Leeds fans want to kill me, but I’m not going anywhere – Cellino

Date published: Monday 18th April 2016 12:19

Massimo Cellino: Closing in on Leeds sale

Unpopular Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has warned supporters he has no intention of selling the club any time soon – and has told disgruntled fans he’s not a bad person.

Frustrated supporters have held a number of high-profile demonstrations against the Italian owner this season, with the action group ‘Time To Go Massimo’ projecting an anti-Cellino message on the club’s East Stand during a recent home game with Middlesbrough.

But Cellino insists he only has the very best intentions for the club and cannot understand why he’s so disliked.

“I can be the best a***hole in the world but I’m not a bad person and I never want to hurt anyone,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “I can be a pain in the a*** but I’m not a bad person. So when people say I’m dishonest, it hurts me.

“When I watch a movie, I’m the sort who wants the police to win, not the bad guys. Some think I’m Machiavellian. ‘You see, Massimo Cellino is a motherf*****.’ I’m not. Sometimes I do things without thinking but if I make a mistake people think I did it on purpose.

“When the fans call me a b******, it hurts me a lot, but I understand the fans who are p***** off. Maybe if I was in their position I’d say the same thing. They’re so used to eating s*** that they don’t believe something good could happen. So many times they’ve had the illusion of the right thing coming along so why should they believe Massimo Cellino is the right one?

“Can you imagine staying in Leeds when the people want to kill you? I’m depressed. People tell me to go away. F****** hell. But I’m not going away because I’m not a coward. Otherwise I’d have already run away.”

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