Leeds ‘risk losing fans’ after adding £5 ‘pie tax’ to tickets

Date published: Wednesday 2nd December 2015 10:00

Leeds fans: Angry at club's proposed pie tax

Leeds fans: Angry at club's proposed pie tax

Leeds fans have criticised the imposition of a £5 ‘pie tax’ at Elland Road and warned the club risks the losing the loyalty of supporters by refusing to open meaningful dialogue in the midst of another increasingly testing campaign.

Club officials are set to introduce the additional charge from this month in the South Stand, meaning adult ticket prices will rise to £42 including a “meal deal” voucher – irrespective of whether fans require refreshments.

The news is a further blow to fans growing increasingly frustrated with the controversial ownership of Massimo Cellino, who performed a U-turn on an earlier decision to sell the club to a fans’ consortium earlier this month.

Leeds Supporters’ Trust chairman Michael Green said: “The whole thing has been introduced without any consultation at all and it is the latest manifestation of a club that is completely out of touch with its supporters.

“Sometimes you have got to keep it in the context of an individual act and it may not be on the same scale as some of the bigger issues the club has had to deal with since Massimo Cellino arrived – however it is one of those things we could have done without.

Massimo Cellino: Leeds United owner set to sell club

“The club has an issue of how to keep one of the best supports in the country loyal, because frankly at this moment in time it does not have a lot going for it.

“Certainly you do not do it by trying to force through so-called “pie tax” schemes, especially at a time when disillusionment has already set in and the sense of another wasted season looms large.”

Leeds fans had hoped the move would be scuppered by Football League rules which prohibit clubs increasing their prices in mid-season, however it appears this rule only applies to the price of away tickets.

A club spokesperson told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “The club is looking at ways to encourage supporters to use the facilities and catering offerings on matchdays. Adult South Stand tickets are now being sold as a package, which includes the advertised standard match ticket plus meal deal voucher.

“The voucher offers a saving on the standard matchday food and drink prices, and to accommodate demand additional catering units have been identified in the lower concourse and will be designated for serving the voucher-only meal deals.

“This new package only applies to the South Stand, and supporters can buy tickets elsewhere in the stadium at standard ticket prices.”

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    James Marshment

    It’s all out war at Leeds after fans rallied against the club’s plan to add a £5 ‘pie tax’ on matchday tickets. (No, we’re not joking!)

    [See the full post at: Leeds ‘risk losing fans’ after adding £5 ‘pie tax’ to tickets]


    This is all the FA’s fault. They allowed the Italian Derek Trotter to take charge, kicked up a little fuss but they have let him do his damage. What an utter merchant this guy is and he’s going to ruin a club that belongs in the PL , not down and out.



    Johnny Utah

    A protest walk out planned for the 17th minute on Saturday.


    What a ridiculous way to treat paying customers! It is nothing to do with the FA or the Football league and everything to do with self harm. Whoever thought up this jolly little wheeze needs shooting together with the lame brain that approved it.

    If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny and of course adds another snippet to the pile of things that are going towards making our formerly glorious football club the laughing stock.


    ” It is nothing to do with the FA or the Football league and everything to do with self harm.”

    It has everything to do with the Football League as they were the ones who initially barred him under the fair and proper owner/director (call it what you will) test. He later appealed it and won.

    So that’s the fault of who? Leeds is it? They knew this guy was trouble yet their own system to try and stop exactly what’s happening at Leeds failed them.


    Sorry – I have no wish to get into an argument but can I respectfully point out that Massimo Cellino was banned by the FL under their Owners & Directors rules. Initially this was appealed by MC and temporarily put off but in the end he did serve his ban which lasted until the end of last season. Took his medicine as it were.

    I am not sure where the FA fits into all this. I have no love at all for the FLand I do believe that they would get at LUFC any which way and have been doing so far as our barmy owner is concerned.

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