Liverpool fans name the man they want to lead their attack

Date published: Wednesday 7th September 2016 8:53

Roberto Firmino, Daniel Sturridge: Attacking alternatives to Liverpool

Roberto Firmino, Daniel Sturridge: Attacking alternatives to Liverpool

Liverpool fans have been asked to name the player they most want to lead their attack – and the results show overwhelming support for one man.

Daniel Sturridge is the man that Liverpool fans want to lead their attack, according to the results of a 90min vote.

Jurgen Klopp seems to have relegated Sturridge to the bench in his own mental depth chart, preferring last season’s top scorer Roberto Firmino to lead the line early this season, but a full 50% of over 50,000 fans polled said they wanted to see Sturridge starting up front after seeing the club’s strikers fail to score a single goal between them in August.

Sturridge did score twice in the Reds’ EFL Cup win over Burton Albion last month, but has otherwise yet to find the target in his limited opportunities in the current campaign – looking ineffective when he started in an embarrassing loss to Burnley.

The England international did prove his worth in his brief time between injuries last season though, scoring eight times in 14 league appearances at a rate of a goal every 122.5 minutes – and it may be that pedigree which has Liverpool fans looking forward to seeing him back.

Reds Fans

Reds fans continue to question Klopp’s choices as the poll continues too, 21% of them voting for Divock Origi – three late substitute appearances in three games this season – over starter Firmino.

Origi also had limited playing time last season, scoring five league goals at a rate of one every 133.8 minutes, but looked to have been improving towards the end of his first campaign in English football. He is also yet to score this season.

Firmino limps into third place in the poll with 15% of the vote – just 1% ahead of Danny Ings, who hasn’t started a senior game of football for almost a year. It’s a less-than ringing endorsement for last season’s top scorer and the man who Klopp seems to have picked out as his leading man for the season.

One part of the fans’ consternation may be due to Firmino’s slow start to the season, which has seen the Brazilian fail to get off the mark despite playing every minute of the club’s opening three Premier League games.


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    Michael Graham

    Liverpool fans have been asked to name the player they most want to lead their attack – and the results show huge support for one man.

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    Thats interesting, I knew Origi and Sturridge had similar goal scoring ratios but I had not figured out it was such a small margin. Sturridge with a goal every 122 min, compared to 134 minutes for Origi.

    Now I wonder if Origi is actually better in front of the goal as he does not play as many games as a striker as Sturridge does.



    Its an interesting one, I think Origi and Sturridge are very different types of players. When I see Sturridge score I often think that Origi wouldnt have scored a goal like that. A bit similar with Origi cos he gets in to positions I dont think Sturridge might be in.

    I think the result of this poll was a no-brainer but I would be interested to see the same poll run at the end of the season as the pendulum seems to be swinging for Sturridge and his ‘attitude’



    Sturridge is still the best we have and should be leading the line whenever he’s fit and available. I actually think we are quite short in the striker department,but Klopp clearly thinks otherwise. Sturridge is our best option at the moment,but I have high hopes for Origi. I think Origi will be brilliant in years to come. At the moment,he’s still a bit raw in my opinion


    Ya, Origi is raw alright but one for the future. I’d love to see Ings get a few starts this season but it’s not looking like he will, is it?

    A motivated Sturridge is miles ahead of the rest when you’re considering who is the biggest goal threat.



    I´m a big fan of Sturridge, he is such a natural goalscorer but what I like about him at peak level is his ability on the ball, he can tear defenses apart with his dribbles. He can stretch a line like no other but he is far from being at that level right now. I got hope that he will get there after december if he can remain fit.

    The one man we are underestimating is Firmino, he can raise his game up to a new level, I see no reason why he can´t emulate the progress of other strikers that have been at the club. He did have a slow start, he got better as the season went on and he is one of our highest scoring players during the Klopp reign. Coutinho and Sturridge are a goal a head of him.
    There were rumors he was a bit heavy in the summer, so my guess is that although he is ahead of Sturridge, Origi and Ings in the lineup, that he can improve just as much as the former players mentioned.

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