Liverpool’s transfer committee ‘pulled plug’ on Alli deal

Date published: Wednesday 18th November 2015 6:29

Dele Alli: Tottenham midfielder should face Aston Villa

Dele Alli: Tottenham midfielder should face Aston Villa

Liverpool pulled out of a deal to sign England’s new star Dele Alli after members of the club’s infamous transfer committee decided he wasn’t worth the money.

Alli joined Tottenham in a £5million deal from MK Dons last January, but was loaned back to the then-League One club for the remainder of the season.

But he’s made a huge impression since moving to White Hart Lane over the summer and was the star performer as England beat France 2-0 on Tuesday night, with the midfielder’s performance rated as ‘close to faultless’ by Three Lions coach Roy Hodgson.

Dele Alli: Celebrates scoring for England against France

The player also won over all national press with his performance as our Ratings Review shows here – but it could have been a very different story for the boyhood Liverpool fan had the Reds followed through with their initial interest.

“I remember Istanbul, the FA Cup final, and the game against Olympiakos: Steven Gerrard just scoring amazing goals. Gerrard was a big influence on why I supported Liverpool,” Alli said in quotes attributed to the Liverpool Echo.

Alli, now 19, first came to Liverpool’s attention in early 2013 – just a few months after the player made his debut for MK Dons in the FA Cup at the age of 16.

According to the Echo, former Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers monitored his progress closely throughout the following campaign, often sending scouts to check on his progress and receiving regular updates on the midfielder from MK Dons boss Karl Robinson, who had previously coached at Liverpool’s Kirkby Academy.

Former Liverpool scout Mel Johnson pushed for a move to go through but when negotiations over a potential transfer began in the summer of 2014 the fee and add-ons kept rising.

While Rodgers was keen to push the deal through, others members of the club’s transfer committee were not convinced Alli represented value for money and thought he could need more than a year to be ready for the Premier League.

Liverpool’s hesitation was Tottenham’s gain, with the midfielder now a regular in their central midfield and looking a good bet to win a place in England’s Euro 2016 squad next summer.

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    James Marshment

    Liverpool pulled out of a deal to sign Dele Alli after members of the club’s infamous transfer committee decided he wasn’t worth the money.

    [See the full post at: Liverpool’s transfer committee ‘pulled plug’ on Alli deal]



    The fix for transfer committees is to count them as part of a coaching team. Instead of just firing a coach, the whole team should be fired. The failings are predominantly systemic, not just the manager’s fault, and blame should be attributed to all those involved.



    Whilst it was still perhaps poor judgement, I have a degree of more sympathy when signing younger players as they are more difficult to judge how they will perform. What also doesn’t help is that the club just doesn’t look to be taking the risks necessary to move forward. All the signings seem too ‘safe’. Until that changes, the glass ceiling will remain and Klopp will need to pull everything out to get the best out what he has/gets.



    Not remotely surprised. I remember the reports that we were in pole position to grab him then nothing. It’s no secret Rodgers was hamstrung by the committee and didn’t want most of the signings that arrived. They are clueless and hopefully it’s true that Klopp has made it clear he will have the first and last say on transfers. Maybe that way we won’t spew millions down the drain on dross.



    This once again demonstrates the transfer committee hindered Rodgers, with the amount of money wasted on players that have not been up to standard it is the value of the committee that should be being questioned.



    I agree Rodgers was hampered by the daft committee but two wrongs don’t make a right. Rodgers bizarre tactics and some of his Borini and Lovren type signings which were clearly his made matters much worse. Who is keen to employ him now? Even Villa wouldn’t consider him for an interview. We finally have the right manager who will sort the mess out created by BOTH Rodgers and the committee



    We need a new goalkeeper.



    time to go br, too much negativity mate



    I think Rodgers has allot of potential, yes he has stuff to learn but he had us playing some of the best football I can remember. I’m sure he will bounce back into a decent job and restore his reputation. I am glad to have Klopp but feel some Liverpool fans have been disrespectful towards Rodgers.

    Alright Sensible mate, I agree about the goalkeeper…Mignolet doesn’t fill me with confidence and has played a big part in our shaky defense. He’s a good keeper just not quite the level we want to be. When you look at the top 4 clubs they all have world class keepers now who win games and earn the club points.



    Would’ve been one of the few signings that could’ve come off for Rodgers.

    But then again, he might’ve played him out of position too



    Moss – I agree with you 100%, at Liverpool people might not have always been of the quality we want, and that is managers and players, but as long as they give 100% they have always had the respect of the fans. Rodgers did many good things, from retrieving the original this is Anfield sign, and lots of other memorabilia and re-installing them around the club, to giving us that fantastic season in 13/14 he always did his best for the club and really had the club at heart, I don’t mind people questioning his tactics or signings but giving such hateful posts and that level of disrespect towards a man that did nothing but his best for the club, is something I don’t want to be associated with, and those are fans I don’t want to be associated with. There is a reason our anthem is YNWA, some don’t seem to understand it.


    Johnny Utah

    Alli would not be getting as much game time at Liverpool as he is at Spurs. If Liverpool did sign him he would still be considered a gamble at this point. Teams have to prioritise signings to fit their budget and needs. The credit should go to Spurs who are investing in youth and giving youth a chance.



    Moss, sorry mate I;m limited to replying because of a dogdy computer; but my point on the matter is that I don;t really care if we supposedly missed out on Alli because we need a new keeper.

    It;s weird because actually, Migs showed a lot of potential at the start of 13/14. Unfortunately, he;s one of our weakest links.


    nine nine nine

    Paxman, fine sentiments mate,Rodgers almost won Liverpool their first League title in 25 years and had Liverpool playing some of the best football we’ve seen in the PL for a while.

    The change has been made now and imo Klopp is a fine choice but there is no need to disrespect a Manager who gave his all for the club. Cheers 999


    nine nine nine

    The Transfer Committee is a mystery,Rodgers always claimed he had the first and last word on who came in as now does Klopp even Ian Ayre has seemingly denied the Transfer Committee exists.

    All clubs will have those that sit down with the Manager to agree how far they should go for a player. Some times it works out some times it doesn’t.



    sorry but how much truth is in this? also BR was part of the Committee too… now correct me if i’m wrong but at the time of looking at Ali we were also looking at Ojo, we were also under investigation by UEFFAs FFP committee… in which at the time committee prioritized to sign the younger and more talented Ojo as a) they felt that the Fee for Ali wasn’t warranted and b) Ojo was attracting interest from top European clubs including Madrid and Chelsea.

    perspective and context has to be given on this, ok he may become a strong international player he may not.. you also have to consider that this is the poorest (and most injury hit) England we’ve seen in a long time….



    Least he’s come to Spurs, imagine if he’d been bought by Chelski or City, they’d have stock piled him, putting him the,reserves, loaned him out, at least we’ve got a,manager who has half the team under 23 playing and most of the are English..the future is bright the future is Lilywhite



    Wotspur it will only be a matter of time before he is playing for City UTD or Chelsea.



    Wotspur, I’m pleased that for England’s sake he is at Spurs, rather than Chelsea. Poch seems to be doing a lot for young, English players. It’s nice to see.


    nine nine nine

    Deli Ali scored a very good goal for England the other night and he looks very promising let him develop though at his own pace and don’t expect too much of him too soon.

    A couple of seasons down the line will tell us how far he might go.

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