‘Liverpool must spend £150m just to stay competitive’

Date published: Friday 10th February 2017 12:27

Arsene Wenger irks Arsenal fans further, Liverpool and Man United’s summer plans are discussed and will Willian leave Chelsea?

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Wenger insult


So our leader once again insults the people who pay his £8.5million per year by blaming our poor results on the Arsenal fans yet again. Once again this fraud refuses to take any responsibility for the weakness of the squad, his poor transfer policy, atrocious tactics, poor motivational skills. It’s all our fault apparently, the nerve of this man is unbelievable, he’s got more front than Harrods.

The Oracle

For someone who is so often lauded as being so intelligent, some of these comments from Wenger are beyond stupid in the current climate.

“You cannot be a fan until last Tuesday and not be a fan anymore and not be behind the team this Saturday. It doesn’t make sense’.

How dare he question the support of the team. The crucial point he is missing here is that the vast majority of the negative press around us at the minute, is about HIM and not the team. The fans are behind the team for the most part. Its Wenger many of us are not behind anymore. People are not giving up being fans of Arsenal and he needs to remember it is Arsenal and not Arsene FC.

The situation at Spurs is different because their fan base believes in the manager and what he is doing. He is doing a good job. I’m convinced Wenger is incapable of taking any responsibility when things are not going well. He wants to be the single most important person at our club but never has the balls to front up and admit that what he is currently producing is not acceptable for this club.


Probably a bad example to use our local rivals as a benchmark and for someone who has been in the game and at Arsenal for so long I agree he really is losing certain aspects of his grip on the club…

A better example for me and I am trying to read into what he is saying so if you disagree then please get your point across with a carrot not a stick:

Dortmund…The Stadium on match day…flags waving crowd singing and encouraging the team throughout…nervous tension no doubt by supporters and when a player makes a mistake or the opponents score there is no negativity from the stands there is a counter roar to encourage the team to get back in the game…C

ut to the Emirates…all I can say and we have all mentioned it in some guise over the years the Prawn Sandwich nature of a vast majority of our home fans…corporate b*llocks in other words…tension from kick-off and only eases slightly when we are in a game and we go 2 up…sometimes we still screw it up but hey that’s football right…

I read forums and listen to fans and there is growing frustration (trying not to be completely negative) regards Wenger but the tension around our club is greater than a lot of clubs and that I put down to not Wenger being past it but him being here so long as someone else eluded to…years of ifs and not winning have taken there toll and listening to Wenger it may have taken its toll on him too.

We need to remember that we are Arsenal and not Real Madrid…the longer the current situation goes on that is who we are becoming more and more like…though at least they have won a lot in the last few years and have someone in charge willing to put the money into the club and secure quality…

I have said before I do not want Wenger to sign a new contract as we have to move on now but be prepared for either being competitive until the final weekend of the season or a harsh reality check…

I know I am…


Let Willian go?

Willian: Winger would like to move to Old Trafford

The problem with having top players consistently on the bench they will be tempted to move once they are linked to another club thats also in the high bracket, I see now Willian is linked to United which could very well be true though it is an old rumour but that is an area which I think we need to improve on as both him and Pedro dont really do that well against the top teams, thats my opinion.


Splash the cash

Jurgen Klopp: Will be busy in the summer

I agree with Nine on the level of investment needed in the summer even if we won the league this season we would have required 100mil spend for two reasons the increased schedule next year & our competitors spending big again in the summer. Going forward into the summer allot depends on CL qualification if we qualify i think we would require 120-150mil spend to stay competitive on all fronts.

Now this summer i cant see us getting much more then 40mil in sales (Sturridge/Sakho/Mings) at the same time i cant see our owners spending 100mil plus. So unfortunately i see a similar summer to last year with one marquee singing like Mane & a few other potentials with a net spend of 40-50mil.

I have mentioned before that Klopp seems like the person who will learn from his mistakes so i am expecting him to improve as a manager in the coming years and thus us as a team improving.

Our owners simply lack the ambition that the fans crave so Klopp has a hard task keeping the fans happy. In Germany he was only competing against one team in the prem he has 5 others teams to compete with clearly this is a harder task then he has had previously.


United’s summer plans

Woodward says we’ll be ‘churning’ less players in the summer, so less in and less out. Hilarious! Fellaini, Young, Schweinsteiger, Rooney, Carrick, Darmian have got to go for starters.

Then there’s Shaw and Blind who Mourinho barely ever plays and I’ve not even mentioned Mata, Jones, Rojo and Lingard (oops, I have now). Woody must think what we bought last summer, supplemented by that dross I’ve listed above, is enough to win titles.

Well it isn’t and Mourinho must have been crying into his port when he read it. We need to shovel some this ***** while it’s still worth a couple of bob. Maybe if we don’t finish top four, God forbid, Woody will have to rethink.


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