‘Liverpool like a Grand National horse who keeps hitting fences’

Date published: Monday 23rd January 2017 12:25

Liverpool fans debate their title prospects after the defeat to Swansea and suggest the sale of one man maybe a good thing, while Granit Xhaka’s lack of discipline and Wayne Rooney’s best ever goal are also debated.

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Liverpool still in title mix – but they’ve shot themselves in the foot 

Compared to our finishes in 15 and 16, top 4 was primarily JK’s target along with one trophy. He mentioned the point of trophy in his very first press conference when he was unveiled.

With that in mind, the years I’ve posted on here, people still can’t distinguish the difference between going for it and predicting we’ll win it.

The thread was originally set up in the vain that our league position early doors was strong and we were racking up points more than our rivals albeit Chelsea.

Of course, the course of the league is measured over a 38 game period. But can you imagine last year if Claudio Ranieri was to tell his players “we’re Leicester and we’re never going to win it, because it’s all about ensuring Premier League safety”?

It’s like a horse in the Grand National; even if the a Horse for example is the least favourite, if they are in a winning position or stand a chance of winning, you would encourage them to go the whole hog.

Of course, there will be times over the course of the season where Liverpool will lose games and shoot themselves in the foot. Man that is the Liverpool way and always has been since I care to remember – even the 1980s when we’d expect them to beat a team 6-0, and then bang – something out of nothing against the odds, we lose – remember Wembley 1988?????

But with that, along the path, we’ve won trophies and we’ve been more successful than a lot of other teams. If we forever applied a defeatist attitude, we would never have got past Olympiakos in 04, let alone make an incredible comeback on that famous night in Istanbul. This is what I love about my club, the happiness it injects after a triumph and it’s truly worthwhile.

We will win with Jurgen Klopp and man it’s going to be wonderful. Just trust and keep faith in the guy. I’ve mentioned all along, he’s going to need at least 2/3 summer windows to get it right, but he will get there because he’s a proven winner.

We’ve played 21 games in the league. We’re still in the mix, and we’re still in 2 cup competitions.

Onwards and upwards, and let’s keep those Seatbelts fastened!




Burnley, Bournemouth, West Ham, Sunderland, Swansea. These games have killed us and have ultimately cost Liverpool a title chance! ????



Not over for Liverpool yet

Joel Matip and Jurgen Klopp: Receive FIFA update

There’s 14 games left. Chelsea are 10 points ahead but play us on the 31st. Jan & then Arsenal on the 4th. Feb. That gap could reduced to 4 points with 14 games left at best, or 16 points with 14 games left with 14 games left at worst.

This is the crunch-time not the we’ve embarrassed ourselves for daring to believe time. Supporters need to stand up for the team now or we will have no hope come the 31st. Jan. Come on the Redmen YNWA



We are now going into the final third of the season with Coutinho, Hendo, Matip all coming back into full fitness and Mané will be back soon after too.

The teams round us bar Chelsea will have European football to contend with while we can focus on one game a week.
It’s no coincidence our slump in fortune came at the same time we lost 4 of the most important figures in the team.

Klopp has a lot of responsibility to shoulder too by playing both Firmino and Lallana out of their most effective positions on numerous occasions lately.
He needs to learn that they stay where they are and others can fit in round them.



Xhaka a liability – dump him in the summer and get Wilshere back

Granit Xhaka: Must control his game

Yet again Xhaka has been sent off with a ridiculous tackle. His disciplinary record in Germany was woeful and unless he learns fast it will be worse in this country. How in Gods name could anyone entertain paying £34million for him is beyond me.

Coquelin who cost nothing is a better player. Why we bought him when we have better players is beyond me. Dump him at the end of the season and reinstall Jack into his rightful position.



First thing first his tackle was silly. However when you look at some the tackles this same ref has let go unpunished this season it’s a joke he even got sent off.

One thing to admire about Granit, his aggression. This we have missed in our team for donkeys! he was actually playing really well up until his sending off. Also his first red of the season was never in a mailliin years a red so I feel for him on that front.

Also as well, had we of drawn this game then he would have come under a lot more unfair criticism. We yet again lacked any urgency in first half, looked limp in attack and sorely lacking a real threat up top.
I do completely agree that we shouldn’t have signed him when there was a much cheaper player prem experienced signed by that kit down the road. I wouldnt ship him out though he is here now, he has improved vastly since the start of season. I will be interested to see what he can do next season with maybe wilshere next to him (if caz can’t stay fit)

As for coq being better I’m not so sure. He is equally as irratic in tackles and makes stupid stupid decisions when in a yellow.



Xhaka needs to improve his decision making. He is more a clumsy tackler than a dirty player. He needs to ‘clean’ up his act fast if he is to have a future here.


Granit Xhaka: Playing with the best at Arsenal

Most people on here probably know that I was a big supporting of the Xhaka signing and I do think he is a quality player but even I have to admit, I’m growing pretty tired of him already.

It wasn’t the worst tackle ever and I know worse challenges have been missed by refs this season but I don’t really see the point in comparing incidents. If you take it on its own merits, it was dangerous, 2 footed and he was jumped in out of control. It was a red card and it was idiotic. It’s hard to argue against him intending to hurt the player as well because there was certainly an element of revenge about it. He had a bit of a spat with Defour in the first half. He was frustrated at giving the ball away and I think he saw an opportunity to leave one on the player.

There is absolutely no doubting that he has a reputation now and he is making himself a target for the refs and the oppositions.
I like the fact that he does have a tough streak to him but there are ways to go about it and yesterday he was very stupid. He has not left us with 2 available CMs for the next 4 games and he owes his team and the fans a big apology. He simply has to be smarter.



Rooney’s record haul  – but which goal was best?

Wayne Rooney: Receives widespread praise

I’ve got a few favourite goals from Rooney. The volley against Newcastle was just pure technique, anger, and just irrepressible raw talent but the overhead against City was just sublime – even though he shinned it.

I also really enjoyed the late winner he scored against AC Milan at Old Trafford in the Champion’s Leage in 2006/07 – he smashed it in at Dida’s near post having taken a first time shot from outside the box. It was the first time we had beat a European powerhouse in years and it gave us the confidence to go on and win the Champion’s League in the next season. AC Milan were absolutely immense at the time with players like Nesta, Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf, Kaka, Shevchencko etc.



This one all the way for me….



Hull tested Chelsea – could the Tigers survive?

Those who underestimated Hull, I told ya. They were great. Had more possession, created chances, very motivated. Courtois had to be alerted in several occasions. But a clinical performance from us. Great 2 finishes from Costa and Cahill. If we perform like this, we will take 0 points from Liverpool and probably Arsenal too.



What a boring game. Hull played well and if they continue to play like that then surely they could escape relegation?

Terrible clash of heads and hope that Mason is OK

Do not understand the comment from Fergie as the game had continued and we badly needed that second goal

To many players had an off day or as a team were we too complacent…? No idea but we will need to improve greatly if we want to get anything from Liverpool (although they may be saying exactly the same…?) and Arsenal. KTBFFH


Is that the draw that gives Spurs title belief?

Heung-Min Son: Nets Spurs equaliser

I don’t how City haven’t won that game. they have been clearly the better team throughout the contest. Yet they come up with a point.

On the other hand this is a brilliant point for Spurs. Even when they are pants, they managed to get a point at Etiha

I’m not many teams will go there and play like that but still come away with a point. I’m sure one day when the season is finally over, where ever Spurs finish and whatever they achieve they will look back and say this is the point that has given them the belief and who knows, maybe title belief.

As for City, if they miss top 4 , they will look back and reflect on this result and will feel, this is the day that they let it go. I have never seen a team dominate another throughout the contest and still not pick all 3 points. That is only possible in Pep’s world.



Arsenal and Spurs are currently challenging for the title imo and I wouldn’t completely write off Liverpool’s chances yet as they would be right back in the title race should Chelsea falter.

There’s still a long way to go and every team has still to play some tough games with two of Chelsea’s toughest to come in consecutive games now

I think the title will probably be won with circa 86 points which would mean that Chelsea could afford to drop circa 17 points over the next 16 games and over the previous 22 games Chelsea have dropped just 11 points so that’s a nice cushion to have but the titles never won until your 7 points clear with two games to go.

As you rightly say one or two of your fellow posters on the Liverpool site tend to get a tad ahead of themselves at times and starting a “Title talk ” thread after half a dozen games is always in danger of coming back to bite you in the Arsenal.

Such threads do only seem to manifest themselves on the Liverpool site and I guess it is just borne out of the deep desire to win the title after such a along period of not winning it and going so close previously. Cheers 999

nine nine nine


Pep’s interviews becoming as good to watch at Klopp’s

Pep Guardiola: City now ten points behind leaders Chelsea

Pep Guardiola in post match interviews is just as funny as Jurgen Klopp. “The BBC is meant to be prestigious and talk about football but first question is about the referee”. Reporter felt the burn.

Gullit putting “honest” and “Sterling” in the same sentence. Brilliant. BBC failed Shearer with incorrect information regarding the Spurs change, apparently after 20 minutes, of which our shape and personnel only changed at half time.

MOTD never ceases to amaze and drop to new cliches but I’ll still watch it to catch up on every other game. Damn you addiction!


The FA should throw the book at Wenger

Paolo di Canio got an 11 game ban for pushing ref Paul Alcock. Do the FA have the balls to bring Wenger to task and give him the same punishment?



Gotta laugh at all the people calling for Wenger to get a lengthy ban

Anthony Taylor didn’t even move, it was a slight push at best and nothing more.

They say we live in a world perpetrated by outrage and false indignation, I guess we do.

No one wanna mention the pen on Mustafi?



Tiptap, there really wasnt anything in it but footbal is such a big girls blouses game these days that his reaction should get a ban. You cant put your hands on the officials at all. Even though it was hardly a push, he still raised his hands to move him away chum.

He totally lost the plot and you could see after the game that he regretted it.

Sean the Sailor


You can’t touch the officials. Sends a terrible message to those watching the match on TV who then go and play on a weekend. If kids see that they will not respect officials when they get brought to task.


Liverpool should sell Can if Juventus offer £20m

On the whole, Emre Can has been very average for us. He pops up with a good game here & there but it’s few & far between. If we could get 20 mill for him that would be great & I’d jump at that. Put it this way, he is not going to take us to the next level & I doubt he’d get a look in with any of our top 4 rivals.



Can’s had a poor season so far.

He’s very one paced, takes too many touches out of the ball and is slow of mind when picking out a pass. Not good qualities for a midfielder.

I’m becoming increasingly concerned about where/how he fits into this team.



I would gladly exchange him for Joe Allen. He is a disciplined lad, good attitude but maybe the PL does not suit him, just as the Serie A did not suit Thierry Henry.



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