fellow countryman as one of Klopp’s assistants.
    He could be very good and also link up well with fellow Serbian Grukic when he arrives.



    Been a while since I posted but I have been reading peoples thoughts and opinions. The biggest flaw for me about Liverpool’s policy with buying potential is they buy too many. Markovic for example could never get a consistent run in the team and when that’s the case how then can he become more valuable. Same can be said for Alberto, Ilori and Gomez, who might have a chance. If the fee for just Markovic and Origi had been combined along with their wages we could have had a proven player for the same money. Best case now is that Origi makes it but when I wouldn’t be too sure and he was the cheaper of the 2 . It is a 47 million gamble in fees on 5 players alone. We have sold our 2 most valuable players in the last 2 summers and have very little to show for it. I like Can, Lallana, Firminio and Sahko but it’s a poor strike rate. I know we have spent big on a proven player in Benteke and so far that hasn’t worked but a lot of people said he wouldn’t fit and so far they’re right. The logic in a lot of our signings is missing. Ings and Milner will be around for a while but we can’t call either of them a gamble on the same scale. The numbers that FSG are so fond of don’t add up imo.



    2 goals in 20 appearances in a much weaker league says enough for me.



    Sully101 Great first post mate. Your spot on when you question how these young players can become valuable to the club in future,as they can’t get a decent run in our side,as they’re either not good enough,or have been mismanaged, and in Markovic’s case,I’d say it’s a little bit of both to be honest. You’re also bang on when you question the number of young players we sign. We have definitely signed too many. I think things will change with Klopp. He won’t stand for FSG’s policies for too long,so they may have to be more flexible, or I think he will walk. The rumours are that Klopp will be backed in the summer,but I think it will be another ‘sell before you can buy’ window,which,if it is,will presumably see the likes of Benteke put up for sale,as I still think teams would take a chance on him. Whatever happens, it promises to be an interesting summer window



    He has pace but he can’t dribble and gets bullied off the ball. As a central player he’s got nothing on Coutinho and Firmino just about nicks it for me. What he can bring is energy further up the pitch during the latter stages of a game. Whether that’s good enough for a 20mil signing or not is up to Klopp to decide. I feel he can be a good utility player if he can develop into a Michael Owen-esque striker with his versatility to add to what he can offer. As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out on this one. It’s all about how he will be used.



    he is 21 years for crying out loud. write him of after he plays 2 seasons for us.



    @liverlad that’s rubbish. You could say the same about Origi’s record in France but look how he’s playing now



    Secret Weapon Benteke !!! 🙂

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