‘Keita signing a no-brainer for Liverpool’; ‘Herrera would fail in L2’

Date published: Friday 5th May 2017 10:44

One Liverpool fan asks: “When did Liverpool last produce a top player from the academy?” And Alexandre Lacazette is vastly overrated, according to out forum.

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‘We need a high profile manager who can attract players…’

Would scraping 4th place even matter as the moment when it comes to attracting players? Everyone knows we have been so poor this season and don’t have any chance of doing well in the ECL.

Our players are going backwards and don’t out an effort in for their manager, who is tactically clueless himself. Anyone who joins in this current state must lack ambition.

We need a high profile manager which can attract players along with a lot of money. We need at least 3 world class players down the spine.

The new manager can have a clear out and weed out others who don’t consistently put in an effort. Clearly there is little to no hope for this with our owner and board.



‘Lacazette is one of the most overrated strikers out there’

Alexandre Lacazette: Lyon desperate to keep their star

A)It dosent really matter about which player we can or cannot sign.Until we have this delusional old man managing us under this inept and incapable board we won’t get anywhere.

B)More than the fact that players wouldn’t want to join a non CL team,My concern is that say if the delusional manager does decide to leave.Which top manager would even want to join a team which is not in the CL.Not Allegri,Not simieone.Actuslly who am I kidding which manager in their right mind would even want to manage under this current board.

C)Just a word on lacazette,He is one of the most overrated strikers out there who can’t even get into the national team.Its no wonder that the most ambitious teams who actually want to challenge for the title aren’t in for him and are looking else where.Yet he is only being linked with the likes of us.Who are knows to have become a top 4 team(Incapable to challenge for trophies).

the specialone


Six new signings for Chelsea

Don’t expect too many changes. I see 6 signings coming in:

Bakayoko and Lukaku seem nailed on.

These are the additional areas we will strengthen:

GK – ???
CB – Van Dijk, Koulibaly
WB – ???
ST – Morata

Team for next season as of now:

—————– Courtois —————-

—- Azpilicueta —- Luiz —- Cahill —-

Moses —- Bakayoko —– Kante —- Alonso

—- Pedro —— Lukaku —— Hazard —-



Llorente an option?

Bort – I cannot see that we will buy Van Dijk and then not play him. I personally still have doubts about Moses and think we will be on the look out for a replacement or lets says someone else capable of fulfilling that role

Looks as though Stockdale from Brighton could be the cover keeper based on latest reports with Begovic moving on

Assuming we do buy Lukaku then I still feel we need a capable cover for striker and I am assuming that Michy will go on loan somewhere to improve his game so personally I could see someone like Llorente joining especially if Swansea get relegated. Cannot see the logic of Lukaku and Morata as they would both expect to start. KTBFFH



Chelsea will see ‘a huge amount of transfer business’

You dont see many changes but you expect 6 signings? Makes no sense. When was the last time we bought 6 players in on market?

Im expecting a huge amount of business this summer. We already have 60 mil banked from oscar. Have 3 players sold from jan wages spare. Costa will be sold for 60-70 million?

Cfc totally agree on moses. I think we will definitley see a top wingback come in. Im also expecting a centreback. And you would expect atleast 2 strikers (michy on loan) and a centre mid to replace matic

Thats 5 signings so i just about agree with you on that bort. 4 of them would come straight into the team. I think the weak links are matic,Moses,cahill/luiz (depending on cl ect) and then costas replacement with a back up striker on the bench.

Some people are seriously underestimating how many games we will play next season. Conte will want to win the prem and try and win the cl. His ambition is huge. Some people think we need to replace costa and get a midfielder in and we are good to go haha


When did Liverpool last produce a top player from the academy?

Steven Gerrard: Will take charge of Liverpool's Under-18s

It’s been a long while since we produced a top player from the academy hasn’t it? and I don’t mean an above average player who is not quite good enough but will earn us a a few millions in the transfer market…I mean the real deal

I can’t help but be jealous of the way Rashford has developed at United or how well Kane is doing for Spurs

the latest players to come through academy to the first team for us are Woodbury,Harry Wilson, Ojo, Ryan Kent and TAA
do you think any of them has what it takes to become a really top player?

Personally I think TAA can become a solid full back and Woodburn and Ojo seem to have that special something
I’ve only seen highlight reels of Kent and Wilson so can’t really comment on them



Keita signing is a ‘no-brainer’

About Naby Keita, it is a no-brainer. An experienced young top class midfielder in Europe at the price around 30 or 40 M. Don’t forget the price of Pobga. Yes, personally think that Naby Keita is in the same calibre of Pobga if not a notch above.

Only flaw of Keita is we will lose the player in Jan. every other season due to Africa Cup. No matter Klopp plays him as a defensive midfield (positon of his early football career) or a box to box midfielder, he can improve our starting line up, improve the team, not just the squad.

My only worry is : Can we sign him?

Football Scouser


Address Liverpool’s problem positions

“Mr Mak, if a player is a game-changer like Keita, and can help you win Premiership or CL, then he is worth buying”

You won’t win the PL unless you address the problem positions and if you want to replace Lallana or Wijnaldum with an expensive signing, that is maybe strengthening an already strong area and leaving some serious weaknesses as they are.

I don’t see the logic in that unless this strengthening is OUT OF THIS WORLD good. I’m not against s signing a top player, I’m just making a point that we have problems to fix. If you have an old car that won’t go into gear, you don’t spend all your money making the engine more efficient.

Mr Makaveli


‘Don’t worry where Keita will fit in’

Philippe Coutinho: Linked with a summer switch to Real Madrid

Mr Mak, who said that by signing Keita, for example, that we will not strengthen our problem areas also??? And it is fairly obvious that if we get CL, we have to significantly strengthen and deepen our squad, as we will be in 4 competitions plus to account for our horrendous injury record.

It is well known by fans and management that the problem areas have to be addressed this summer, namely left-back, centre-back, striker, defensive midfielder, and I am certain they will be.

But we also have to sign enigmantic players who can take us up to a whole new level e.g. the way Mane, Ibrahimovic and Kante have done this season. Keita is another example and I would definitely sign him if given the chance.

Don’t worry where Keita will fit in, leave that to Klopp as he knows best of all. And what’s wrong with having 2 rampant players (Mane and Keita) running at our opponents, surely that will make Liverpool even stronger, or can you not see this?



Herrera would ‘fail’ in League Two

If Herrera was judged on last night, he’d fail to get in League Two’s team of the season Manny.

Strange that everyone came straight on after the game and slagged Fellaini who, like him or not, had a reasonable game and actually contributed, but only the odd one mentioned Herrera’s complete anonymity.

It’s simple and was clear again last night, despite it being a decent performance, neither Fellaini, Herrera or Carrick are good enough and we need TWO new midfielders to sit either side of Pogba.



United ‘can sneak into the CL after all’

A win and a clean sheet away from home in the semi final of a European competition will always be considered a good result but we could and should have been home and hosed already. I can’t believe how little threat Celta posed but then again, Mourinho wrote the book on those kind of performances away from home.

Yet again, our finishing let us down and with our poor home form in mind this tie is far from over. We’re still massive favorites, also in the final (if we get there as expected). Ajax are exciting but inexperienced and, again, Mourinho will know how to see out that game.

So it looks like we can sneak into the CL after all but we mustn’t forget that we simply haven’t been good enough in the league to warrant a place. We’ll need to strengthen in every area to stand a chance there and actually start taking our chances. I’m no huge fan of Jose but at least we’re creating chances under him, which we weren’t last season.

It’s important to end this rather dreary season on a high and sign the right players in the summer. Everyone will have to take a good look in the mirror as many of them have ability but not the attitude to succeed at Old Trafford. Then there are those who are simply not good enough and will have to be shipped out or reduced to a squad player role but yet again, we’re heading into a very important summer. Will it be the start of something great or another false dawn with failed promises?



Celta ‘poor’ with ‘lots of rejects’

I saw the game and i saw Celta was a very poor side with lots of rejects.

Yes,Swansea was a better team than Celta. It was no park the bus tactic but Mourinho´s sides is hard to play through for opponents. I also saw we won every 50-50 ball and we were physical stronger. Leading 1-0 we started to invite Celta in second half. Its not the first time we are seeing this plus the time wasting by United players is embarrassing.

Yes,we will reach the Finale in Friends Arena in Sweden but Ajax is a better team than Celta with greater younger talents and their pressing game is very intense. That is something Man United been a allergic to.

This is our chance to CL and bring top players in. The title EL winners is no catsh*t either.


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