Luis Suarez explains what playing for Liverpool meant to him

Date published: Sunday 18th September 2016 12:54

Luis Suarez: Still a firm favourite at Liverpool

Luis Suarez: Youngster could follow his career path

Luis Suarez has spoken fondly about his time with Liverpool and has revealed his most special moments from his time as a player at Anfield.

The Uruguayan spent three and a half years at Liverpool, before moving to Barcelona in a £65million deal in the summer of 2014.

But the former Ajax man is still revered at Anfield and the player still has fond memories of his time at Anfield.

“It’s completely different because of the Liverpool supporters. The players like Liverpool supporters,” he said when speaking to LFCTV in their new documentary This Is Anfield.

“I had a moment at Liverpool when we lost the game and played really badly, and they helped get us up. This is really good for players and we like that.

“I had a few really good moments. My debut, when I played the first game, was an amazing moment for me. When I scored – it was a dream for a player.

“And when we won against Manchester City, when we had a really good chance to win the Premier League.

“And when I came back last year to play with Stevie and Fernando [in the all-star charity game], that was a really good moment. I have a lot of moments in my heart from Anfield.”

Suarez has since gone on to win the Champions League with Barcelona, starring alongside Neymar and Lionel Messi.

The 29-year-old got on the scoresheet as Barcelona thumped Leganes 5-1 on Saturday afternoon.

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    James Marshment

    Luis Suarez has spoken fondly about his time with Liverpool and has revealed his most special moments from his time as a player at Anfield.

    [See the full post at: Luis Suarez explains what playing for Liverpool meant to him]



    I just wish he one day chooses to return to us. That would really make my day.

    He really is appreciated here and we would hugely welcome him back.

    Well played Lui 🙂


    Many players leave and never speak about their past clubs again. It’s nice to see that the appreciation is mutual with some.



    He was pukka mate and he genuinely wanted to win the League with us.

    In recent years where strikers are concerned, he was for us understatedly the best; always think back to his goals against Norwich at Carrow Road, and Anfield too, where in one afternoon he scored 5!

    Mechanically unique.


    Lee Simpson

    Suarez was the best player I saw play for us. I was annoyedo annoyed when he left us. What a player. He’s in thre top 2 or 3 payers in the world right now.


    I think he is the best player in the world.


    Lee Simpson

    MR Makeveli you could well be right. I think he’s over taken Ronaldo now. Not much between him and Messi. I’d say him and Aguero are on the same level but Suarez never gets injured. He’s ahead of Higuain, Lewandowski and Griezmann.



    I think he’s better than Messi. Suarez carried Barcelona while Messi got injured. Unfortunately for Luis,there’ll always be people who judge him for the Evra,Bakkal,Chiellini and Ivanovic incidents,but for me,I agree with MrMak,he’s above everyone else at the moment. His goalscoring record for Barcelona is just ridiculous



    Luis carries EVERYBODY, and that includes Messi.

    I too think he has been by far the best player for a while already.

    Our privilege having him for those few years.

    And he does say very nice things about us indeed.

    And even though this this thread has nothing to do with Nando, I will also always remember him fondly. He could have departed better for sure, but life’s not perfect.

    He gave us some good times and good memories (especially the ones involving Vidic), played for us with passion even if it was somewhat dimisnished toward the end.

    I could never think of him as fondly as I do Luis or the one and only God, but I am glad he was once our own Golden boy.



    Luis was fantastic. I have supported LFC for over 60 years & it is hard not to say that he was our best player ever.

    On Nando, don’t be fooled, he was rubbish for the last 12/18 months, he stopped pressing, & tackling & fell over a lot on tackles, he hung on without signing a contract until Chelsea signed him. We got £50mil for him so it did end very well for us.

    Hightown hope
    Hightown hope

    liverlad – bit harsh on Nando in my opinion. You’re right he was garbage for the last 18 months at Anfield, but being charitable, I think there were reasons. For a start, we played him when he shouldn’t have played which meant that he never fully recovered from his knee and hamstring injuries. It was the same old, same old at Anfield. We did it to Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen before him, playing them when they were injured. But in that year or two when Torres was at his best he was simply awesome. A goal at home to Blackburn down the Annie Rd end still goes down as one of my all time favourite goals. He was also lied to and used as a pawn by the 2 American cowboys, and finally he had to play the last few months under Hodgson…enough to make anyone sulk!

    …but Luis was on a different planet, and talking of favourite goals, the half volley when the ball was almost behind him, Kop end from 25 yards against Norwich (surprise, surprise!) is my all time favourite that I’ve witnessed live.

    We’ve been very lucky at Anfield seeing some of the world’s greatest strikers playing in our shirt. I guess from your age you may have seen Sir Roger – he was a little before my time, but Keegan, King Kenny, Rushie, God, Nando and King Luis, the greatest of which, like you I agree has to be the last in that list




    I think maybe I am harsh on Nando, maybe he was played injured & since leaving LFC it has been downhill for him
    I saw Liddellpool plenty of times but he was coming to the end of his career.

    Roger Hunt was always my favourite player & my hero to boot. The only thing that in a way Luis is not a real legend is he didn’t play for us long enough. The players you mentioned did.

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