La Marseillaise could be played before PL matches

Date published: Thursday 19th November 2015 10:57

Wembley Stadium England v France TEAMtalk

Wembley: Was lit up in the colours of the Tricolore

The Premier League is considering playing the French national anthem before all matches this weekend as a mark of respect for those affected by the terror attacks on Paris.

The idea was discussed at a meeting of club officials on Wednesday and a decision is expected later on Thursday.

It follows England and France fans joining together to sing La Marseillaise at Tuesday’s friendly international at Wembley, to remember the 129 people who died. England fans also held aloft a mosaic of the French flag during the national anthem.

It is understood a number of Premier League clubs were keen on the idea, especially those with French players in their squads.

The Premier League is also expected to detail any new security measures that fans can expect at matches after Friday’s attacks, one of which targeted France’s game with Germany at the Stade de France. Germany’s friendly against Holland in Hanover on Tuesday was also cancelled due to security concerns.

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    Ian Watson

    The Premier League may play the French national anthem before matches this weekend as a mark of respect fin the wake of the Paris attacks.

    [See the full post at: La Marseillaise could be played before PL matches]


    nine nine nine

    Nice idea.





    theMartial Art

    I was sad about what has happened but this is inappropriate. I feel bad as I think I’m be the only one thinking this a bit OTT. Tuesday night was sufficient I think.


    MartialArt – I am with you on this. As someone who regularly attends live football and music events, I am as utterly horrified at last Fridays’s events as anyone could be. I thought Tuesday was extremely well judged and it felt a genuine show of unity and brotherhood with the French people and sympathy for the victims and their families. To me, this feels more like an ostentatious show of what a wonderful community the PL and its supporters are, rather than a sincere act of sympathy and honour of the victims. In other words. more of a PR stunt for the PL. Maybe I am just too cynical.


    theMartial Art

    liquidator – Agree with you. Playing it at Wembley was a good and right thing to do to show everyone stand together against terrorism but don’t overdo it. what is this going to achieve? why not get to the real issue of sorting this sorry mess out through political means



    I think this is a nice gesture, the French players have helped revolutionise our league and we stand close to them as a people. For me its not about a PR stunt but a chance for us fans no matter who we support to show we are united against terrorism and that we are thinking of those who have suffered.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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